Pdf Reader For Windows 10

How To Download PDF Reader for Windows 10 for Free

Features of the PDF Reader

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What is Smallpdf?

Operating System Requirements

Why Download Smallpdf’s PDF Reader for Windows 10

It also comes with tools to convert, compress, and modify PDFs. Are you looking to download the very best PDF reader for your Windows 10 machine?

We have just the solution. Smallpdf features the most comprehensive PDF tool suite on the market, including a new and revamped PDF reader.

Our brand new Windows 10 PDF reader features lighting-fast loading and clutter-free navigation for you to view PDF documents with ease—offline.

Different Use Cases for the PDF Reader


Click the ‘Download App’ button at the top. And that is all there is.

Enjoy your new PDF reader. We’re the most popular online PDF software, intending to make PDF easy for everyone. Since our launch back in 2013, we have created more than 20 different online PDF tools to convert, compress, and modify PDF documents.

A total of 500 million people have used our service over the year, and we’ve been hard at work to improve our service for those in need continuously.

In turn, we’ve branched out to process other file formats, including Word, JPG, and even Excel spreadsheets. And with our new PDF reader for Windows 10—we aim to enable an even more streamlined digital document workflow.