Spotify Premium Apk


Spotify apk is free on Android mobile andtablet. Listen to the amazing music, wherever you are.

With Spotify, you can:. •Have access to a world of music . •Listen to artists and albums. •Create your own playlist of your favorite songs. Want to discover new music? Choose aready-made playlist that suits your mood or get personalized recommendations.

Spotify Premium APK FAQs

Listen for free on mobile, tablet or pc. • Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode. • Play any song, any time, anywhere. Spotify Premium apk features. • Play any song, any time on any device--mobile, tablet, or yourcomputer. •Easy to operate- Just search for the music and click play. • Download music for offline listening. Enjoy anywhere you are. • Enjoy better sound quality than ever.

Reasons to Subscribe to Spotify Premium

Spotify MOD APK for Android

  • • No ads – just uninterrupted music. • No commitment - cancel any time you like.
  • You can enjoy 30 free trial before deciding to upgrade to Premium. Why upgrade to Spotify Premium?
  • When studying and dancing, you won’t be interrupted byads. •Lots of different music, instantly. Hear any song you want. •Enjoy offline mode.
  • Listen to songs without wasting your data. •Protect your ears. Premium packs more sound quality intosongs.
  • Why get Spotify Premium apk for Family? Always $14.99, the more people you add, the moreyou save.
  • •Individual accounts. No need to worry about tantrums. •Keep your playlists. Upgrade and save your music and get specialrecommendations.
  • •Super simple bill. Low price is ready for you and up to fivefamily members. Will we get regular Premium apk, or alight version?

To Sum Up

  • You will get regular Premium, with allPremium benefits.
  • Listen to your tunes on-demand, ad-free and offline. How does the bill work?
  • Do we split thecost? Only one simple bill every month to coverthe whole family. It’s always $14.99 for you and up to 5 people. For eachperson, it’s less than $3 every month.
  • Can I add friends too? It is special discount for family. So youneed to live at the same address. Spotify, as well as its Spotify Premium APK version, is the best-known music streaming service in the world.
  • It is an app that boasts 60 million subscribers and over 15 million subscribers to the paid version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you listen to music, it is very likely that you are already aware of the huge catalog available on the platform. Any Spotify app user is aware of the limitations of the Spotify Free version, the worst of which is the advertising break every 6 songs.

In this article, we will see how to download the Spotify Premium Free version that bypasses the limitation of advertising and allows you to take advantage of all the features.


Without further ado, let’s begin our journey of finding out how to have Spotify Premium free for life on Android. For my part, I couldn’t be more ready …. Spotify Free is the free version of Spotify.

What Exactly Is A Spotify Premium Apk?

It’s an extremely boring version… You get annoying ads all the time, you can’t even listen to the song you want, etc. In short, using Spotify Free is like being tortured rather than listening to good, calming, and entertaining music.

How to Install Spotify Premium APK?

To solve this problem and be spared from Spotify Free, you need to use the Premium version: Spotify Premium. This version gives you access to all the features of Spotify: you have a much better sound quality, you listen to the songs of your choice, you are not limited in terms of the listening time of the songs, etc.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Here is what Spotify Premium will give you:. Download music / songs and listen offline – With Spotify Premium you can download your favorite songs and listen to them when you are not connected to the internet.

Key Features of Spotify Premium MOD APK

Premium sound quality – Each song is available in three sound qualities ( Normal, High, and Extreme ). The best quality is arguable “Extreme”, in which the music spins at 320 kilobits per second, which makes your music listening experience much more enjoyable.

No more ads – Spotify Premium saves you from annoying Spotify Free ads. You will no longer be interrupted by commercials while listening to your songs.


Listening to the songs of your choice – Unlike the Free version, the Premium version of Spotify allows you to listen to the songs of your choice, and your song listening time is no longer limited. We list the features available with this version:. The most requested feature: disable ads while listening to music on Spotify.


