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Download Tinder Plus Apk Gold Mod Premium Version for Android with lots of features. Here you can Find, Match, Chat, and Date with your favorite Mate.

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Tinder++ Pc

Here's Spotify IPA version 8.6.22 with both Lyrication 2.4.0 tweak and new spotilife 1.6. Version with Lyrication should only be used in countries where Spotify Lyrics are not available yet. If your country supports Lyrics feature, use IPA without Lyrication, also available on the link below. Known bugs fixed (thanks to julioverne). Step 1: Download the Tinder Autolike IPA file onto your computer. Step 2: Download Cydia Impactor from here. Step 3: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Step 4: Open Cydia Impactor. Step 5: Drag and drop the IPA file downloaded in Step 1 onto Cydia Impactor. Step 6: Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password. Download The Latest APK Version of Tinder MOD. An Android Lifestyle App this MOD comes with Plus/Gold Unlocked Available download Yours Now. With 30 billion games up to now the planet’s hottest program for meeting new men and women. Consider us as the dependable wingmate — where you go, we will be there. If you are here to meet with new. Tinder Download - How to Get Tinder For FREE on iOS Android Hello everyone and welcome back to the channel where I will teach you how to download tinder+. Download the TikTok IPA file onto your computer. Download Cydia Impactor from here. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Open Cydia Impactor. Drag and drop the IPA file downloaded in Step 1 onto Cydia Impactor. Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password, which is verified with Apple only and is used to sign the.

App NameTinder Plus Apk
Released On15 July 2013
Updated On8 July 2021
Supported On7.0 and up
Size110 MB

Table of Contents

  • 1 Features of Tinder Gold Apk Dating Apps for Android 2019
  • 5 Download Tinder Gold Apk 12.12.0 Plus Mod Cracked 2021

Features of Tinder Gold Apk Dating Apps for Android 2019

Tinder is one of the best most popular apps for android by which you can meet new people near you and connect them to date with them. Here you will find verified people to meet and keep in touch with them.

The main uses of this app are – Match, Chat, and Date. Tinder is easy and fun to use, just swipe right to like and swipe left to pass. If someone likes you it means he or she is a perfect match for you and it will only match when there’s a mutual interest.

It has a total of 3 version to use –

  • Free apk,
  • Plus apk and
  • Gold apk.

If you are a beginner to use the Tinder app then free apk is perfect for you. Because the most common and important uses of this app are free. If you haven’t money to spend them on this app then use the free apk. Although I am giving the Tinder cracked based on version 10.16.0 for free to download and use it in your Android. Let’s see the feature of free version so that you know the basic of this app.

Connect/Create Account

You can connect your Facebook account to this app to see and find your Facebook friends in this app and get connect and chat with them. If you don’t want to access your FB id to tinder it’s alright, you can create a new one for completely free using your Mobile Number.

Hot and Top Picks

When you open the app you will see Hot Picks in front of our device screen. Swipe left to skip photo you don’t like too much and swipe right to like them. Also, there are some other options is – Super Like. But for this feature, you have to upgrade to plus. You can also swipe hot topics to Top picks anytime to see the trending mate. But there are some limitations for free members in it.

Tinder++ Ipa Download

Make Profile

You can create profile information where you can share your photos ( maximum 6 pics. ), Job information, About yourself, Company, School and also you can connect with Instagram to show Instagram Photos in this application.

Since this app could be the cause of lagging of your Android, use SD Maid Pro Apk to avoid delaying.

What’s inside Tinder Plus/Gold Apk?


Basically, Tinder app is free in Google Play Store but there is no plus or gold version in Play Store. To get Tinder Gold Apk you have to download outside from play store. In this post, I am only describing plus apk version, not gold apk. Before Download the app let’s see what’s inside in plus premium apk below.

Tinder++ Ipa Download
  • Likes – In the free version there’s a limitation of likes but in plus you will get unlimited likes per day so that you can use swipe right features to your favorite date.
  • Passport – You will get a passport so that you could chat with a single girl or boy around the world.
  • Rewind – It sometimes happens that while swiping left to whom you don’t like you miss to like a better one because of your haste. Rewind gives you a second chance to get back to him or her. This feature is only for Plus members.
  • Boost – You will get 1 free Boost per month to be top in your area for 30 minutes.
  • Super Likes – You will get extra super likes to stand out from the crowd.

Experience of Tinder Dating App in Android

Tinder app has the coolest User Interface in it and easy to use. You can find a perfect match, chat and date with them easily. Let’s see the UI of this app.

