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Looking for SSMS alternative for the Mac My company has issued me a MacBook Pro, after a coupe of weeks of using SSMS via parralells I am looking for a good native Mac app that could use instead of SSMS. Microsoft has made SQL Server available for macOS and Linux systems. This is made possible by running SQL Server from a Docker container. Therefore, there's no need to install a virtual machine with Windows (which was the only way to run SQL Server on a Mac prior to SQL Server 2017). Install and Configure Docker.

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SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) has lots of shortcut keys that can be usedto navigate and perform specific tasks. The problem is there are so many ofthem and a lot of them are hidden away in menus, so unless you go looking for themyou might not know what SSMS keyboard shortcuts exists and how they can save some time when workingwith SSMS.


This article is a quick reference guide to over 120 SQL Server ManagementStudio (SSMS) keyboard shortcuts.

To help with finding and grouping over 120 available SSMS keyboard shortcuts that are available,two lists have been put together: the first is sorted by the SSMS keyboard shortcut keys and thesecond is sorted by the function of the SSMS keyboard shortcut keys.

SSMS Keyboard Shortcuts Listed by Shortcut

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Following is a list of SQL Server Management Studio keyboard shortcuts listed in shortcutorder.

Alt+BreakQuery - Cancel Executing Query
Alt+Down ArrowEditing - Move Selected Lines Down
Alt+Right ArrowIntellisense - Complete Word
Alt+Up ArrowEditing - Move Selected Lines Up
Alt+DMain Menu - Debug
Alt+EMain Menu - Edit
Alt+FMain Menu - File
Alt+HMain Menu - Help
Alt+NNavigation - New query window
Alt+PMain Menu - Project
Alt+QMain Menu - Query
Alt+TMain Menu - Tools
Alt+VMain Menu - View
Alt+WMain Menu - Window
Alt+XQuery - Execute
Alt+F1Query Shortcut - sp_help
Alt+F4Navigation - Exit
Alt+F5Debug - Start Debugging
Alt+F6Navigation - Move between windows
Atl+F7Navigation - Move between windows - popup
Alt+F8Open Server in Object Explorer
Alt+F9,BDebug - Function Breakpoint
Ctrl+AEditing - Select All
Ctrl+CEditing - Copy
Ctrl+DQuery - Results to Grid
Ctrl+EQuery - Execute
Ctrl+FSearch - Quick Find
Ctrl+GNavigation - Go To
Ctrl+HSearch - Quick Replace
Ctrl+ISearch - Incremental Search
Ctrl+JIntellisense - List Members
Ctrl+LQuery - Display Estimated Execution Plan
Ctrl+MQuery - Include Actual Execution Plan (toggle)
Ctrl+NQuery - New Query with Current Connection
Ctrl+OOpen File
Ctrl+QSearch - Quick Launch
Ctrl+RQuery - Show / Hide Results Pane (toggle)
Ctrl+SQuery - Save query
Ctrl+TQuery - Results To Text
Ctrl+UNavigation - Change database
Ctrl+VEditing - Paste
Ctrl+WEditing - Select word
Ctrl+XEditing - Cut
Ctrl+YEditing - Redo
Ctrl+ZEditing - Undo
Ctrl+-Navigation - Navigate Query Windows Backward
Ctrl+,Ctrl+EWindow - Error List
Ctrl+1Query Shortcut - sp_who
Ctrl+2Query Shortcut - sp_lock
Ctrl+Alt+AWindow - Activity Monitor
Ctrl+Alt+BDebug - Breakpoints Window
Ctrl+Alt+GWindow - Registered Servers
Ctrl+Alt+IDebug - Immediate Window
Ctrl+Alt+KWindow - Task List
