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There are converting softwares which convert Verilog to VHDL and Vice versa. But it won't be 100% accurate but it will convert the actual functions and other sequences. The converted code may hold some syntax errors which needs manual verification.

The collection of tools and utilities fills a real void in EDA. The baya tool is exactly what we had been looking for to assemble large top-level modules in Verilog. The GUI and high-level TCL commands are intuitive, allowing designers to get started immediately and feel right at home. It was straightforward to quickly reproduce a module previously done with a Perl-to-Verilog utility that was hard to use and maintain. The support from Kanai is excellent. He responds quickly and is a pleasure to deal with. Nice work, Kanai!”-Michael Trocino, IC Design Manager, Coherent Logix'thanks for efficient tools which have been successfully used in our internalwireless design flow. Friendly support has been highly appreciated.' -Claudine Raibaut,EDA Manager, Texas Instruments'Baya is a mature production quality tool with features and capabilities beyond those of tools provided by large EDA vendors. It's flexibility is a key reason we have chosen it for use in our Cloud-based platform.'-David Fritz, CEO, Social Silicon'Kanai produced an excellent tool set, which is very useful for a complex system-on-chip integration flows. We were skeptical in the beginning, but later got really impressed by a high quality and ease of use. Bridgit IPXACT creator helps us to pack register, bus and module interfaces into a IEEE standard *.xml SPIRIT format to ensure high reusability in the future and protect our investments. I high recommend using Kanai’s products for every system-on-chip manufacturer and invest Venture Capital to support further improvement and commercialization.' -Boris V. Kuznetsov Processorpreneur, CEO @ SOCC'HiKanai, thanks a lot for creating DesignPlayer and the huge java class lib behind. Even I discoverd only the tip of the iceberg, I got already a lot of my project done. I'm sure there is much more. Your strong support makes me confident to explore more details in future.'-Rolf Kemper, Manager, Mixed Signal Design, Renesas Electronics Europe'Wewere very pleased with your response. The VHDL2Verilog translator worked great, even handling the generate statements in the source VHDL. It met our needs exactly. It was very easy to work with you and you delivered the translator super fast. Thanks for the great support!' -Jerry Frenkil, VP of Engineering, NanoWatt Design'EDAUtils is one (if not the only one) of the most comprehensive tools for SoCdesign and integration and it is available for free. I included EDAUtils in the latest OpenTech Package as featured application among all free open source designs and tools and I believe with a lot of efforts it will grow to be one of the major tools in this domain.'- Jamil Khatib, OpenTech Package

Skills: Verilog / VHDL. See more: free translation language interpreter country, vhdl verilog freelance, free translation language, vhdl to verilog code converters, vhdl to systemverilog converter, vhdl2verilog, convert vhdl to verilog xilinx, vhdl to verilog converter tool free download, vhdl to verilog converter windows, best vhdl to verilog. CodeForge provides free source code downloading, uploading and sharing services for developers around the world. It is a platform for developers to communicate with each other, evaluate their capabilities, and improve their technologies. When I need to convert from VHDL to Verilog I use vhd2vl 4. This tool is not a magic bullet. It will fail for most VHDL modules out there, but it can be used to do much of the heavy lifting. The process is to run the source through the tool, when it barfs, interrogate the offending line(s).

Source codes section

This section of RFWireless World covers basic source codes. This source codes are developed in MATLAB, VHDL, VERILOG and LABVIEW Programming languages.These codes are useful for beginners in the field of signal processing, image processing and communication domain.

