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by IceQueenZer0
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Guide and Walkthrough (WIIU) by IceQueenZer0

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/11/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2012

Table of Contents

Note: I've beaten this game already so you can ask me questions ahead of time.

Game: New Super Mario Bros. U

System(s): Wii U

Author: Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria


Hi everybody, Ice Queen Zero back again for another wonderful guide to bring to the masses. The Nintendo Wii U has just been released today and I have already got started with making a guide for it. If you thought that Super Mario Bros. Could not get any more innovative, you are dead wrong. There is a lot of new mechanisms that make their debut in this game but you'll have to read on to find out.


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Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and the Toads are having a tea party until Bowser and his Koopaling fly in with their airships and attack the castle. In a twist, Princess Peach is not kidnapped. Instead, Bowser holds her hostage in her own castle and takes it over.



D-pad Left/Right: Move left or right, enter side pipes.

D-pad Up: Enter doors, climb vines, enter upper pipes during a jump.

D-pad Down: Enter pipes, crouch, ground pound during jump.

Button 1 = Throw projectiles

Button 2 = Jump, hold to Glide or hover with Yoshi

Plus button = Pause

Shake Wiimote = Glide Jump, Spin Jump

You can use the WiiU pad to create the platforms on the TV screen by tapping on the pad.

Wii U-pad

D-pad Left/Right: Move left or right, enter side pipes.

D-pad Up: Enter doors, climb vines, enter upper pipes during a jump.

D-pad Down: Enter pipes, crouch, ground pound during jump.

Button Y/X = Throw projectiles, hold to run or carry item.

Button B/A = Jump, hold to Glide or hover with Yoshi.

Plus button = Pause, menu (map)

Button L = Map view (map)

Button ZR = Glide Jump, Spin Jump, baby Yoshi use.

Acorn Plains

Acorn Plains-1: Acorn Plains Way

Get the coins and kill the Goomba if needed. You will meet a Waddlewings for the first time. This one carries a Super Acorn. Jump on the Waddlewings to obtain the Flying Squirrel Suit. It acts like an upgrade to the Raccoon Suit and the Propeller Suit together. Use it to get Star Coin #1. Once you get it, duck into the next pipe you see to enter a secret tunnel containing Star Coin #2. As you go right, there is a platform that moves up and down. At the end there is a sign with an arrow pointing up-right. Don't go up there yet. Let the ground lower then jump on the platform down there and go into the hidden passage for some coins then go back and go on top. By now, you may have seen that there was more past the pipe in the hidden passage. When you use the ground pound on the bricks where coins are, you'll fall into another hidden passage. This leads to more coins and you can get out and get the checkpoint flag.

Slide down the slope to kill some Goombas. Watch out for them Piranha Plants and a Waddlewings as you touch the red ring and gather all the coins. If you are small or big Mario, you will get the Super Acorn when you gather all the red coins in time. Otherwise, you earn a bonus 1-up mushroom. You will see a wave of coins that will teach you how to do a glide jump. Press ZR on the WiiU pad or shake the Wiimote to do it. Enter the upward pipe and glide down through the coins while avoiding the Waddlewings and get Star Coin #3. Exit the area and proceed to the exit pole from there.

Acorn Plains-2: Tilted Tunnel

Go right and get the powerup if you need it. If you are Super Mario, you will get a Fire Flower. Go inside the pipe and you will be in an underground section where the pipes are slanted with the Piranha Plants coming out of them. Use the fireballs to defeat them as you go. Take the lower road to get some coins then take the high road to proceed on. The crystal platforms seem to block your path but step on the lower purple one and the platforms will shift. As you travel, you will see a moving platform that leads to an upper path. You can slide down the huge slope to knock out all the Goombas if you prefer but you should slow down to collect the coins falling from the ceiling. At the end of the slope, jump along the line of coins to get Star Coin #1. It's really pointless to do a ground stomp to gather the coins on the lower path but doing so will make some coins appear on the upper path. You can gather the checkpoint flag here either way if you decide you want the upper set of coins.

Carefully make your way to a twin set of straight pipes. The left one is a bonus area that contain a POW block, and three Buzzy Beetles that are fireproof. There are also several offscreen coins that will fall down if you smash the POW block. Eliminate the Buzzy Beetles if they are a threat. The ? block has a Fire Flower power up if you are Super Mario. Once you are out, don't kill the Red Koopa Troopa. You will need it's shell to hit the upper-right brick below to make a vine rise. This leads to a secret area in the sky. Here you can jump into the pipe and it will tilt to the right and fire you along wave of new coins and you'll get Star Coin #2 in the process. Step on the pink crystal platform and it will tilt to the right. Slide down the slope to kill all the enemies. When you get to a blue crystal with a sign with a "down" arrow. This will make it sink and allow go into the pipe on the left. Slide to the coin then slide on back and exit out the pipe you came out of. You got a few more pipe to get past before you reach the exit pipe at the end. Now you can exit the level.

There is a secret exit that leads to Acorn Plains-Blooper: Blooper's Secret Lair. To reach it, there is a spot where you reach the red ring. Use the peak of the crystal platform to get over the wall, and gather up several coins then jump again to reach the secret exit.

