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  1. Traktor Dj 2 Download


May 28, 2019 TRAKTOR DJ 2 is our free DJ app for iPad and desktop, designed to break the boundaries to DJing. SoundCloud Go+ integration means you have access to an endless track collection, and TRAKTOR’s song. It’s just you up there, entertaining the masses. With just your iPad! That’s how powerful Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ for iPad really is! Join Hollin Jones in this 32 tutorial course where he explains every feature of this surprisingly deep DJ app from NI. Unfortunately, this is a known issue with the USB-C equipped iPad Pro devices, and it is discussed in the article below. How to snitch on someone. How to Connect your NI Controller / Audio Interface to an iOS Device. At the very bottom, this is what the article says. At this time, the Traktor Audio 2 MK2 will not work with the iPad you are using. May 29, 2015 ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about AV For Traktor DJ For iPad. Download AV For Traktor DJ For iPad and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎It’s just you up there, entertaining the masses. With just your iPad!

Ipad Pro Traktor Dj. One-shot samples and loops on Remix decks blur the lines between DJ and live performance. Insert samples, atmospheric effects, and more into a Remix deck and trigger them in sync with the rest of your mix. Drag a loop you like from another deck. Djay seamlessly integrates with professional DJ hardware from our official partners Pioneer DJ, Reloop, Numark, and Denon DJ. Pre-Cueing Preview and prepare the next song through headphones: By enabling djay Pro’s Split Output mode or by using an external audio interface you can cue songs through headphones independently from the mix that.

  • Allows headphone pre-listening
  • Plug-and-Play with TRAKTOR DJ and TRAKTOR PRO 3
  • Designed by the creators of TRAKTOR


The quality audio splitter for TRAKTOR DJ: Pre-listen to your next track for crowd-worthy, flawless mixing on mobile DJ setups.


TRAKTOR DJ CABLE lets you pre-listen to your next track before it hits the audience and keeps you ready for action anywhere, anytime. When used with TRAKTOR DJ or TRAKTOR PRO 3, TRAKTOR DJ CABLE splits the audio from your virtual decks, allowing you to mix like a pro.
Simply connect TRAKTOR DJ CABLE to your iPad, iPhone, or laptop, activate headphone cueing in TRAKTOR DJ, and take the party wherever you go.


TRAKTOR DJ CABLE is made with silver-plated, oxygen-free copper on the inside and gold-plated mini jack connectors at the ends for optimum audio clarity.
Designed by the creators of TRAKTOR, TRAKTOR DJ CABLE provides a solid base for connectivity with any sound system and is designed for perfect integration with TRAKTOR DJ or TRAKTOR PRO 3. TRAKTOR DJ CABLE also works well with your other favorite DJ apps and software.


TRAKTOR DJ CABLE connected to iPad. Amplifier connected to Master output for audience. Headphones connected to Headphone output for pre-listening.


Get the ultimate portable road companion for TRAKTOR DJ on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch today:


TRAKTOR DJ for iPad or iPhone: The world’s first professional DJ app for iOS.
TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1: The ultra-compact 2-channel mixing interface for TRAKTOR DJ. Allows pro-sound stereo splitting.
TRAKTOR AUDIO 6: Professional 6-channel audio interface, included in the TRAKTOR SCRATCH A6 digital vinyl system. Allows pro-sound stereo splitting.
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What is the difference between the TRAKTOR DJ 2 desktop and iPad version?

Because TRAKTOR DJ 2 is based on a new, cross-platform codebase, you’ll find things are very much the same, apart from small layout differences due to screen size and format.
TRAKTOR PRO 3 remains the most advanced incarnation of TRAKTOR. It’s used by professionals worldwide on a daily basis and will continue to be our flagship DJ software.
TRAKTOR DJ 2 and TRAKTOR PRO 3 will therefore be developed and updated in tandem in the coming years.

How do I power the S2 when DJing with the iPad app?

You can use a USB charger to power the S2 with the included USB cable, and hook up the iPad to the iOS port of the S2 with its lightning cable.
If you want to charge your iPad while DJing we recommend using the Native Instruments Power Supply (18W) to power the S2 directly, while connecting the iPad with its cable to the iOS port of the S2.
You can also use a mobile battery pack or speaker with a USB output to power the S2 for a truly mobile setup.

How do I connect my iPad Pro 3rd generation to my S2 hardware?

You can connect your iPad Pro to TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 using an MFI-certified USB C to USB A cable.

Traktor Pro 3 Free Download

The TRAKTOR KONTROL S2 MK3, TRAKTOR KONTROL S3, TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 MK2, and any other audio interface will be supported. We plan on supporting more controllers in the future.

What’s the difference between TRAKTOR DJ 2 and TRAKTOR PRO 3?