VHDL Source codes

Following are basic vhdl source codes.

reading from and writing to RAM, READ MORE

4 to 1 Multiplexer,READ MORE

4 bit binary counter, READ MORE

Radix4 Butterfly architecture implementation, READ MORE

Cordic Algorithm,READ MORE

2 bit parallel to serial conversion,READ MORE

2 bit serail to parallel,READ MORE

Scrambler or scrambling or randomizer as per wimax 16d standard,READ MORE

Reed Solomon encoder or RS Encoder,RS encoder

Convolutional encoder implementation in VHDL source code,READ MORE

Interleaver or interleaving, READ MORE

Data Mapper or mapping or modulation types-BPSK,QPSK,QAM READ MORE

BPSK modulation,READ MORE

QPSK modulation vhdl source code,READ MORE

16QAM modulation,READ MORE

64 QAM modulation, READ MORE

256 point IFFT/FFT source code,READ MORE

D latch implementation in VHDL, READ MORE

7 segment display, READ MORE

Relay interface in VHDL, READ MORE

Stepper motor interface,READ MORE


BCD Up/Down counterREAD MORE

D Flipflop,READ MORE

T Flipflop, READ MORE

JK Flipflop, READ MORE

Gray to Binary VHDL source code,READ MORE

Binary to Gray VHDL code,READ MORE

Full Adder,READ MORE

3 to 8 decoder vhdl code, READ MORE

8 to 3 encoder, READ MORE

1 to 8 Demultiplexer, READ MORE

Channel Estimation and Equalization➤➤

MATLAB Source codes

Following are basic matlab source codes for image processing and signal processing enthusiasts.

Scrambler and descrambler, READ MORE

Interleaver and deinterleaver matlab code, READ MORE

Data Modulation, READ MORE


Correlation matlab code with comparison to matlab function, READ MORE

convolution matlab code with comparison to matlab internal function,READ MORE

Up sampling or Interpolation,READ MORE

Down Sampling or decimation, READ MORE

Implementation of convolution encoder, READ MORE



Low pass FIR filter, READ MORE

Viterbi decoder, READ MORE

CRC-8,CRC-32 calculations, READ MORE

Basic OFDM Transmitter and OFDM receiver, READ MORE

RS Encoder or Reed Solomon encoder matlab source code, READ MORE

CTC encoder or Convolutional Turbo encoder, READ MORE

MIMO STBC 2X1 and 2X2 codes,READ MORE

WLAN OFDM Physical layer,READ MORE

WiMAX OFDM Physical layer, READ MORE

LTE simulators and other codes, READ MORE

IRIS detection, READ MORE

Basic OFDMA Transmitter and OFDMA receiver, READ MORE

AES and DES encryption and decryption, READ MORE

OFDM Carrier Aggregation basic matlab source code, READ MORE


Data compression types, READ MORE

Edge detection, READ MORE

Verilog source codes

Following are basic verilog source codes for beginners in Verilog language.

Low Pass FIR Filter design using verilog, Read More.

Asynchronous FIFO design, Read More

D Flipflop without reset verilog source code, Read More

D flipflop synchronous reset, Read More

1 bit and 4 bit comparator verilog code, Read More

Binary counter, Read More

BCD counter and Gray counter, Read More

T flipflop, D flipflop, SR flipflop and JK flipflop verilog codes, Read More

32 bit ALU verilog source code, Read More

Full Adder code, Read More

4 to 1 Multiplexer and De-multiplexer,Read More

Binary to Gray converter, Read More

8 to 1 Multiplexer verilog source code, Read More

8 to 3 Encoder, Read More

Verilog codes for All the logic gates, Read More

Half adder, Half substractor, Full substractor codes, Read More

2 to 4 Decoder code, Read More

Labview Source codes

Refer links in the left panel for basic labview source codes useful for beginners in labview programming.

Binary number generator, Read More

modulator-demodulator, Read More

Simple FFT using labview, Read More

up and down sampling labview VI, Read More

Convolution, Read More

Frame Check Sequence implementation , Read More

Shift register implementation, Read More

constellation diagram, Read More

CCDF Plot using labview, Read More

IQ power plots, Read More

volt to dBm, dBW conversion, Read More

2-4 Decoder , Read More

8-1 Multiplexer, Read More

T, D, JK, SR flipflop types, Read More

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