  • Control – There is various control of this app have in your hand. You can easily create a new account within a few minutes. Also, you can edit your Personal photo, about gender from Profile option. You can show or hide your age and distance.
  • Settings – You can Upgrade free plan to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus from settings. Upgrade your mobile number anytime to secure your account. You can change your interest over men or women from here. Also, you can change the Maximum distance and Age Range to get your perfect date.

As this is an online app and it updates frequently, don’t update it from the google play store otherwise you will get banned.

  • No Ads,
  • Plus Apk,
  • Gold Apk,
  • Antiban.

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Download Tinder Gold Apk 12.12.0 Plus Mod Cracked 2021

Note: Since the app is in a “zip” format. you need SAI Apk to install it. Else you won’t be able to install the application.

General description of the Tinder app:

The twenty-first century has its own rules. Technology paves the way in our professional and private life. You could say the pixels define us, but that sounds pejorative. It is much more effective to pursue digitization with the opinion that we define pixels. And although today it is easier to list things that cannot be done through applications, one thing remains the same: with or without a phone, people need love here and now. Living love, flesh and blood. It is so much harder to find now that it needs time, which seems to be decreasing along with technological progress.

How to fall in love at your fingertips?

On the way to work, for shopping, at bedtime. Undemanding, easy to use. More precisely, swiping your fingers left or right on profiles with a photo, short information about yourself. This is what the Tinder app is based on, in a nutshell, founded in 2012 by five friends: Sean Rada, Chris Gulczynski, Joe Munoz, Jonathan Badeen and Whitney Wolf. Literally 'tinder' means 'hot spot' which can be associated with the app icon. This flame has become a symbol of love in the 21st century. To ignite it, all you need to do is have a phone with the Android or iOs operating system and download Tinder from Google Play or the AppStore. The process of creating an account is extremely simple: the account can be linked using Facebook or Google, from which photos and basic data are downloaded. Currently, which is not the case in the case of smartphone applications, Tinder can also be used via a web browser on the official website. It is a tribute to older people who would like to open up to new acquaintances.

What is the phenomenon of this application, already available in 24 languages, since it is used by over 50 million people every day?

Tinder Gold Ipa Download

The genius is based on the combination of location technology with synchronization of other mobile applications such as Instagram or Spotify. Thanks to this, when looking for a steam for coffee, going to the cinema or bedtime ecstasy, we have an insight into the tastes of the other person, as well as information about their location. This, in conjunction with the user's description and photos, allows us to determine whether we decide to swing, i.e. shift to the right. It is tantamount to accepting another user's profile. In this way, we enable contact, based on chat. However, this will only happen if the other person also decides to do so. Thanks to this, we avoid unpleasant situations in which we are rejected when trying to gain someone's sympathy. Additionally, by rejecting the user, that is by moving to the left, he does not find out about it. A special option that increases the chance of establishing a relationship is a super like - then the other person knows that the user liked it extremely well. Each tinder user can use this feature only once a day.

The application is characterized by high aesthetics and ease of use. We manipulate the data that interest us in order to find the perfect person. We mark the desired gender, age (from 18 to 55) and the distance from the person, which in the free version can be up to 161 kilometers. Your own account is extremely flexible - photos imported from Facebook can be deleted and others can be uploaded from the phone's memory. Also, depending on your expectations, you can change the description in your profile. Only advertisements are considered shortcomings, limitations on the number of likes profiles per day, although a hundred pairings a day is an impressive number. Paid subscriptions are the answer to the difficulties.

Tinder++ App

Find the perfect half faster and more efficiently.

Tinder++ Download

Love is priceless, but the path we follow in order to gain it is not necessarily. The developers of the application have prepared two packages that facilitate the use of the application and come with exclusive offers: Tinder Plus for PLN 88 per month and Tinder Gold for PLN 134 per month. They increase the chance of finding the perfect half in a much faster time and in a much faster way. more convenient. This involves access to information not available with the free version. The Tinder Plus upgrade offers premium features such as unlimited match, second chance (completely unavailable in the basic version; allows you to undo profile rejection), no ads, 5 super likes per day, 1 boost per month (also completely unavailable in the free version; this is increasing the profile's popularity in a given area for 30 minutes. According to statistics, it increases the number of views up to 10 times) and a passport (allows you to freely choose the city to search for the other half). What can Tinder Gold offer with such a wide range of possibilities? In addition to the same functions as Tinder Plus, there is a tempting option of top choices consisting in selecting personalized user suggestions. This is based on, for example, musical tastes and previous likes. Another exclusive addition is the I like you feature which lets you know if you got matcha before you decide. All amenities have one goal - to facilitate the use of the application and increase the level of user satisfaction.