Acorn Plains-Fortress: Crushing Cogs Tower

Let the cog on the right give you a boost to the higher platform then head up. Wait for the block on the upper right to rise up and get Star Coin #1 by doing some walljumps. Drop back down and go left. Get the Ice Flower and freeze the Dry Bones. Once frozen, you can lift up the ice block containing the Dry Bones and you can kill it by throwing it or smashing it against anything solid overhead. Work your way upward as you get past spinning cogs and Dry Bones. Star Coin #2 is in the upper left. Get on the cog in that same area and touch the red ring. You can get the red coins by staying on the cog as you pick them off one by one as it spins. Get to the top of the area and gather the flag to mark the continue point. Carefully get through the cogs and gather rotating coins. Where you see a part of the wall sticking out at the top of one cog on the right, you can jump through the wall there and get Star Coin #3 and duck into the pipe below. This will shoot you upwards and near some Dry Bones. Freeze or avoid them and get to the top of the level and enter the door.

You can freeze Boom Boom for a split second to slow him down then stop him. He will lay down for a few seconds while he recovers from the stomping then charge at you again. He will go down after you stomp him three times.

Acorn Plains-3: Yoshi Hill

You can slide down the set of rolling hills. The thing you have to worry about early on in this level are the Monty Moles who pop out the walls that may catch you by surprise. Just before Star Coin #1, hit the brick in the middle and you will meet an old friend. Say hello to Yoshi. He only comes in green this game. Now you can go around eating Monty Moles and Berries. If you fill the Berry Meter to the max, you will get a powerup or a 1-up if you already have a special suit. In the meantime, you will see two bricks embedded into the ground. Ground Pound through them to get in a hidden area and enter the red pipe. There are several Piranha Plants here. Bounce off of them with Yoshi to get Star Coin #2 or you can also jump off of Yoshi in mid-jump to get it. Exit the area and stay on your toes as there is a platform where several Monty Moles pop out of the wall below. Get past them and touch the checkpoint flag.

Continue to move right and eat everything with Yoshi. When you see the platform rise and fall, there is a spot with coins hanging over a pit. Drop down the pit and there is a red pipe. Go down and hop over the gap to get Star Coin #3. The coins guide your path. Go up the other pipe and you'll come across some Venus Fire Traps that spit fireballs. If you still have Yoshi, you can capture one and spit out a fireball of your own and roast enemies. Kill the Goombas as you run through the rolling hills and use the Flutter jump along the coins to get an easy 1-up on the pole. Sadly, Yoshi stays behind after you finish the level.

Acorn Plains-4: Mushroom Heights

It's a good idea to enter this level with a Flying Squirrel suit. Go into your inventory and equip the Super Acorn if you have it. An alternate method is to gather the magenta Baby Yoshi you see on the map and bring him into the level. His balloon capabilities will help you fly temporarily. You will also meet a new enemy called the Goombrat which are acorn version of Goombas. What Goombas are to Green Koopa Troopas, Goombrats behave like the red ones. They turn back when they reach the edge. All you have to do is stay on the high road as much as possible then touch the checkpoint flag. You probably already saw and gotten Star Coin #1 on the way here.

Another good feature of the Raccoon Suit is that you can cling to some bricks from the side. Use the Baby Yoshi or Raccoon suit to get Star Coin #2 by gliding to it then glide jumping. If you are using the Wiimote, you can use the WiiU pad to create platforms to give you a safe trip to the coin. Get past the Piranha Plants and get into the pipe that is under a set of rising/sinking Mushroom platforms. Avoid or kill the Goombrats and touch the green ring to get the leaf rings. Get all five of them for a 1-up or powerup. If you have Fire Mario, hit a Super Piranha Plant with three fireballs to kill it. Otherwise, if you got the Flying Squirrel suit or baby Yoshi, carefully float under the blue platform as it rises and tilts away from the side you are on and collect Star Coin #3. Carefully make your way to the exit.

Acorn Plains-5: Rise of the Piranha Plants

Fire Mario will be the best choice in this level. Get the Fire Flower at the start in the ? block above then kill all the Super Piranha Plants you see. If you got a Mushroom instead, you can use the Koopa Shell to kill the Super Piranha Plant after it and there will be a Fire Flower in the next ? block. Once you rid of the Super Piranha Plant I spoke of earlier, you can take the low road to a hidden aread and get coins. You can burn your way to Star Coin #1 freely. Avoid the hammer that one of the Hammer Bro tosses at you and pop it from underneath then touch the checkpoint flag.

You see some slanted platforms but the enemies you face are no match for you. When you see a Super Piranha Plant hanging upsidedown outside a pipe, kill it and wait for the platform to rise high enough to get into the pipe. Kill three more Super Piranha Plants to get Star Coin #2 then exit out through the yellow pipe. Star Coin #3 is noticably in a spot where a Hammer Bro chucks hammers. Bop it from below then get the coin. The path to the exit is enemy free.

Acorn Plains-Castle: Lemmy's Swingback Castle

With the Flying Squirrel suit, this level is super easy. Just remember to stay as high as possible and you can get Star Coin #1. Keep staying high and you will pass the checkpoint flag. Float down to Star Coin #2 then glidejump up to safety. Continue staying on higher ground but avoid the Podobos. Go down the green pipe in the middle of the lava when you see it. Carefully avoid the Podobo and get on the swinging platform then nab Star Coin #3 and carefully get back on top. The lava is an instant killer no matter what suit you got on including Invincibility. Enter the yellow pipe and enter the door immediately afterwards and run up the stairs for a fight with Lemmy Koopa.

Lemmy Koopa with his favorite ball is the first boss you will fight. He takes three stomps to defeat. He starts off by throwing bombs. Wait for him to throw the bomb then stomp him. He will retreat into his shell and try to bowl you over. Jump over the shell until Larry pops out and tries again. Stomp him again and do the same thing as before. The third stomp is not as easy. Lemmy Koopa launches giant bombs. The first one is delayed explosion but he will throw another one almost immediately that almost explodes shortly. Stomp on him quick and he is outta here.

