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Acorn Plains

Published January 12th 2019 .

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Guide & Walkthrough

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Choosing your character

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For those of us with a thing about history, there’s a real time-travel element to good historical fiction. Traditional educational models.. View guide index. World 3: Sparkling Waters. World 4: Frosted Glacier. World 5: Soda Jungle. New Super Luigi U Deluxe.


World 5 : Soda Jungle. World 6 : Rock Candy Mines. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe walkthrough: Discover the 18 worlds with a minimum of 8 levels each for Super Mario Bros.

U and its DLC Super Luigi U. This complete New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe guide, developed and edited exclusively by Nintendo on the Switch, will show you all the star coins to recover, as well as secret and bonus levels. Enough people missed out on New Super Mario Bros. U on the Wii U that Nintendo has brought the title to the Nintendo Switch with a number of improvements and adjustments to make the game even better and more smooth to play.

Though the game is very much a traditional 2D Mario platformer, it has a lot of exciting secrets and levels to explore that are sure to keep Mario fans interested for some time. Plus, you can play with up to three friends in any of the game's levels!

If you're just starting out, here's how to get started on your Mushroom Kingdom adventure with Mario and his friends:. New Super Mario Bros.

U Deluxe has a total of five characters you can choose to play as: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette, and Nabbit. Mario is Mario, and has all his usual Mario powers of jumping, running, and obtaining power-ups.

He is not available in New Super Luigi U. In New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Luigi controls just like Mario.


If you switch the mode to New Super Luigi U, though, Luigi can jump higher and has a bit less traction than his brother, making him more challenging to play. Toad is, by default, Yellow Toad and will control the same as either Maro (in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe) or Luigi (New Super Luigi U). You can change Toad from Yellow Toad to Blue Toad by holding down the L button on the character selection screen.

Toadette will control similarly to the main character in whichever version of the game you're currently in, but as an "easier" character she will be a bit less slippery, with more traction on the ground and easier jumping.

Overcoming danger

She also has access to the Super Crown power-up, which turns her into Peachette, giving her the ability to float in the air and an extra jump on the R button. Nabbit is now playable in both versions of the game. He cannot obtain power-ups like the other characters, but he is immune to all enemy attacks. He can still die when falling in pits or lava, though. All power-ups he collects are converted to 1-Ups at the end of the level.

You can play with up to four friends, each as a different character, and you can swap characters each time you load a save. Collected 1-Ups and power-ups are saved to the character you obtained them on (so if you had collected ten extra lives as Toadette, you would start with the default five if you chose Mario on your next play, but you'd be at the same level you left off as with Toadette).


Moreso than in earlier Mario games, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe makes it worth your while to pursue lots and lots of coins. It's easy to get tons of 1-Up extra lives by obtaining 100 coins throughout the stages or by finding bonus, hidden areas.

Hidden secrets

There are lots of invisible caverns with coins inside, and giant Star Coins (three in each level) that you can track down to unlock secret courses later in the game.

See a Problem?

Frosted Glacier

Don't get hung up on coins, but don't skimp on collecting the ones right in front of your face.

You'll want to mine those extra lives to make it easier to bust through the more challenging levels the game will throw at you later! New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe includes the following Power-ups:.

Using power-ups

Super Mushrooms - Make your character larger and give them the ability to be hit once by an enemy or obstacle without dying.

Fire Flowers - Your character can shoot fireballs to damage or destroy enemies.

Want to know more?

Sparkling Waters

Ice Flowers - Your character can shoot ice to free enemies, then pick those frozen enemies up and throw them!


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