Rainbow Six Resident Evil

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a brand-new rookie for its roster, and he is no stranger to fighting for survival in a first-person shooter. Kennedy, one of the main heroes in the Resident Evil series, is making his way into Rainbow Six Siege through a new skin. Kennedy” Lion Elite Skin is available now and puts Raccoon City’s newest recruit in the middle of the action.

The Lion’s Elite Set brings with it the Leon S. Kennedy uniform, headgear, victory dance, and Drone gadget skin to outfit you in all things Kennedy. The set also adds weapon skins for the in-game V308, 417, SG-CQB, P9, LFP86, and lets you attach a new Resident Evil Elite Lion Charm to one of your guns. THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY. Related: Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Pre-Season Designer's Notes Reveals Big Upcoming Changes.

This Resident Evil crossover arrives after the reveal of Siege’s Year Six, called Crystal Guard.

This coming update will introduce a new operator to the game, Osa. Osa will join the roster as an attacker and also as Siege's first trans character. The Crystal Guard update will also bring some new features to the game, including a complete rebuild of maps The Bank, Coastline, and Clubhouse to add new balancing, lighting, sound, and environmental destruction. The update will also enhance the customization process with players being able to combine Operator's headgear and outfits.

This crossover is not the first for Rainbow Six Siege, which has seen quite a few in its six-year existence. While the game generally crosses over with other Tom Clancy titles, like Splinter Cell, the Resident Evil crossover comes a few months after Siege introduced a Rick and Morty crossover. This crossover offered a few Rick and Morty inspired outfits in the in-game store. This is also not the first time that characters from the Resident Evil series have made their way into other franchises.

A crossover between Resident Evil and popular horror game Dead by Daylight occurred earlier this year. This crossover introduced a brand-new chapter to Dead by Daylight that saw Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine try to outsmart the relentless Nemesis in a map that was inspired by the Raccoon City Police Department. Next: You Don't Have To Evolve Your Sinnoh Starter This Time. The Witcher 4 Needs To Have Women With More Than One Body Type . 31st May 2021 14:49. Kennedy is taking some time away from the Racoon City Police Department and shooting up zombies in Resident Evil for a trip into the world of Rainbow 6.

While Leon has been a staple of the video game scene since his introduction in 1998's Resident Evil 2, he's branched out into a completely different franchise.

2021 is a massive one for Resident Evil, with it marking 25 years since Capcom released the first game.

Alongside the release of Resident Evil Village and the upcoming drop of RE:Verse, there's the previously teased Rainbow Six crossover.

While we already knew Zofia would be getting a makeover to look like Jill Valentine, Leon is the latest Resi favourite to make the leap.