Acorn Plains-Blooper: Blooper's Secret Lair.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.

Go down the pipe at the start and you will be underwater. Fire Mario is recommended for this level as you can kill the Bloopers to make things easier rather than trying to avoid them. Gather as many coins as you can as they are encased in bubbles. There are several pipes that blow currents and they are too strong to swim against. To get Star Coin #1, swim past the leaf then swim to the top and then you can swim level with the leaf and collect the coin. To proceed, wait for the pipes to switch positions so you can get by them. To get Star Coin #2, notice that you can't get it from above? Swim under the red pipe without sinking to the bottom and get the coin. The pipes will shift again. Get the red ring and get the red coins then collect the item and go up the upper pipe. Swim upward and go into the green pipe on the left that has no current blowing out of it. Get Star Coin #3 and get the coins. Swim to the top and proceed to the exit.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.

Layer-Cake Desert

Layer-Cake Desert-1: Stone-Eye Zone

If you are Super Mario already, the power up you see will be a Fire Flower but jump on the palm trees to the left and get on the Stone Head and jump up and hit an invisible block containing an acorn and glide along the row of coins. Avoid the Waddlewings and if you hit the ? switch, coins will rain down upon you for you to collect. Jump on the Koopa Troopa and kick its shell to the right to get points and eventually get some 1-ups if you can knock some Paratroopas below. Stay on the high road to get Star Coin #1 and when you see coins over the quicksand, do a Ground Pound to lower the stone head to gather them if you want them. Shame you don't have a Tail Attack so you will need the Koopa Shell to get the 1-up inside the ? block at the end of the slope. Before you get the checkpoint flag, do a Ground Pound on the stone head before it and coins will erupt from the ground.

Just past the first stone head going up and down is a spot for you to glide jump onto the top of the palm tree and go inside the pipe. Step on the P-Switch to turn the bricks to coins and get Star Coin #2 easier then get out once you collect all coins or P-switch timer runs out. Sand Geysers will occasionally spout on and off. You can jump off of them at their peak. Make a couple careful jumps as the stone heads will sway back and forth. To get Star Coin #3, use the glide or wait for the geyser to go away then jump and get it but time it to where you snag it just as the geyser spouts again to avoid falling to your death. Head for the goal but watch out as the stone heads will sink in different directions and make your jumps tricky.

Layer-Cake Desert-2: Perilous Pokey Cave

Once again the tail attack is missed when taking on the Pokeys but if you got Fire Mario, you can attack its head to kill it outright. For now just go down the pipe past the Pokey. While underground, you can also use the Koopa shell on its head to get rid of it. This area is full of sand geysers that you can use to get over tall Pokeys but they can also get a boost from them too. One geyser will boost you to Star Coin #1. Ride on the moving ? block and at the end of the ride, get on the sand geyser between the Pokeys and jump up to reveal a hidden coin block then do a couple wall jumps to get on space above the ceiling. There is a set of coins that lead to Star Coin #2. Drop down to touch the checkpoint flag.

You will reach a dead end. There is a Yoshi in the top block. Go down the lower left pipe. It is a dark place here with only a little light for visibility. The Pokeys have light around them too so you can see them. You can only the eyes of the Swoopers so it's tricky trying to get past them without taking a hit. There is a coinfest in the upper area that can be accessed easily by stomping on a Swooper and do a hover jump with Yoshi. Get the coins and drop down. You can eat the segments of the Pokeys if you want more points but eating the head and the body falls apart. You may see a yellow pipe but don't bother trying to get in because that is the exit pipe. The entry pipe leading to Star Coin #3 is to the left. Use a hover jump to get in. Take care of those Pokeys first then perform a jump off Yoshi temporarily to get the coin and that sucker moves. Exit out the yellow pipe then head for the green pipe at the end on the right. This leads to another green pipe and then the exit is guarded by Pokeys. Jump over them carefully if you lack Yoshi or the Flying Squirrel suit at this point.

Layer-Cake Desert-3: Fire Snake Cavern

Go down the pipe. This level will darken soon. Until you reach the Yellow Yoshi, you will rely on the lights on the ends of the swaying platforms as well as the enemies for light. Enemies include Fire Snakes that swell up momentarily then retract. If you have the Flying Squirrel suit, you can get Star Coin #1 easier as you can use the glide jump to reach it on top. Drop down at the end and the next ? block has a yellow Yoshi that lights up the area. Use the ZR button or shake the Wiimote to send out light sonars that brithen the area and make the Piranha Plant family retreat back into their pipes when close. Use this Yoshi to eat up enemies as well. Its mouth just has to touch the enemy to eat it. There is a hidden ice flower above the next pipe. Beware of the fireballs that the Fire Bros. toss. There is a 1-up you can get by going to the top level and going left afterwards. Get it then go right and hit the checkpoint flag.

Go down on the ground and enter the pipe if you want. There is nothing special here except to make Yoshi eat the Piranha Plants. When you get to the swaying platforms, get rid of the Firesnake and put Yoshi down as you Ground Pound the brick above the pipe. Grab Yoshi again and enter the pipe. Eat the Firesnakes and hit the P-switch to reach Star Coin #2. Exit out the right pipe and go right. Get the red ring and gather all red coins to get a 1-up or powerup. Avoid the Fire Bros. fireballs and make it to the top and enter the pipe. Star Coin #3 is here. Exit through the same pipe and enter the pipe on the right and exit stage right.