Ctrl+Alt+LWindow - Solution Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+OWindow - Output
Ctrl+Alt+PTools - Trace Query in SQL Server Profiler
Ctrl+Alt+RWindow - Web Browser
Ctrl+Alt+TWindow - Template Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+XWindow - Toolbox
Ctrl+Alt+SpaceIntellisense - Toggle Completion Mode
Ctrl+Alt+F1Tools - Add and Remove Help Content
Ctrl+Alt+F2Tools - Resource Center
Ctrl+B,Ctrl+IIntellisense - Enabled
Ctrl+DeleteEditing - Delete through the end of the line
Ctrl+EndEditing - End of query window text
Ctrl+F4Navigation - Disconnect and close query window
Ctrl+F5Query - Parse
Ctrl+HomeEditing - Top of query window text
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+Editing - Delete Horizontal White Space
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+BTools - Codes Snippets Manager
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+CEditing - Comment Selection
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+FBookmarks - New Folder
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+HBookmarks - Add Task List Shortcut
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+IIntellisense - Quick Info
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+KBookmarks - Toggle Bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+LBookmarks - Clear
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+NBookmarks - Next Bookmark
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+PBookmarks - Previous
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+SIntellisense - Surround Width
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+UEditing - Uncomment Selection
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+WWindow - Bookmark Explorer
Ctrl+K,Ctrl+XTools - Insert Snippet
Ctrl+Shift+AProject - Add New Item
Ctrl+Shift+FQuery - Results to File
Ctrl+Shift+HSearch - Replace in Files
Ctrl+Shift+LEditing - Make Lowercase
Ctrl+Shift+MQuery - Specify Values for Template Parameters
Ctrl+Shift+NProject - New
Ctrl+Shift+OOpen Project Solution
Ctrl+Shift+QTools - Design Query in Editor
Ctrl+Shift+RIntellisense - Refresh Local Cache
Ctrl+Shift+SQuery - Save All
Ctrl+Shift+UEditing - Make Uppercase
Ctrl+Shift+VEditing - Cycle Clipboard Ring
Ctrl+Shift+DelEditing - Clear the active Editor pane
Ctrl+Shift+EndEditing - Select all text from cursor to end
Ctrl+Shift and arrow keysEditing - Select section of text
Ctrl+Shift+F9Debug - Delete All Breakpoints
Ctrl+Shift+HomeEditing - Select all text from cursor to top
Ctrl+Shift+SpaceIntellisense - Parameter Info
Ctrl+Shift+K,Ctrl+Shift+NBookmarks - Next Bookmark in Folder
Ctrl+Shift+K,Ctrl+Shift+PBookmarks - Previous Bookmark in Folder
DelEditing - Delete text
F3Search - Repeat Last Search
F4Window - Properties Window
F5Query - Execute
F6Navigation - Move between windows Next Pane
F7Window - Object Explorer Details
F8Window - Object Explorer
F9Debug - Toggle Breakpoint
F10Debug - Step Over
F11Debug - Step Into
Shift+Alt+AProject - Add Existing Item
Shift+Alt+EnterNavigation - Full Screen
Shift+Alt+SQuery - Include Client Statistics
Shift+F3Search - Repeat Last Search
Shift+F6Navigation - Move between windows Previous Pane
Shift+TabEditing - Indent decrease
TabEditing - Indent increase