TRAKTOR PRO 3 is our flagship DJ software, built for extended customization for professional DJs using different setups in club and festival environments.
TRAKTOR DJ 2 is a new app that’s designed for you to get spinning straight away – whether you’ve been DJing for decades, or somebody’s just passed you the AUX cable for your first mix.

Will SoundCloud integration be available in TRAKTOR PRO 3?

TRAKTOR DJ 2 uses a different codebase to TRAKTOR PRO 3, which means we can integrate third-party services like this much more easily. This isn’t currently possible with TRAKTOR PRO 3.
TRAKTOR DJ 2 takes up what we learned from TRAKTOR DJ, with a rebuilt codebase for new integration and cross-platform capability with desktop and iPad support. It’s a new app, with some of the best parts of TRAKTOR DJ carried over.

What technology facilitates the track-matching feature?

We use machine learning to analyze the sonic nature of the track that’s playing, as well as its tempo and key, in order to produce a list of well-suited tracks to play next.

Which countries allow Soundcloud Go+ streaming in TRAKTOR DJ 2?

See the most up-to-date list of countries where SoundCloud Go+ is available.

Is TRAKTOR DJ 2 also supporting other music streaming services like Spotify?

We are ready to integrate more music streaming services in the future.

Dj Software Traktor

You need to be connected to the internet to stream tracks via SoundCloud.

Own The Full Stack

Imagine how a middle-class car is manufactured. It's assembled from many components, mostly made by third-party suppliers. The result is good enough to get people from A to B every day.

DJ software is similar. Developers use many components by third-party suppliers, such as time-stretching, effects or features of the operating system. The result may be good enough for A to B mixing.

DJ Player Pro is different.

It doesn't have any third-party parts. Every single component is researched, developed and fine-tuned in-house. This unprecedented level of integration allows DJ Player Pro to provide better performance, better responsiveness and cleaner sound than any other DJ software or shiny $$$$ mixer.

In other words, DJ Player Pro is your Formula 1 car for the DJ world.

'DJ Player has just raised the bar considerably, as well as the expectations of the masses following this amazing progress ... this is exciting stuff.' - DJWORX

Best Sound Quality


Say goodbye to the colored sound of the most expensive 'industry-standard' DJ gear. DJ Player Pro's unique audio decoders and audio processing features are carefully designed for maximum transparency, the result of 6 years patent-pending Mathematics research.

Best Responsiveness, Lowest Latency

DJ Player Pro's audio engine is tuned to react to your control as fast as possible. It actually receives and reacts to your control earlier than other software. The difference is 1-6 ms in MIDI for example. DJs say that in relative mode DJ Player Pro is tighter than Serato.

Smoothest Response

DJ gear is notoriously bad in displaying waveforms. Check the erratic waveform movement of the most expensive DJ CD player, or Traktor/Serato on your laptop. This is a software quality issue. Say goodbye to this artifact with DJ Player Pro.

'Excellent performance and sound ... the most legitimate consideration available for using an iPad (or iPads) to DJ instead of a laptop.' - DJ TechTools

Designed for Professional DJs

DJ Player Pro is designed for professional DJs that perform in clubs and on stage. There is no virtual on-screen hardware, no toy-like turntables. Nothing that won't work in a real, professional DJ booth. DJ Player Pro is not made to win design awards. DJ Player Pro is designed for serious stuff.

Create your own dream DJ setup

DJ Player Pro is the most flexible DJ solution. Use it standalone, or in any combination of the touchscreen, external mixers, MIDI controllers, sound cards and vinyl (DVS).

Do you scratch?

DJ Player Pro supports most timecode vinyl formats. Extend your scratching techniques with DVS FX, MIDI-mappable multi-deck control or fixed 4 beats rotation.

'DJ Player truly is the “premium” DJ app that it claims to be, and I highly recommend it to those looking for a professional grade DJ app.' - Crossfadr

Go multitrack with STEMS

STEMS format is fully implemented. Get crazy with individual effect routing. 4 decks with 4 Stems each: 16 tracks simultaneously under your control, but without the battery drain of Native Instruments' original implementation.

MIDI Control

DJ Player Pro supports all USB Class Compliant MIDI controllers and audio devices. It comes with plug-and-play support for many, and also has a fully integrated MIDI mapping editor. Use a USB hub and multiple devices to create your wildest MIDI setup.

Traktor Dj 2 Download

Enjoy the exclusive convenience of DJ Cloud

Safe storage and instant access for your cue points, loops and bpm data in the DJ Player Pro Cloud. Automatic data sync for all your devices. Automatic import of Traktor and Serato metadata. If a new song has been prepared by fellow DJs, you get it prepared out-of-the-box.

TraktorSeratoRekordboxdjay ProDJ Player Pro
4 decks
Restricted to licensed controllers
MIDI maps, MIDI learn + full MIDI editor
DVS restricted to licensed sound cards
Use any timecode vinyl