Layer-Cake Desert-Fortress: Stoneslide Tower

Use the Spin Jump on the screw to make it spin reveal Star Coin #1 and make the platform move down to reach the pipe. You'll be using the Spin Jump on all screws to make platforms move and that's the key to completing this level. You can use the platforms to crush and kill Dry Bones. After you kill the first set of Dry Bones, quickly do a wall jump on the returning platform to go up the left side and get Star Coin #2. You can quickly make it to the top by spinning on the next screw and do a wall jump up the right side off the returning platform. At the top, Spin Jump on another screw to put it in place to quickly reach the next pipe and get the checkpoint flag once inside.

Don't bother using the screw here. There is a hidden wall on the very right you can go through as a shortcut as a pipe is inside. Get the powerup and enter the upper pipe. If you got Ice Mario, you freeze the Spike Tops and kill them to get rid of them rather than wait for them to crawl on the bottom of the platforms. Get to the next screw to raise up a platform and go past the sign with the up arrow and go up a hidden area in the ceiling that hides a pipe. This hidden room hides Star Coin #3. To get it, manipulate the screw so that the rolling spikes will break the walls to free it then carefully get to it then get out. Use the screw to get to the top right and hit the hidden coin to get to the pipes and there is another screw that will crush the Dry Bones. Go down a pipe and get blasted to the top. Giant Dry Bones don't stay frozen so get past them and enter the door.

Boom Boom is a little tougher, he will spin with his arms extended and jump through the air. He takes three stomps to kill. After the first hit, he flails his arms and jumps when he hits the wall for the last two hits.

''Layer-Cake Desert-4: Spikes Spouting Sand

To avoid confusion later on in the game. Anytime I mention Spike, I'm refering to the enemy. The ones that are on the ground in later levels, I'll refer to as thorns.

Avoid the spiked ball the Spike throws at you then bop him from below for a powerup. The Spike past the first sand geyser has a 1-up in the ? block it's riding on. Star Coin #1 is underneath the "staircase" in between two spikes. Kill them to get it easier. The top ? block has a powerup if you need it. You will see a Spike riding a geyser. Kill it and then hop on the geyser itself and jump up to hit a hidden block to make a vine rise. Go up the vine and let the blocks expand to get to Star Coin #2 easeir then go back down the pipe and hit the checkpoint flag.

Go right and you will see a trio of ? blocks. There is a Ice Flower in the middle if you are Super Mario. Don't proceed to the right like you normally would do if you are going after Star Coin #3. But if you already got it then I'll say that the first Spike is standing on a ? block with a 1-up in it. Now back to the Ice Flower. Let the Geysers subside or you can drop down after the sign and go inside a hidden area located inside the stone head. A pipe is hidden in here. Go down and you'll be in a secret tunnel that has a Mini Mushroom that turns you into Mini Mario. Mini Mario has gotten an upgrade as he can now run up the walls. Avoid getting boosted up by the geyser and Star Coin #3 is yours. Once you get it, avoid being hit by the spiked balls that Spike throws at you and carefully head for the exit.

There is a secret exit that leads to Layer-Cake Desert-Ice: Piranha Plants on Ice. To reach it, after you get Star Coin #3, drop down past the sign and hang a left and you will enter a secret spot with a pipe that leads to the secret exit.

Layer Cake Desert-5: Dry Desert Mushrooms

You'll probably start this stage off as Mini Mario if you decided to go this route after collecting all 3 Star Coins from LCD-4. Avoid the spike rocks as these Stone Spikes will throw them straight down. There is a power-up in the first ? block. Step on the top brown platform to make it move. Then try to land on the bottom one to get Star Coin #1. Stay on the low road as you maneuver through platform that expand and retract. Another powerup is in a ? block and it'll be a Super Acorn if you are Super Mario. Run along the stretch of expanded platforms quickly then jump to get the checkpoint flag.

Star Coin #2 can be obtained between the Spikes but wait for the platform they're on to expand first before you get it. Get the green ring and the green coins if you want but your objective here is to go down the first pipe you see and get the Pow Block by holding Y + ZR on the WiiU Pad or holding 1 + Shake the remote to lift up the POW Block and then throw it down to knock down all the coins. Do this when the blocks are starting to expand or Star Coin #3 may fall into the abyss. Get out the area and use the Koopa Shell to hit the powerup block then try to stay on the high road and jump on the Spikes after they have thrown their spiked ball down to kill them as you head to the exit. If you can't get up there. Ride the brown platform carefully and go for the exit.

Layer-Cake Desert-6: Blooming Lakitus

The Lakitus in this area throw eggs that turn into Piranha Plants instead of Spinys. Whenever you kill a Lakitu, you can steal its cloud and go for a ride in it. Do that for the first part of the level. Just before Star Coin #1, you can get a invincibility star to take out a few enemies. Get Star Coin #1 when ready. There is an Ice Flower in the ? block below it. The checkpoint flag is shortly afterwards to the right.

If you got the cloud, you can fly above the checkpoint flag for bonus coins. To find Star Coin #2, steal a cloud from the third Lakitu you have the opportunity to kill (2nd one was when got the coins above the checkpoint flag), and fly to the upper right into the pipe. Use the Music Block to reach it. As you drop out, Use the Koopa shell and move to the right and throw the shell. It will snag Star Coin #3 and kill the Giant Piranha Plant in the process as well as other ones and exit stage right.