SSMS Keyboard Shortcuts Listed by Function

Following is a list of SQL Server Management Studio keyboard shortcuts listed in functionorder.

Bookmarks - Add Task List ShortcutCtrl+K,Ctrl+H
Bookmarks - ClearCtrl+K,Ctrl+L
Bookmarks - New FolderCtrl+K,Ctrl+F
Bookmarks - Next BookmarkCtrl+K,Ctrl+N
Bookmarks - Next Bookmark in FolderCtrl+Shift+K,Ctrl+Shift+N
Bookmarks - PreviousCtrl+K,Ctrl+P
Bookmarks - Previous Bookmark in FolderCtrl+Shift+K,Ctrl+Shift+P
Bookmarks - Toggle BookmarkCtrl+K,Ctrl+K
Debug - Breakpoints WindowCtrl+Alt+B
Debug - Delete All BreakpointsCtrl+Shift+F9
Debug - Function BreakpointAlt+F9,B
Debug - Immediate WindowCtrl+Alt+I
Debug - Start DebuggingAlt+F5
Debug - Step IntoF11
Debug - Step OverF10
Debug - Toggle BreakpointF9
Editing - Clear the active Editor paneCtrl+Shift+Del
Editing - Comment SelectionCtrl+K,Ctrl+C
Editing - CopyCtrl+C
Editing - CutCtrl+X
Editing - Cycle Clipboard RingCtrl+Shift+V
Editing - Delete Horizontal White SpaceCtrl+K,Ctrl+
Editing - Delete textDel
Editing - Delete through the end of the lineCtrl+Delete
Editing - End of query window textCtrl+End
Editing - Indent decreaseShift+Tab
Editing - Indent increaseTab
Editing - Make LowercaseCtrl+Shift+L
Editing - Make UppercaseCtrl+Shift+U
Editing - Move Selected Lines DownAlt+Down Arrow
Editing - Move Selected Lines UpAlt+Up Arrow
Editing - PasteCtrl+V
Editing - RedoCtrl+Y
Editing - Select AllCtrl+A
Editing - Select all text from cursor to endCtrl+Shift+End
Editing - Select all text from cursor to topCtrl+Shift+Home
Editing - Select section of textCtrl+Shift and arrow keys
Editing - Select wordCtrl+W
Editing - Top of query window textCtrl+Home
Editing - Uncomment SelectionCtrl+K,Ctrl+U
Editing - UndoCtrl+Z
Intellisense - Complete WordAlt+Right Arrow
Intellisense - EnabledCtrl+B,Ctrl+I
Intellisense - List MembersCtrl+J
Intellisense - Parameter InfoCtrl+Shift+Space
Intellisense - Quick InfoCtrl+K,Ctrl+I
Intellisense - Refresh Local CacheCtrl+Shift+R
Intellisense - Surround WidthCtrl+K,Ctrl+S
Intellisense - Toggle Completion ModeCtrl+Alt+Space
Main Menu - DebugAlt+D
Main Menu - EditAlt+E
Main Menu - FileAlt+F
Main Menu - HelpAlt+H
Main Menu - ProjectAlt+P
Main Menu - QueryAlt+Q
Main Menu - ToolsAlt+T
Main Menu - ViewAlt+V
Main Menu - WindowAlt+W
Navigation - Change databaseCtrl+U
Navigation - Disconnect and close query windowCtrl+F4
Navigation - ExitAlt+F4
Navigation - Full ScreenShift+Alt+Enter
Navigation - Go ToCtrl+G
Navigation - Move between windowsAlt+F6
Navigation - Move between windows - popupAtl+F7
Navigation - Move between windows Next PaneF6
Navigation - Move between windows Previous PaneShift+F6
Navigation - Navigate Query Windows BackwardCtrl+-
Navigation - New query windowAlt+N
Open FileCtrl+O
Open Project SolutionCtrl+Shift+O
Open Server in Object ExplorerAlt+F8
Project - Add Existing ItemShift+Alt+A
Project - Add New ItemCtrl+Shift+A
Project - NewCtrl+Shift+N
Query - Cancel Executing QueryAlt+Break
Query - Display Estimated Execution PlanCtrl+L
Query - ExecuteAlt+X
Query - ExecuteF5
Query - ExecuteCtrl+E
Query - Include Actual Execution Plan (toggle)Ctrl+M
Query - Include Client StatisticsShift+Alt+S
Query - New Query with Current ConnectionCtrl+N
Query - ParseCtrl+F5
Query - Results to FileCtrl+Shift+F
Query - Results to GridCtrl+D
Query - Results To TextCtrl+T
Query - Save AllCtrl+Shift+S
Query - Save queryCtrl+S
Query - Show / Hide Results Pane (toggle)Ctrl+R
Query - Specify Values for Template ParametersCtrl+Shift+M
Query Shortcut - sp_helpAlt+F1
Query Shortcut - sp_lockCtrl+2
Query Shortcut - sp_whoCtrl+1
Search - Incremental SearchCtrl+I
Search - Quick FindCtrl+F
Search - Quick LaunchCtrl+Q
Search - Quick ReplaceCtrl+H
Search - Repeat Last SearchF3
Search - Repeat Last SearchShift+F3
Search - Replace in FilesCtrl+Shift+H
Tools - Add and Remove Help ContentCtrl+Alt+F1
Tools - Codes Snippets ManagerCtrl+K,Ctrl+B
Tools - Design Query in EditorCtrl+Shift+Q
Tools - Insert SnippetCtrl+K,Ctrl+X
Tools - Resource CenterCtrl+Alt+F2
Tools - Trace Query in SQL Server ProfilerCtrl+Alt+P
Window - Activity MonitorCtrl+Alt+A
Window - Bookmark ExplorerCtrl+K,Ctrl+W
Window - Error ListCtrl+,Ctrl+E
Window - Object ExplorerF8
Window - Object Explorer DetailsF7
Window - OutputCtrl+Alt+O
Window - Properties WindowF4
Window - Registered ServersCtrl+Alt+G
Window - Solution ExplorerCtrl+Alt+L
Window - Task ListCtrl+Alt+K
Window - Template ExplorerCtrl+Alt+T
Window - ToolboxCtrl+Alt+X
Window - Web BrowserCtrl+Alt+R

Note: The list was put together using SSMS version 17.9.1.

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