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Pocketown is an unofficial video game that’s openly inspired by the Pokemon saga, especially, at the aesthetic level, the Sun and Moon editions. Your main aim here is the same as in its console counterparts. Subscribe For more videos. GAMES SHOWN IN THIS VIDEO 1. Pokemon ash gray: Pokemon.

Overview of Game


3d Pc Games Free Download

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Do you love Pikachu? Or the fighting between different Pokémon? Want to use their powers to win battles and upgrade them in a 3D world specially designed for you? So here is the Pokken Tournament for you! A game with endless fights also nominated as the Best Fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment for your PC’s containing MS Windows, Mac OS, Play Stations, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and more. The director Haruki Suzaki brings you a game similar to the series of Pokémon as it was released on 16th July 2015 for you to enjoy all the Pokémon’s from the series on your PC.

Pokken Tournament Gameplay Trailer

Pokkén Tournament Gameplay

This Arcade game brings twenty three different type of Pokémon characters for you to play with each having their own skills and their own unique powers to shoot the enemy with unexpected and highly damaging blows. This fighting game is performed against other Pokémon’s shifting between Field Stone where these Pokémon’s move simultaneously to each other and also takes on the Tekken Storm. Since the game is mainly focused on the actions and arcade gameplay, it allows both the hardcore gamers and arcade lovers to enjoy the game making it available for all ages.

This game contains all the techniques from the real Pokémon animated series focusing on the special Pokémon moves and allowing you to upgrade your Pokémon by using the Synergy Gauge to connect two Pokémon of same type and make them grow. You can have two types of battles either friendly battles online with your friends or cruel battles with your opponents making them loose their points. The players are divided into a team of 3 players letting you play 3 on 3 fights, so become the master of Pokémon and win the battles!

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Pokken Tournament System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7(64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
RAM: Required 4 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia 660Ti (DX11) or equivalent
Hard Drive: Need 15 GB Free Space
Pokemon 3d game free download

Pokemon 3d Pc Download

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