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  • Release: 2001 Developer: FireFly Studios.
Explore the world of the Middle Ages, lawlessness and a huge number of battles between states.
Take on the role of castle ruler to conquer territories, expand possessions or defend your city.
Fight on a wide variety of maps provided by the developers. Players can create their own locations by dealing with the map editor right inside the game menu. You will be able to make hills, build neutral buildings, settle animals, place rivers, trees and many other objects on the area.

Stronghold: Crusader Setup Installer

Complete over 20 missions in story mode, gradually destroying the outposts of enemy lords, gradually reaching their main castles. You will meet on the battlefield against the Rat, Boar, Snake and Wolf.

They have a unique power, and the more missions you complete, the more difficult the tasks will become. As soon as you get into the match, you will need to set up a barn and a warehouse, start getting food and initial resources.

Create armory workshops, barracks, place walls and towers, and start recruiting warriors. Come up with your own battle strategy, make siege weapons, catapults, battering rams and much more to break the enemy's defenses. Version: v 1.4.1.

(max speed + fast connection). A historic RTS game that lets players be King of the Castle. Stronghold, developed by Firefly studios, is the first in a long line of real time strategy games that centers around medieval Britannia.

Plays administrate a kingdom, building castles and developing units in order to defend against incursions as well as destroy opposing castles.

The game is a little different in that it has a economic campaign as well as a military campaign but the game, at it's heart, is combat based. Stronghold was produced in 2001 and garnered an average reception and gaining a solid fan base. True to the real time strategy formula, Stronghold has players building buildings, managing an economy of collectible resources and training up an army to take over as much of the world as the map allows.

Buildings include both military installations like castles and towers, and economy based buildings like wood mills and blacksmith forges.

The formula is a little rinse and repeat; gather resources to build buildings, use those buildings to build better buildings and more units; repeat.
Ultimately the game focuses on sending our your amassed army against your opponents.
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