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Guide to Import Symbol Arts Introduction. If you ever find yourself in the need of importing your Symbol Arts from previous versions of PSO2 before Steam, or you find a cool Symbol Art online but you don’t know how to import it in the game, this is the right guide for you! Fiding Your Folders. First you need to locate where your pso2 folder is.

SAR files are simple structures that are encrypted with Blowfish with a 32-bit key and optionally compressed with PRS and a 0x95 XOR.

Starting out

All sar files start with the magic ASCII string sar and, at position 0x03, either the byte 0x84 or 0x04.

Decrypting and Decompressing

SAR files are always encrypted. Unlike Blue Burst, PSO2 does not use special P/S tables for Blowfish, and uses the full number of rounds.

  1. Initialize Blowfish cipher with 32-bit key [0x09, 0x07, 0xc1, 0x2b](TK is this correct?)
  2. Decrypt the maximum multiple of 8 bytes, starting from 0x04 in the SAR buffer to the end. e.g. if the size of the sar file is 36 bytes, decrypt the last 32 bytes in the file. If it is 37 bytes, decrypt everything except the first 4 bytes and the last byte. The trailing bytes will show up as plaintext in the file if you examine it with a Hex editor. Yes, it's that broken. (If it's compressed, you'll see 0x95 at the end probably)

Now, if the 0x03 byte (flag) is 0x84, that means the buffer is still compressed. If it is 0x04, it is not compressed, so skip these steps.

  1. XOR every byte in the buffer from 0x04 to the end by 0x95.
  2. PRS decompress the buffer.

Pso2 Symbol Art Editor Na

Pso2 explicit symbol art

The inner payload

Here is a Rust struct example representing the payload.

Pso2 Symbol Art Download

Pso2 Symbol Art Download

Lewd Pso2 Symbol Art


Symbol Art Creator Pso2

A layer is 4 vertices representing a quad of two triangles. These are drawn as a triangle strip with a square symbol texture indexed by the symbol field. It is colorized using the color field. The lower the layer number, the higher in the stack; so when drawing, draw from the last layer first and go backwards.