Layer-Cake Desert-Castle: Mortons Compactor Castle

The platforms shift left and right and some have the potential to crush you between them. The first ones that can do that can only do so between the platform and the ? blocks. Proceed through this level as you normally would. Watch out for Podobo's popping out of the lava. Star Coin #1 takes patience. Wait for the platforms to shift inward and run over the gaps and get the coin then jump onto higher land as the moving ones move out. Use the red pipe (which is an exit pipe) as a means of leverage to wall jump onto the topmost level and enter a hidden pip to the right. This area has Star Coin #2. Wall jump to it then go down the red pipe to exit. I didn't really care for Mini Mario so I skipped the next green pipe and hit the checkpoint flag.

Carefully jockey through the shifting platforms to get Star Coin #3. Hit the green ring and get the green coins to get a powerup or a 1-up. Carefully make your way past the Podobos that rise and fall in a wave pattern. Once past them, use the coins' location to know where to stand to avoid being crushed. The Fire Flower is in that ? block by the door if you want it. Run up the stairs and enter the cannon.

Morton has stepped up his game a little. He does a Ground Pound that will stun your character if you are on the ground then a giant Pokey will rise from the sand. He will then use his hammer to lob segments of it at you. The last two he will send at the same time. Avoid all parts then stomp on him. You have a high risk of falling off the edge when fighting Morton. When hit, Morton will spin in his shell and move back and forth several times before popping back up and repeating the assault. The first sequence consisting of rolling the parts. The second sequence which is where you are now, will add a few lobbed pieces. Fortunately, the lobbed parts won't hurt you once they touch the ground first. Stomp him again and avoid his shell then on the final sequence will be all lobbed pieces. Finish him off.

Layer-Cake Desert-Ice: Piranha Plants on Ice

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.

This level is full of Venus Fire Traps and giant ice blocks ready to crush you if you are not fast enough. They only fall when the VFTs met the little ice block supporting them. At the start, if you got a suit already, just run across top and don't stop. There is a powerup in the second block before last if needed. Star Coin #1 is located in the first pipe you see. You need to get in there before the ice block falls into the gap over it or worse you get crushed to death. If you want a one up, wait for the VFT to melt down the last ice block as there is a Red Koopa Troopa on it. Use it shell to hit the ? block and get it. When you get to the a spot where a piece of thin platform protects you from an ice block, let it fall then get on top of it and use it as leverage after getting rid of the Koopa Troopa and jump on the other block and get in the pipe above. Let the VFT melt the blocks down then melt the middle one to reach Star Coin #2 and go back into the pipe. Get a move on and jump on and off the blocks as you try to stay on the top of the area to reach Star Coin #3. Make your way to the exit.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.

Frosted Glacier

Frosted Glacier-1: Spinning Star Sky

Another aptly named level. Stepping on the star will cause it to shift depenending on which side you are on. The Munchers below are invincible like they've alway been since they debuted in Super Mario 3. Star Coin #1 is easy to get if you got the Flying Squirrel suit. If you get the power up in the block after the Star Coin, you can go underneath it in a hidden area with lots of coins. You will need the Super Acorn to get to that brick from underneath because that sends up a vine that leads to the top of the stars easier and get Star Coin #2 and you can get coins underneath it. Stay above the munchers and get the checkpoint flag.

Get the green ring and coins at your own risk. It's tough getting them without falling into the Munchers. Along your travels, you'll see two coins below. Glide down to them and enter the false wall with a brick containing a Invincibility Star that you'll need to run across the munchers and get Star Coin #3. Carefully run along the top of the stars to reach the exit.

Frosted Glacier-2: Cooligan Fields

The Cooligans come slipping in on the ice. Don't you wish you had the Penguin suit now so you can do the same? Unfortunately, you got to wait till you reach Star Road which you must have all Star Coins up to this point and beat the game. You must stomp on them twice to kill them. The first hit knocks off their glasses. Wait for an opportunity to get Star Coin #1 when it's clear. Avoid the flocks of Cooligans and you reach the checkpoint flag.

Get the red ring and coins and beware of Cooligans coming out of pipes. If you stay close to the wall, they'll sail over your head so you can get past them easier. Star Coin #2 is shortly after the slope. You will see a Cooligan sliding on its belly back and forth over the bricks. Knock them loose to get rid of the Cooligan and do a wall jump off the pipe to get the Star Coin. Eventually, you will see flocks of Cooligans and you can use them for leverage to get on the higher platforms to get Star Coin #3 then head for the exit.

Frosted Glacier-Fortress: Freezing Rain Tower

Icicles rain supreme in this level including the giant ones. Avoid them at all cost. The little ones shatter but the big ones can be use as platforms. If I didn't know any better, I swear that they borrowed this level from the first Megaman game for the Gameboy, play Iceman's stage in that game and you'll know what I'm talking about. Back to the guide. Make your way upwards and kill the Dry Bones if you have ice power on you. The early giant icicles only fall when you reach the wall and won't harm you. There is one part where two giant ones will stack up on top of each other to reach the tilting platform. Another giant icicle is stopped by a blue block. There goes Star Coin #1. Get it safely then run back carefully as the icicles fall then hit the checkpoint flag.

Get on the rising platform and stay ahead of it to get Star Coin #2. Use your ice powers on the Dry Bones. You will come across a part where coins will lead to the right and tell you to wall jump but ignore those and go into the hidden wall on the left and get Star Coin #3. The rising platform will fill up with Dry Bones. It's best to bop the POW Block to kill everything then enter the door.

Boom Boom hops then does an air spin attack. He adds more hops before doing the spin. Three hits and he is outta here.

