Tekken Tag Tournament Download

Tekken Tag Tournament is the long awaited sequel to Tekken 3 and boasts more cool characters and moves than ever before. After taking the time to customise their character, players can get to work learning the moves that will turn them into a mean fighting machine. One of the big differences with Tekken Tag Tournament that many people are sure to love is the fact that the game comes with a multi-player mode. This allows groups of up to four friends to test their moves on each other and battle it out to see who is top dog. The action takes place as usual with two fighters with the option of tagging a partner to take over at any point. The tag team experience is fast paced and furious and is sure to keep most fight fans entertained for many hours. People who enjoy classic fighting games are likely to have a lot of fun playing Tekken Tag Tournament. While the game looks and feels a little dated, the tag team experience is so engaging that this is easy to overlook, although solo players may find that they fun is diminished to a certain extent.
Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Stanislav Sousek