Traktor Pro Keyboard Layout

Note: TRAKTOR PRO 2 creates a new Root Directory with every update. The Root Directory folder name always carries the version number of the update it has been created with. This means that you can access your Settings and Collection from previous updates by choosing the Backup files from the Root Directory of the respective version. Traktor Settings.tsi (file): This files determines the layout of TRAKTOR as well as all user-defined parameters in the TRAKTOR Preferences menu. TRAKTOR loads this file everytime the software is launched. If you perform changes in the Preferences or in the layout of the TRAKTOR user interface, the file will be updated when closing the software. Product details. Keyboard stickers with the most important shortcuts & hotkeys in Native Instruments Traktor Pro. Sticker is designed to match 2.x versions. These stickers will help you or your team to work faster up to 80% and can do wonders in your business.

Lets say your controller crashes. Or lets say that you're pretty new in dj-ing, you've pirated Traktor and you don't have enough money to buy a controller yet.

Traktor Pro 2/Kontrol S4 keyboard covers are compatible with Traktor Pro 2 and earlier. Traktor Pro Keyboard Shortcut Cover by Procovers is a stylish silicone cover, coloured coded, design with essentials shortcuts, to make your Dj sets more fluid, maintaining creative flow and more effortlessly executing your ideas, as they come to mind. WELCOME TO TRAKTOR. Welcome to TRAKTOR.

There is a solution. This mapping allows you to control two decks and two effect slots using nothing more than a computer keyboard!
This mapping was supported by DJ Tech Tools in the article about dj-ing with a computer keyboard:
Over 2500 deejays downloaded it already from the Traktor Bible:
It's pretty easy to use:

Traktor Pro Keyboard Layout Download

For example. if you want to increase lows on deck A, just press

Traktor Scratch Pro

Shift+1Crack. To decrease it, you just gotta press Ctrl+1. To reset lows, just press number 1. To play a deck A, press A, and to play a deck B, just press ;. It's pretty simple! You can increase or decrease any value using Shift and Ctrl buttons. To choose an effect on effect slot 1, press Shift+T. To move through your tracks all you have to do is press Up/Down keys. You can crossfade by just using Left/Right keys. To put the crossfader all the way to the left, just press Ctrl+Left, to put it all the way to the right, press Ctrl+Right, and to put the crossfader in the middle, press Ctrl+Down.
Things you can control with this mapping:

Traktor Pro 3 Installer

  • play / pause / load
  • EQ
  • looping function on both decks
  • two effect slots
  • filter
  • crossfader
  • moving through the playlist

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