Frosted Glacier-3: Prickly Goombas

The Goombas have gotten tired of people stomping on them. Now some of them in this level have shielded themselves with thorn suit that can be burned away and make them vulnerable to other attacks. You don't really need Fire Mario. The VFTs are your friends here as they can burn the armor off themselves and so can the Fire Bros. Remember this bit of info when you need to get into the upside down pipe leading to Star Coin #1. You also meet Blue Yoshi who can blow bubbles that turn captured enemies into coins to collect. Hit the checkpoint flag after you get out.

Run along the ice wheel and into the hidden wall where a Yoshi hides in the ? block. Yoshi can stand on the thorn of the Prickly Goombas without getting hurt. This is important when you go for Star Coin #2 which is in the green pipe above the next rolling ice wheel. Enter the golden pipe to exit out. Once out, use Yoshi's hover jump to get Star Coin #3 and get past the ice wheels, Piranha Plants and Fire Bros. and go for the exit.

Frosted Glacier-4: Scaling the Mountainside

Get through Koopa Troopas, Waddlewings, and Bullet Bills. There is a pit that looks like a secret spot but it is not. What you want to do is grab onto the wall in the pit and wall jump your way out as some bricks will appear and provide a "staircase" effect so you can jump up and get the Acorn in the ? block if you lack it then glide jump to the left to go in a secret spot with lots of coins and a 1-up. Go back to the right and use the left scale to raise the right one and then get on the right one and glide jump to get Star Coin #1. Star Coin #2 is shortly ahead to the right that you can't miss it. Continue right to get the checkpoint flag.

If you need a 1-up, stay low and there is a hidden 1-up at the top of that wall pocket. There are coins you can get by going around but it's not really worth any risks. There are two ways to reach Star Coin #3 which is hidden to the left of those two coins you may see. Get on top of the cliff on the right then glide to the left and get it or you can use the Bullet Bills for leverage. Get the red ring and manipulate the scales to get all the red rings. Get past the Banzai Bills and hit the exit pole.

Frosted Glacier-5: Icicle Caverns

Watch out for the giant icicle coming down on the way to the pipe and go down. You have Buzzy Beetles and icicles to deal with. When you get past the two platforms that rise and fall you'll see a giant icicle. Don't jump to the next cliff, run through the wall and get Star Coin #1. Gather the red ring and you'll need to be quick to get the red coins because those icicles are no joke. Get the checkpoint flag and move on.

Trigger the next giant icicle. The icicles in this next section will not fall. Stomp on the Ice Bro for leverage to get inside the pipe above. Let the giant icicles fall so you can get Star Coin #2. The icicles will start to fall again but you can just run like the wind until the end. Go up the pipe on the far right if you were fast enough to make it there and you can get Star Coin #3 when you exit out and head for the exit.

Frosted Glacier-Ghost House: Swinging Ghost House

Once again, the tail attack is truly missed. The door that you have to go through is behind the wall of bricks. The screen will scroll back and forth. To get out of this first area, let it scroll to the right and jump over the wall. Get the powerup if needed then hit the P-Switch. Be sure to leap over Boo and this time run back into the wall to get Star Coin #1 as the bricks hidden in the wall are now coins. You can always hit the P-switch again to turn the wall of bricks into coins then enter the door to move on. The screen scrolls up and down. Get past the Boo and the door you want to enter is the bottom one when the bricks scroll to them and get several coins then get out. Go to the top door next. When the screen scrolls to the right. Hit the P-switch to get several more coins then exit out the door that was on the bottom when you came in as the bricks are now coins and vice versa so you can get in. The coins flee from you. Hit the P-switch and follow them to the end and you leap over the Boos and get Star Coin #2 at the top of the bricks. Enter the door at the end. You are back in the previous room. The door to enter is hidden underneath the one next to the P-switch. In this next room, you will see several doors. Hot the P-switch and you can go through the wall on the very left for a ? switch that points to the correct path which is the door hidden under the P-switch. Now you are in a room where you must hit a P-switch that turns the coins to bricks and you can climb to the top just by jumping because the bricks will follow you and keep you from falling down. The door is at the top, but watch out for Circling Boos and Big Boos then enter the door and proceed to the exit.

Note: You are probably wondering about Star Coin #3. Read on to find out how to get it.

There is a secret exit that leads to Frosted Glacier-Fliprus: Fliprus Lake. To reach it, there is a hidden spot in the ceiling just above the actual exit door. In here, hit the P-switch to change all the coins to bricks and vice versa and quickly head to the right and wall jump up the bricks to get Star Coin #3 then enter the door below to get to the secret exit. Just watch out for the Boo and Giant Boo. Pick up the Spring if you want the 1-up at the end.

Frosted Glacier-Castle: Wendys Shifting Castle

This castle consists or girders that shift positions so be careful with your footing to survive this first part as you get several coins. When you see a line of Thwomps and Thwimps including the Giant Thwomp. Just make a run for it. Stop at the last Thwomp and let it drop so you can get Star Coin #1 with a safe wall jump. Then proceed forward to the checkpoint flag.

Now you got to deal with swinging girders in combination with the Thwomps and Thwimps with a few Dry Bones added to the mix. You will see two ? blocks ahead with Thwimps jumping over them. There is a hidden spot underneath the second one with coins. Jump on the second block then jump straight up to reveal a hidden coin block then get on top of that one and get into the pipe. Carefully avoid the Thwimps to get Star Coin #2 then safely get out. You will see a green pipe. Step on the part of the girder above it and then let it dump you on top of it and go in. Let the Giant Thwomp drop then safely get Star Coin #3 then exit. Now quickly make a break for the exit door as the Giant Thwomps come crashing down. Let the coins be your guide.

