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Updated: January 20, 2014

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A virtual guitar amplifier with dozens of effect pedals which you can add and customize in order to enhance the sound of your guitar

virtuAMP is an application especially designed for you if you’re looking for a way to shape the sound of a guitar directly from your PC.

It’s a virtual amplifier, or rather a chain of virtual pedals which you can connect and fit with various effects. The guitar can be connected directly to you computer using the sound card and its signal passed through the application, processed and then released for your ears to enjoy.

virtuAMP displays a user-friendly interface which leaves no room for interpretation even if you are inexperienced with these types of systems. When you open the application for the first time, you get a set of predefined pedalboards which offer you preamp, noise gate, equalizer, reverb, oscilloscope and other effects.

Each of the pedals can be freely moved and placed anywhere you want in the main window. They can be disconnected from the default arrangement and reconnected with new ones that are added. This way, each effect pedal you add behaves like a standalone plugin. The connections are serial so you can’t feed the signals from two pedals into a single one. Each one feeds the next.

From a design point of view, the amps that make the application look good, and have comprehensive controls. virtuAMP offers you effects in categories such as ‘Delay/Reverb’, ‘Distortion/Overdrive’, ‘Essential’, ‘Filter’, ‘Modulation’, ‘Pitch Shift’ and ‘Playback’.

You can add as many as you want, since the only limitation there is depends on how big your screen is or how much you can understand from overlapped pedals. In case things get a bit messy, virtuAMP offers you an ‘Auto Position’ function that arranges the plugins in a more easy to follow manner. You can also use the ‘Clear cables’ option to remove wires that are just lying around, misleading you.

In closing, virtuAMP provides a very large number of customizable virtual pedalboards which can certainly offer you greatly improve the quality of your sound.

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