Renault V6

Clio V6 Phase 1 (2001–2003)[edit]

The Originals Renault Museum is regularly enriched with new vehicles. In October 1998, 7 months after the launch of the second generation of Clio, Renault presented the Clio V6 concept, at the Paris Motor Show, with the aim of surveying public opinion.

The sale of the standard version of Clio V6 kicked off in November 2000. Renault Clio II, just like the first generation, achieved great commercial success. Between 1998 and 2003, it was the best-selling car in France. So Renault decided to develop an ultra-sporty Clio model, with a 3.0 L V6 engine with 226 hp (then 255 hp for the Clio V6 Phase 2). With Clio V6, Renault planned to push the sporty look to the limits. The model had no rear seat, to make space for the V6 engine (a choice already seen with Renault 5 Turbo).

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In acceleration, the roaring of the Clio V6 engine will be music to the ears of aspiring drivers. Sale of Renault Clio V6 began in 2000, just 2 years after the concept was presented at the motor show. To move the design process along faster, the development of the first Clio V6 was assigned to TWR, then owner of the F1 Arrows team.

Later on, production of Clio V6 Phase 2 was brought back to the Renault plant at Dieppe (close to the Channel). Renault Clio V6 boasted an ultra-sporty look, with its pumped up wings, light allow wheel rims and extended wheelbase. The sporty look continued on the inside, with leather and alcantara bucket seats, leather 3-spoke steering wheel and pedals, gear knob and door sills in aluminium. And with Phase 2, Clio V6 got a colour makeover, with a choice of 13 colours to adorn its bodywork.

The first version of Clio V6 was already very sporty (226 hp as a reminder), but Phase 2 took it one step further.

In 2003, Renault increased the engine power to 255 hp, to meet demand from customers wanting sporty engines.

All performances were improved, reaching up to 250 kph (compared with 235 for Phase 1).