Termsrv Patch Windows 10

TermsrvTermsrv Patch Windows 10

Learn How to Fix RDP Wrapper Issue in Windows 10 20H2 OS Build 19042.685If you find this video helpful and want to support me use these links: 💰PayPal http. Download Universal Termsrv.dll Patch. Use this helpful patch to get around a wide variety of software problems on devices. The problem that arises when you modify termsrv.dll, is that when installing a new Windows 10 build or simply some security updates, the termsrv.dll file can sometimes be updated automatically. As a result, you will have to modify termsrv.dll using HEX Editor after every update.

File InfoDescription
File Size:988 kB
File Modification Date/Time:2020:03:04 15:23:56+00:00
File Type:Win64 DLL
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
Machine Type:AMD AMD64
Time Stamp:2009:09:15 01:13:19+00:00
PE Type:PE32+
Linker Version:14.10
Code Size:700928
Initialized Data Size:325632
Uninitialized Data Size:0
Entry Point:0x335a0
OS Version:10.0
Image Version:10.0
Subsystem Version:10.0
Subsystem:Windows command line
File Version Number:10.0.16299.1087
Product Version Number:10.0.16299.1087
File Flags Mask:0x003f
File Flags:(none)
File OS:Windows NT 32-bit
Object File Type:Executable application
File Subtype:0
Language Code:English (U.S.)
Character Set:Unicode
Company Name:Microsoft Corporation
File Description:Remote Desktop Session Host Server Remote Connections Manager
File Version:10.0.16299.1087 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
Internal Name:termsrv.dll
Legal Copyright:© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Product Name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product Version:10.0.16299.1087

Portions of file data provided by Exiftool (Phil Harvey) distributed under the Perl Artistic License.

Windows 10 x64 21H2 19043.1083

Termsrv Patch Windows 10 Pro

Modifying termsrv.dll

To have concurrent user sessions working in Windows 10, you need to make small changes to termsrv.dll file. This file is located in C:WindowsSystem32 folder. Someone prepared a new tool that simplifies the patching a lot compared to the method with the hex editor. It also eliminates the need for manipulating termsrv.dll permissions by performing the file write operations as TrustedInstaller and it also takes care for stopping and starting the Remote Desktop Service. Download the TermsrvPatcher from GitHub and just copy-paste the find and replace hex string patterns from this page to the tool and let it do the work for you!


39 81 3C 06 00 00 0F 84 21 68 01 00

replace with:

B8 00 01 00 00 89 81 38 06 00 00 90

Older Windows 10 versions

Termsrv Patch Windows 10 Crack

Windows 10 x64 20H2 19042.867


39 81 3C 06 00 00 0F 84 01 5E 01 00

replace with:

B8 00 01 00 00 89 81 38 06 00 00 90