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"I hate Spotify ads, they come up often whenever I am immersed in beautiful songs. I understand it is a limitation of the Spotify freemium service. But I can't really afford the monthly Spotify premium. Can I hack Spotify PC version on my Windows PC?" - Question from Kendall Torres. As of April 2019, Spotify, which is one of the most widely used music platforms, has a total of 217 million monthly active users worldwide.

Among them, only 100 million users are paid. That means more than 117 million users didn't pay for the service. That makes sense. Not everyone is made of money. We don't encourage cheating or cracking. But that is one of the money ways for the people who live on a budget to enjoy the same pleasure of Spotify premium songs. As long as it is for personal use only, no one will lose anything. For your interests, we will introduce you to the best way to download Spotify cracked PC version for premium.

And we will share with you an alternative Spotify Premium crack PC tool to do it well.

Previously, we talked about how to get Spotify premium APK for Android/iPhone.

Part 2. Alternative Way to Get Spotify Premium Crack PC Version

It requires you to root your phones. Compared to Spotify Premium cracked version for mobile, Spotify crack PC is easier to use. You don't need to do anything special to download and install the Spotify Premium crack PC on your computer. The only drawback is that few sources provide such downloads. If you have been searching online for a long time, now you don't need to waste time anymore. Just click here to go to the download provider page of the cracked Spotify PC version. After opening the page, you can get Spotify Premium crack PC download.

It's able to download the right version of Spotify Premium free PC. You can choose Spotify Premium cracked for Windows PC, Mac OSX, or Linux based on your computer type. Step 2.And then follow the screen wizard to install Spotify premium for PC to your computer step by step. Next, you can launch the Spotify desktop version and sign in with your free account. This modified version will help you bypass the subscription validation.


Now, you are a paid subscriber. You can use the Spotify Premium PC cracked tool to enjoy Spotify Premium for free.

  • The Spotify cracked PC version has been completely cleansed of any ads.
  • You can enjoy unlimited playlists and downloads on your computer. Your Spotify account may be banned or suspended by using the hacked Spotify PC version.
  • It is not safe because sometimes the downloaded package may come with viruses.
  • It's simple to download Spotify Premium PC crack version with the help of Spotify Premium for PC.
  • But it comes with some risks. Accounts could be banned by Spotify officials.
  • Someone may say why worry about the account, you can just sign up a new one directly in case it is disabled?
  • That is right on one hand. But some users are hesitating when trying to crack Spotify Premium PC version.
  • Honestly, it is really not convenient if your account can't be used.
  • You will lose all the playlists you have curated with a lot of time and energy.
  • These playlists are treasures no one will ever want to lose. So we'd recommend you this 100% safe and easy alternative way to get a cracked Spotify Premium PC download.
  • You can use Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7.
  • Or Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10,10.9, 10.8.
  • Spotify desktop version. Make sure you have installed the Spotify official version on your computer.

Part 1. How to Download Spotify Music for Free

DRmare Spotify Music Converter. DRmare Spotify to Computer Downloaderis one of the best Spotify cracked for PC tools. It is on the top 5 list all the time in the world for its advanced technology and frequent update to crack Spotify PC.

With it, you can batch download and convert Spotify songs with a free account on your computer without any troubles.

  1. It will automatically block ads and keep Spotify songs forever offline.
  2. And then, you can listen to ad-free Spotify music on any device offline.
  3. One of the best Spotify PC crack tools to hack Spotify Premium.

Intuitive interface, easy to import Spotify music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio.

Option 1 Install Spotify++ apk from TutuApp

Support multiple output formats MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, FLAC for download. Remove ads from Spotify songs while keeping the original ID 3 tags, metadata. Archive all the downloaded Spotify tracks on your computer by artist/album. This smart tool is able to get cracked Spotify for Windows and Mac versions.

Part 2. How to Hack Spotify Premium for Free

Now you can follow these 3 steps to download all Spotify tracks and keep on your computer forever via this Spotify cracked for Windows and Mac tool.

