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As one of the most popular strategy game series of all-time, Stronghold has become a household name. one of the most beloved releases came in the early 2000s, when Stronghold: Crusader was released in 2002. Developed by Firefly Studios, the game was a massive success and tended to provide a much greater range of improvements, features, and opportunities compared to its predecessor, the original Stronghold.With the best part of 20 years since it was released, though, how does Stronghold: Crusader feel today?

Similar in vein to many games of the era such as Age of Empires (at least in terms of aesthetic), Stronghold: Crusader was a game where you took part in the Middle East in the middle of the Crusades.

You take charge of attacking or defending a stronghold, using your pre-built army to charge in, take over, or fend off the attacking forces. Alongside an enjoyable campaign feature, players could take part in single-player skirmishes that would allow for bespoke battles against the AI, offering greater opportunity to mess around and experiment with the gluttony of different units you could play with.

An updated version of Crusader was released in 2008, though many still to this day prefer to play the classic castle sim original. Upon release, Stronghold: Crusader was met with largely positive responses. At the time it was praised for its graphics (though obviously dated by todays standards), and most found it to be an intriguing title that improved on more or less every part of the original game in terms of its style.

The game was well loved because it provided a simple way to enjoy either a siege as the attacker, or holding off your fort from being overtaken. The campaign was well-liked, too, with enough variety in the levels to help keep things interesting enough from level to level.

The game itself also was rated because it provided a range of interesting Lords to pick from, all of which could provide a slightly different kind of experience compared to the others.

App Name:Stronghold: Crusader
Developer:Firefly Studios
Version:Stronghold: Crusader 1.1
Updated:September, 17th 2019
File Size:88.08 MB
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Requirement:PC/laptop/tablet running Windows
(Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10)

For its time, Stronghold offered a move away from the general rinse-repeat of base building that was so common in RTS games of the era.

For that reason, it tends to hold a pretty large place in the hearts of many gamers of the era who enjoys its more bombastic, aggressive style and stone.

  • Though it can feel a touch slow and dated today, for a release in 2002 it helped to add an extra layer of intrigue and invention.
  • Given many strategy games since have followed the removal of traditional base building, too, this was an intriguing change.
  • Easy to play, with variety in the units and factions to play as.
  • Engaging gameplay that often led to action instead of waiting around .

Stronghold Crusader HD Install-Game:

Impressive graphics and playing style for the era. A little hard to play today on modern hardware. Not as modernised or as refreshed as recent Stronghold releases. Overall rating: 8.5.

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Stronghold Crusader. Conquer your enemies in the time of the Crusades. License:Shareware $19.99. Operating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Report incorrect info.

An intriguing, old-school strategy title

Create a new empire and go on a crusade in a real-time strategy game.

Build an army, collect resources, provide your citizens with food, shelter and low taxes and ensure them with safety during the First, Second and Third Crusades in the Middle East.

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Stronghold Crusader.exe, stronghold crusader.exe, Stronghold.exe, Stronghold-Crusader_11.exe or Stronghold-Crusader.exe are the common file names to indicate the Stronghold Crusader installer. The actual developer of the program is Firefly Studios.

From the developer:. Make a journey to distant Arabian lands renowned for brave warriors and fearsome weaponry in Stronghold Crusader HD. The highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Stronghold, Crusader throws you into historic battles from the Crusades with fiendish AI opponents, new units, 4 historical campaigns and over 100 unique skirmish missions.

You may want to check out more software, such as Stronghold Crusader HD, Crusader MapTools or Golem Crusades, which might be similar to Stronghold Crusader.

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  • Stronghold Crusader HD$9.99HERUNTERLADEN.
  • Crusader MapToolsHERUNTERLADEN.
  • Crusaders - Thy Kingdom Come$67.53HERUNTERLADEN.

A classic that was ahead of its time

  1. Crusaders Of Space - Open Range$99.95HERUNTERLADEN.
  2. DOWNLOAD:[ Direct download link (PC) ]. Stronghold Crusader HD Free Download, journey to distant Arabian lands renowned for brave warriors and fearsome weaponry in Stronghold Crusader HD.
  3. The highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Stronghold, Crusader throws you into historic battles from the Crusades with fiendish AI opponents, new units, 4 historical campaigns and over 100 unique skirmish missions.
  4. Relive the historic Crusades as Richard the Lionheart and the Saladin, Sultan of Syria.
  5. Lead a determined group of Crusaders, forged by centuries of barbaric warfare, amidst the haze of the desert heat then fight for your freedom as the mighty Saladin.

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  1. Stronghold Crusader HD features several campaigns documenting the First, Second and Third Crusades, as well as conflicts within the individual Crusader states.
  2. Battles such as Nicea, Heraclea, siege of Antioch, Krak des Chevaliers and the Siege of Jerusalem all feature, as do the Crusader Trails from the Stronghold Warchest and Stronghold Crusader Extreme.
  3. Stronghold Crusader 2. With new high resolution graphics you have more control over your soldiers than ever before.
  4. The new HD battlefield view allows you to zoom out and play in real-time, with the whole map on one screen.

Stronghold Crusader HD Free Download:

  1. Advance on the castle gates while flanking the enemy from behind, feign retreat and lead your foe into a deadly trap or just sit back and watch the destruction unfold.
  2. Both Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Crusader Extreme are included in Stronghold Crusader HD.
  3. Extreme plays exactly like the original Stronghold Crusader, only with a few additions.
  4. The unit cap has been increased from 1000 to a staggering 10,000 troops, special Tactical Powers such as the Arrow Volley can be used and new buildings make their appearance alongside the Crusader Extreme skirmish trail.

Join the Crusaders or the Saladin’s forces in four historical campaigns. Design and build your desert fortress complete with new siege engines and castle defenses.

  1. Fight through 100 unique skirmish missions, each more challenging than the last.
  2. Command new units with unique abilities, such as the stealthy Assassin and nimble Horse Archer.
  3. Download Here Game Size: 570 MB.
  4. DOWNLOAD:[ Direct download link (PC) ].
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Technic, Halo, and Cyber Hunter is the strong competitor of Stronghold: Crusader. Otherwise, PUBG Mobile and Far Cry 2 also quite good as the alternative of this software. There are also other similar apps such as Call of Duty 4, Voobly, and Chess Titans that also need to try if you want to find the best alternative of Stronghold: Crusader.

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Q: What is Stronghold: Crusader for PC?
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A: Absolutely no cost! You can download this app from official websites for free by this website—any extra details about the license you can found on the owner’s websites.

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A: Yes! The Stronghold: Crusader for PC will typically work on most recent Windows operating systems, including Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit.

Q: What’s the importance of downloading the latest version of Stronghold: Crusader?
A: We recommend downloading the latest version of Stronghold: Crusader because it has the most recent updates, which improves the quality of the application.

Q: What’s the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Stronghold: Crusader?
A: The Stronghold: Crusader 64-bit version was specially designed for 64-bit Windows Operating Systems and performed much better on those. The Stronghold: Crusader 32-bit version was initially intended for 32-bit Windows Operating Systems, but it can also run on 64-bit Windows Operating Systems.

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