Stronghold Crusader Full Version Free

  • Release: 2014 Developer: FireFly Studios.
Stronghold crusader 2 - continuation of the original strategy in real time, which takes place in the deserts of the East.
Several times improved graphics, 3D engine, many new units, buildings, realistic physics and many other innovations.
The developers have created over 30 standard maps, but users can make their own contributions to the locations. In the terrain editor, players can create a new map.

Features of Stronghold Crusader PC Game

Place trees, additional bases, iron ores and stone deposits, add rivers, hills and lowlands. In the battles of the second part of Stronghold, the gamer can choose one of the kings or sultans. People who came to the desert from distant lands and sultans have different types of buildings, defenses and units.

In matches, each participant starts with a small number of workers and a completed main building. Set up a barn and warehouse, build the first production houses, and raise the economy. It will take a lot of iron, stone and wood to create the initial defenses and weapons for the warriors.

Food is an integral part of the gameplay, if it is not enough, the inhabitants will leave the castle. Arrange epic and large-scale battles, during which more than 400 different types of troops can take part, including catapults, trebuchets and other mechanisms.

Version: v 1.0.22714 + DLCs. (max speed + fast connection). SFull Version Stronghold Crusader free download PC game full version setup ISO with direct links highly compressed. You can also free download Stronghold Crusader 2 and 3 extreme HD for mac single link multiplayer for Android APK.

This game Stronghold Crusader free download is the best example of real time war and strategy game in the gaming industry.

The game is not set in Middle-East as you might think but rather Stronghold Crusader free download is set in pseudo-Europe during crusades. However players can choose to play with different classes of units such as the Arabians and Europeans in Stronghold Crusader free download.

The basic idea and strategy of Stronghold Crusader free download is to build a stronger base than enemies and attack them when they are weak.

Players can play marvelous real time strategy campaigns with professprotonal building units and premium features.
The three main and primary campaigns in Stronghold Crusader free download are First, Second and The Third Crusade.