Option 2 Install Spotify hacked APK from

It helps you enjoy the Spotify high-quality songs offline without ads even if you have unsubscribed the Spotify premium membership.

Listen to Spotify songs without ads. Download Spotify playlists anytime without any limitations. Enjoy up to 320 Kbps high-quality songs forever. Transfer the downloaded songs to any device for any purpose. You don't need to download Spotify cracked PC version for premium anymore. It charges you some dollars one-time fee for lifetime use.

There are two Spotify cracked PC versions you can find in this article.

Option 3 Download Spotify songs to mp3 and then transfer to Android

Spotify Premium for PC is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It gives Spotify users the ability to get Spotify Premium free. But this free Spotify Premium PC crack tool is unsafe and has some glitches accidentally.

Part 1. How to Get Spotify Cracked Windows via Spotify Premium for PC

DRmare Spotify Music Converter could be the better tool to crack Spotify on Windows and Mac. It works like a Spotify crack PC tool but better than it. With the help of such a tool, you can enjoy offline Spotify music without ads, like using a Spotify Premium.

Sum Up: Spotify Cracked PC for Premium

  • Moreover, you can listen to Spotify songs on all devices and players even without the Spotify app.
  • Anyway, you can test the above two tools separately on your computer. And choose your favorite one to get a cracked Spotify PC version.
  • If you have any questions when using these Spotify crack for PC, please leave them in the comment area.
  • We will give further assistance to you as soon as possible.
  • Do you want to get Spotify premium for free on Android? Here is a Spotify cracked apk for Android that offers you premium features: no ads, on-demand playback.
  • Once installed and log in with your free account, you can play any songs without ads just like using a premium account. Please note thatnone of the Spotify Premium apk has offline playback feature, so when you go somewhere without internet connection, you still can't use the spotify mod apk to play songs.

Part 1. Download Spotify Premium Cracked PC for Windows/Mac/Linux

If you want to get all Spotify premium features for free, please go to Option 3.

  1. Related:How to download and install this Spotify++ on iOS?
  2. August 30, 2019 Update: The mod version is not available, it just download the regular Spotify.
  3. First you need to install TutuApp on your Android.

Open its officialwebsiteon your Android and click Install now.

How to Get Spotify Cracked for Windows

After the apk is downloaded, click install. Now open TutuApp and find Spotify, tap Install. Click Settings and turn on Allow from this source. Then go back and tap Install. These is a hacked Spotify version for Android that allows you to enjoy part Spotify premium features for free: play songs on demand, abroad and no ads. Once installed on your Android phone or tablet, you can play any Spotify songs on demand without a premium account.

Step 5. Choose Output Folder

Step 1:Downloadthelatest Spotify Premium apkfor free. Step 2:The file you downloaded will be in a zip format. Use the built-in file manager or any file explorer of your choice to extract/unzip the file. If you don't have one, try install ES File Explorer. Search and install it from your Android's Application Store. Step 3:Find the downloaded zip and open it with ES Zip Viewer. Then follow the instructions to install Spotify apk.

Step 2. Install and Launch the Software

Step 4:After installation, log in your account and now you can listen to songs on demand without ads. You can also download the Spotify premium apk fromthiswebsite, but this version requires you to create a new account. You can't use your original account. Google Spotify premium apk you will find many websites providing Spotify premium apk download.

However, all these Spotify hacked versions don't support offline playback. It only bring you 2 premium features: play songs on demand and no ads. If you want todownload songs for offline playback, try the third option.

DRmare Spotify Cracked for PC

Besides hacked Spotify app, you can also get free Spotify premium bydownloading Spotify songs to mp3. Then you can play them offline, on demand and without any ads. Here we will introduce a powerfulSpotify music downloaderthat allows you to easily download any Spotify songs, albums and playlists to mp3 -Ondesoft Spotify Converter.

It's available on Mac and Windows. Follow below steps to learn how to get Spotify premium for free bydownloading Spotify music to mp3with Ondesoft Spotify Music Converter.