Renault Clio V6

The mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive Renault Clio V6 is one of a kind.

The Renault Sport Clio V6 is one of those cars that just seemed to slip through the net. Little other explanation could be given for a major manufacturer letting such a remarkable creation reach the market seemingly unhindered by its bean-counters. We're glad it did though, as Renault Sport's mid-engined marvel was one of the most uniquely appealing cars evo has ever tested at any price.

The V6 Clio's blistered bodywork hid a wider track designed to accommodate its Laguna-sourced, mid-mounted V6, but it might as well have been bursting at the seams trying to contain the Clio's effervescent character.

While early models had a reputation for spikiness on the limit the concept was refined over time and later V6s managed to be both more usable but also better to drive than earlier models. Either generation stands out on the road like few other cars - and rising prices suggest the market hasn't taken long to cotton on to their value as drivers' cars. Here's what made the Renault Clio V6 special.

The Clio V6 made its first appearance in evo way back in issue 007, May 1999. It was our cover star in fact, and we proclaimed it 'the world's smallest supercar'. The term was justifiable: while its engine might have had humble origins behind the nose of the contemporary Renault Laguna, dropping it in the then-compact Clio body gave it strong performance figures. Renault Clio 3.0 V6 24V cat Renault Sport "ESEMPLARE UNICO". Renault CLIO V6 (Orgineel Nederlands geleverde auto).

Renault Clio 3.0 V6 UFF. ITALIANA UNIPRO -TARGATA-NUMERATA ! Renault CLIO 3.0i V6 24v | Fase 1 | nr 1308 | 1 eigenaar |. Renault Clio V6 3.0 RS Phase 1, 21k km / Origineel Nederlands /. Renault Clio Sport Coupe 3.0 V6 Phase I aus 1.

Renault Clio SOLO 6.000km CERTIFICATI -ITALIA 3.0 V6 24V cat 3. Renault Clio 3.0i V6 24v | Fase 1 | nr 1308 | 1 eigenaar |. Renault Clio V6 3.0-24V RS Phase I (230pk) 21.378 km - MINT CON. Harrogate, GBR . Collecting Cars Auction . Somerset, GBR . Collecting Cars Auction . Collecting Cars Auction . 8,092 km (5,028 mi) · Manual · LHD · Highly Original . Mar 22, 2022 23 days ago . Warwickshire, GBR . Collecting Cars Auction . Chippenham, GBR . Collecting Cars Auction .

Leicestershire, GBR .