The only thing dangerous about this boss fight with Wendy are the icicles above which should not even come into play as you can defeat her with ease. Stomp on her as you avoid the two rings she sends out and watch her do the spinning shell routine then stomp her again as she recovers. That is all you have to do.

''Frosted Glacier-A: Fliprus Lake

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Rock Candy Mines.

This is the only level where the Flipruses appear. They are Walruses that hurl avalanche snowballs at you. You can stomp on the snowballs to get rid of them. Flipruses can be defeat the conventional way of a good ol' stomp or other means. You will also meet the River Piranha Plants in this level (they debuted in NSMB Wii). They blow spike green balls in the air similar to the Ptooies from SMB3. If the ball is defeated, the RPPs will panic in a sweat as they are powerless. In this level, the Flipruses can also kill them with their snowballs if one should run into them. When you get to a spot where there is a Koopa Troopa on the bricks, jump on the bricks once it's out of the way and then jump up from there for Star Coin #1. When you see a Fliprus just below the thin platform, freeze it and use it for leverage to reach it then enter the pipe. Kill the Flipruses and get Star Coin #2 then exit out of the yellow pipe. Once out, take out the next Fliprus to the right and Ground Pound the crates it was on to make it sink then go right into a secret area that holds a 1-up in a brick. Next to the next Fliprus is another set of crates. Wait for it to rise up quickly and jump at the apex of it's ascent to get a high boost to the upper-right and get Star Coin #3. Bricks will form and you can get the 1-up easily.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Rock Candy Mines.

Sparkling Waters

Sparkling Waters-1: Waterspout Beach

Water geysers will spout occasionally. Watch out for rocks that Hickit Crabs throw. Star Coin #1 is found by jumping across the tops of geyser tops. The best way to get Star Coin #2 is to freeze the Cheep Cheep and jump off of it to get it. Frozen enemies seem to stay frozen when in the water. Grab the red ring and you can run across the geyser spouts to get all the red coins. Hit the checkpoint flag next.

If you are thinking about enter the pipe in the water where the Cheep Cheep is, forget it. There is no entry here. Just proceed on until you see a pipe under a narrow bridge and go down. There is a 1-up protected by the Clampy. Get it before it closes. Exit out the pipe and continue to the right. I don't know if this is coincidential or not but how convenient that there is a POW Block at the end of the rainbow. Use a Ground Pound on it to shake things up easier and make Star Coin #3 and other coins fall down from the sky. Get it quick before the geyser stops and the coin falls into the water. Make a break for the exit along the geyser spouts.

Sparkling Waters-2: Tropical Refresher

Enter the pipe and go for a swim. The gimmick for this level involves the golden pipes. You can't enter the pipes but you can push them in to drop coins or operate other mechanisms. Get the Fire Flower to roast the Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, and Urchins. The Giant Urchins can't be killed with fireballs. You will see two golden pipes moving back and forth like air traffic control lights. Between them is a secret section with a red ring. Get it and the red rings that come with it. Just past them, wait by the next trio of pipes for Secret Coin #1 to come out through the gap. Make your way past all enemies and after a pipe that makes coins come out of the red pipe behind you, hit the checkpoint flag.

Past the next Giant Urchin, you'll see coins form a path to a hidden area with a ? switch. This will make several coins fall including Star Coin #2. Immediately afterwards, go down the pipe underneath the next Giant Urchin and get the Invincibility Star and get out quick so you can hit the ? Block just outside. If you are still invincible when you hit this block, it will contain another star. Quickly get into the next pipe in order to kill the Giant Urchin so you can get Star Coin #3. Exit out the same pipe and now just fight your way past all enemies including Spiny Cheep-Cheeps on route to the exit.

Sparkling Waters-Fortress: Giant Skewer Tower

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Them giant skewers ain't no joke. They mean serious business. Go into the pipe at the start then swim your way upwards while avoiding being hit by the skewers. You can, however, wait for the first skewer to retract and go inside the opposite wall from it and get Star Coin #1 then get out when it is safe. You can also do the same with the next skewer except you got to go inside the same wall it is in and go up and wait for the next skewer to retract and get the red ring and red coins. Star Coin #2 is shortly after the last red ring. A red pipe emerges from the left and spews out coins before receding. Continue to go up and get past the next set of skewers. You can even form a bridge by jumping into the upper right corner and bricks will form to give you a safer jump. There is a 1-up in the next brick. Get it when safe. You may see the green pipe but go inside the wall to the left and go up the red pipe. This has a P switch inside that makes blue coins appear. Get all you can and hit the checkpoint flag below before heading back up.

As you go up the next screen. Just past the Dry Bones is a hidden POW block on the floor where they are. It's behind the wall (the pick up motion even appears). Pick it up and throw it down to knock down Star Coin #3 and just carefully make your way to the door.

Boom Boom will now hop at you to attack. Stomp on him and his next attack will be a hop follow by a spinning air attack. His final attack is two hops and a spin attack.

