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A Raptor Product Support Engineer will respond to your email with the correct links for the version your district uses as soon as possible. We will also pass along your information in regard to transitioning away from our legacy product to our current software, Raptor 6.

RAPTOR is written in a combination of C# and A# (a port of Ada to the .NET Framework) and is only supported on Windows. We have experimented with MonoUbuntu. We were able to get RAPTOR running on Ubuntu with some features removed. Here's a zip with all of the files in case you want to try it. The most frequent question I get is if there is a Mac version. We don't have time to develop one, but I've heard that Wine may let you run the Windows version on a Mac.

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Did you know RAPTOR has modes? By default, you start in Novice mode. Novice mode has a single global namespace for variables. Intermediate mode allows you to create procedures that have their own scope (introducing the notion of parameter passing and supports recursion). Object-Oriented mode is new (in the Summer 2009 version)

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RAPTOR is freely distributed as a service to the CS education community. RAPTOR was originally developed by and for the US Air Force Academy, Department of Computer Science, but its use has spread and RAPTOR is now used for CS education in over 30 countries on at least 4 continents. Martin Carlisle is the primary maintainer, and is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University.