Putt Putt Computer Game Download

Mini Golf Stars is Window's Premier Golf Game! Download this Free to Play Golfing Extravaganza, with 3 types of game play and over 300 unique holes. It will have you sinking putts and earning stars for hours! SEE & FEEL THE SENSATION OF A REAL GOLF GAME Smooth and Precise touch controls let you feel the greens and sink that clutch birdie putt to earn 3 STARS.

Each Star you earn helps you unlock the 100+ holes and gain power ups! WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT While its simple to play, it's hard to master.

Learn to master the putt putt courses with an innovative 3 star scorecard. There are no rules, no clubs, and no wimps allowed in MiniGolf Stars! Play on beautiful beaches, over aired desert sands, and learn to master challenging obstacles, slopes, turns, jumps, and ramps!

FEATURES: • 1 of a Kind Putt Putt Golf Scoring System. • Over 300 Unique Holes that Range in Difficulty from Easy to Nearly Impossible.

• Enabled With Facebook and Twitter • Gorgeous 3D environments. Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GameMasons CONTACT: Please Rate Fairly - If you have any improvements or words to share about the game, please drop us a line at [email protected] - We really want to hear what you have to say!

Purple Car Lands on the Moon! Due to a freak accident at the Fireworks Factory, Putt-Putt is blasted to the moon.

Putt-Putt’s® Fun House

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