Sparkling Waters-Ghost House: Haunted Shipwreck

You encounter what I'll call poltergeist blocks. They behave somewhat like Fishbones where if you are within range, they will steer towards your current location and move into a straight line and crash. They'll reveal a single coin after doing so. You'll also see fake doorways that turn into coins when you try to go into them. The first one of those in the upper left. Ride the blocks to get to the upper right. Always be sure to look at the Boos so they won't chase you. It looks tempting to do a Ground Pound on the bricks but don't do it. You have to drop down to the right and go through the fake wall and then wall jump to the top to get the 1-up out of the middle brick. Climb up the pole and stay along the top. There is a false wall underneath the door that contains Star Coin #1 Get it and leap through the floor and enter the door. Carefully swim through the Circling Boos and avoid the poltergeist blocks and Fishbones and leap out of the water to get Star Coin #2. Leap out the water at the end and go through the false wall and enter the door. You go through a big false wall, Star COin #3 is in the upper left. You shouldn't have much trouble getting to the door but that door at the end is fake. The real door is above it and you got to wall jump or glide jump if you got the Flying Squirrel Suit to reach it. Enter and go left into another pipe and straight to the exit.

There is a secret exit that leads to Sparkling Waters-Leaf: Skyward Stalk. To reach it, you may have noticed there were a lot of coins you couldn't reach on your way to the normal exit. There is a hidden opening section where you will see a Boo near a sign. The path to the secret exit is not up there, you have to jump into another hidden section just to the left of it that is hard to wall jump but if you do it right, there is a green door that leads to lots of coins and a red pipe. Go up this pipe and off to the secret exit you go.

Sparkling Waters-3: Above the Cheep Cheep Seas

Use the geyser to get a boost to the upper part of the level. You will get Yoshi early on in this level. To get Star Coin #1, stand on the right scale and carefully run on the donut lifts to get it. Avoid the Cheep Cheeps while doing so. Continue to avoid Cheep Cheeps and run on the Donut Lifts. One block contains a ? switch that will spawn blue coins for you to collect. Head for the checkpoint flag.

Star Coin #2 is also in plain sight. Wait for the geysers to recede then get to it and use the geysers to get back on track. Get the green ring and collect the green coins. Getting to the lower right pipe is tough. You need to use Yoshi's hover jump or glide to reach it after you made the scale go down long enough then enter the pipe. Get the POW and throw it to make Star Coin #3 fall down and get it before the scales fall. Then exit out. Quickly get through the big geysers before they recede and go for the exit while avoiding the school of Cheep Cheeps.

Sparkling Waters-4: Urchin Shoals

Watch out for the Giant Urchins being boasted by the Geysers. You will see a Giant Urchin underneath some Donut Lifts. Ride down the rightmost one and jump to the right. The brick contains a Mini Mushroom. You'll need this go get the first two star coins. Run along the surface and waters to get Star Coin #1 and run up the geyser to get into the small pipe and retrieve Star Coin #2 here. Avoid the Giant Urchins on the way to the checkpoint flag.

Get the Mushroom as the Giant Urchins rise up and down in a pattern. Be sure to grab a Koopa Shell because there will be a spot where you'll throw it and you'll nail every Urchin in a line to get a 1-up via points and clear a path to a pipe on the left that leads to Star Coin #3. Get it when the Giant Urchins separate then exit out. Stay on higher ground as much as possible because the Giant Urchins are out in full force.

Sparkling Waters-5: Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto

Say hello to Dragoneel. It is a big meanie that will harass you throughout the entire level. Luckily for you, it can't make sharp turns and you can slow it down with fireballs to the head but speed it up with fireballs to the body. Use the lack of sharp turns to your advantage to get Star Coin #1. Continue to avoid it after you reach the checkpoint flag.

You will see Star Coin #2 ahead. Get enough room to avoid the Dragoneel and retrieve it. Go down the red pipe the moment you see it so you can get Star Coin #3. Two smaller Dragoneels will come after you. Unlike the giant one who has been hounding you, they can make sharp turns so get out of there quickly. Make a break for the pipe if you got Fire Power because there is a huge school of Cheep Cheeps to reach it and that Dragoneel may almost just get you. Once through the pipe you are home free.

Sparkling Waters-Castle: Larry's Torpedo Castle

Grab an Ice Flower the first chance you get and avoid the burners as you kill the Dry Bones with ice. Stay out of the water because as with all Mario games, you can't stomp an underwater enemy and you'll take damage if you do. The enemy is question is the Torpedo Ted that swim by every few seconds. Get Star Coin #1 when the burners protect it recede then run along the top and drop down to safely get to the pipe. Pay attention to the patterns the Torpedos Teds swim as ice does nothing to them. You just have to avoid them on the way to the checkpoint flag.

Swim between the Torpedo Teds on the bottom to reach Star Coin #2 and head for the pipe if you are looking for coins. Maneuver through the Torpedo Teds till you reach the pipe at the end. Move along the grating while avoiding being burned then ride one of the gratings through the ceiling which leads to Star Coin #3 then head for the door to take on Larry.

The fight against Larry is laughable. I almost don't want to even give you any strategies because you really don't need any help from me. However, I'll just entertain ya'll by telling you what to expect. You fight Larry in a similar manner as you did in New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS assuming you have played it. Only difference is that you fight him on top of randomly spouting geysers. All you have to do is stomp him three times and the fight is over. Every time he is hit, he'll hide in his shell and spin back and forth while he may get a little boost from the geysers similar to what the columns did in NSMB2. and forth. Stomp him when he recovers. Remember, I just told you all this just for entertainment of those who enjoy reading this guide or just plain reading for that matter.

Sparkling Waters-Leaf: Skyward Stalk

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Rock Candy Mines.

Not much help is really needed. I'll keep this one brief. Whenever a green leaf turns brown, it is going to fall so get off of it before you fall with it. It's easier to get the Star Coins with the Flying Squirrel Suit on especially #3 and they are all in plain sight. This stage scrolls upward and you have to avoid the Waddlewings and Goombas flying on balloons and reach the top and that's it.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Rock Candy Mines.