Ads Audio, Ads Video, and third-party ads will be disabled. You will then be able to listen to your music ad-free. An unlimited number of song skips. No root access to the device is required to use Spotify APK for free. This allows you to listen to streaming music in high quality, significantly higher than the Free version.

Download Spotify MOD APK v8.7.16.1354

To allow listening to any song or to choose a random order from a playlist. Enable Repeat for a single song or an entire playlist. Allows you to go back and forth between tracks. Seek – or the ability to jump to any point of the song.

How to Install Spotify Premium for free on Android?

Allows the use of Spotify Connect. As usual, on Twitgoo, I will organize this part in the form of steps. All you have to do is follow the various steps carefully to have Spotify Premium free for life on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Other Music Streaming Platforms vs. Spotify

Step 1 – First uninstall Spotify if it is already installed on your smartphone. If you have the official Spotify app or another modified version of Spotify, try to uninstall it.

Step 2 – Download the modified Spotify APK (very reliable) which will allow you to have Spotify Premium free for life on Android. Click the button below to download it:. Latest versions of Spotify Premium APK Mod:.


Pro tip – “Don’t forget to come back to this article from time to time to download new versions of Spotify APK.”. Step 3 – If you haven’t already, enable Unknown Sources on your Android smartphone to allow the installation of APK type applications.

Final Words

Usually, to activate Unknown Sources, this is done in the Security settings of your Android smartphone. Step 4 – Click on the APK file you just downloaded to start installing Spotify Premium Mod.

Spotify Premium Subscription Plans

Once the installation is complete, open the app and sign in to your account. Once logged into your account, if you receive a message asking you to take advantage of 30 days free for Spotify Premium, do not be seduced, click without hesitation on “NO THANKS“.


And there you have it… You now have Spotify Premium on your Android smartphone, which you can use for free without paying any subscription. All Premium features are now available to you!

Why use Spotify Premium APK instead of Spotify Free?

Important Note – Spotify fights against the use of modified applications and has set up a system for detecting accounts that use such applications.


If Spotify happens to detect your account (although the chances of that happening are minimal), you will receive a warning message by email, and if you continue to use the modified applications, your account will be permanently deactivated.


But it’s not that bad because you will always have the option to create a new account.

Features Of Spotify Premium Apk

Note that if this happens to you (deactivation of your account), Twitgoo is not responsible for it. While you have and always will have the right and opportunity to submit your concerns about this article to us in the comments section, we will endeavor to clearly answer some frequently asked questions regarding premium Spotify Mod.

This happens when you are in a country where the Spotify service is not available. To resolve this issue, you need to change your country of residence in your Spotify account settings from a browser (on the official Spotify website).

Benefits Of Spotify Premium Apk

Follow these few steps to find out how:. Clear the cache of the Spotify application, and use a VPN to simulate your presence in a country supported by Spotify (United States, France, Canada, etc.), I recommend the free VPN TouchVPN or one of these 5 best free VPNs for Android.

Go to the official Spotify website ( ) and log into your account.


Once logged in, click on the menu icon (the three horizontal bars located at the top right), then click on Account. Scroll down and you will see the “Edit Profile” button, click on it. At the Country level, choose the country to which you connected with the VPN.

Now that it’s done, click on “ Save Profile ” to save the changes. There you go… You can now log into your account without any problem.

When you log out of your account and want to log back in, remember to use a VPN connection in the country that you put in your account settings.

  1. This little problem occurs when you have traveled or moved to a country other than the one defined in your Spotify account settings.
  2. To solve this problem is really very easy.
  3. If the Spotify service is available in the country where you are now, go to your account settings from a web browser to change your old country to the new country.

If the Spotify service is not available there, use a VPN to simulate your presence in your old country or in another country where the Spotify service is available.

Yes, it’s normal. The modified Spotify app that we have offered you in this article will not allow you to download music to listen to them offline.
This is the only Premium feature that does not work with the app you downloaded in this article (Spotify Premium Mod).

Why it does not work? Quite simply because this functionality can be used on the server-side.