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Our entire culture has changed and evolved since the introduction of the modern smartphone, but one of our favorite aspects about the transition to smart-devices was the ability to stop relying on so much paper in our life.

Suddenly, documents no longer needed to be shared in print copies, which could cost thousands of dollars a month for large companies dealing with huge amounts of paper, printers, and ink cartridges.

Instead of being forced to carry hard copies of important files, notes, and documents around your workplace or home—risking both misplacing and damaging your paperwork—you can keep every possible document you could ever need inside one single device, be it a phone, a tablet, or a laptop. You can even upload those documents to the cloud, allowing them to be accessed, edited, and shared in real-time from anywhere around the globe.

Also consider these PDF readers for Android

And while most have decided on a single file type for our documents—the universally accessible PDF, or Portable Document Format—the apps we use to read these documents are a bit less universal. Once search on the Google Play Store for a PDF reader will reveal the ultimate truth about PDF reader apps: there are hundreds of them available for sale today, and a lot of them aren’t worth your time.

It’s truly difficult to tell which ones are worth downloading and which ones aren’t, and that’s where we come in. We’ve tried and tested more than a dozen different PDF applications to find out which app on the Play Store you should download to keep on your phone or tablet, and less than half of the apps we tested made the cut. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your documents organized on the go for school, work, or home, these are the PDF apps that will keep you and your phone happy throughout the work week.

These are the best PDF readers for Android. Adobe is the thought leader behind the Portable document Format (PDF) file type, developed by the company in the 1990s to be an application-, software-, hardware-, and operating system-agnostic document viewer.

  • Since then, it’s the universally accepted way for people to share fixed documentation, no matter their technological affiliation.
  • The company later developed the ability to edit PDFs using various Adobe software.
  • Licensing prices prohibited some people from accessing PDF. This need evolved into a free Adobe tool for the purpose of viewing, saving, and searching within a PDF without paying a software licensing fee.
  • Android users are among those able to use this convenient, free way of viewing and sharing PDFs.
  • In today’s world, working with PDFs is inevitable in both business and personal settings.

View, edit, sign, and leave comments on PDF documents on the go

PDFs are the file type of choice for everything from applications to contracts and other official documents. Anyone with a mobile device who wants the ability to efficiently access and view PDFs on-the-go, will want to check out Adobe Reader DC for Android. Business professionals use Adobe PDFs for countless document types. Personal uses abound as well and could include summer camp forms, job applications, mortgage and home ownership documentation, legal contracts, medical records, etc.

People trust and use this file type because a PDF carries a level of professional credibility.

  • The frequency of which people interact with PDFs is the best reason to have an Adobe-specific app.
  • Adobe Reader DC is a free app for your Android device, giving you the ability to work with PDFs anywhere, anytime.
  • While standing in line to get coffee, scan through a work contract. While commuting home on the train, review the details of the rental lease you’re about to sign.

Portability is key here and Adobe Reader DC for Android delivers.With the Adobe Reader DC app, users can open and view PDF documents quickly, search within the document for specific verbiage, scroll through the document, and zoom in and out.

  • Users can interact with the PDF as well by comment directly on the document using drawing tools or sticky notes, highlight text, and view and reply to other comments within the PDF.


You can even receive notifications for files you have personally shared or documents shared with you which contain pending actions. Reviewing and signing a PDF has never been easier with Adobe Reader DC’s signature capability. Once you are ready to share your PDF, simply create a customized link and send via email, or collaborate directly within the app. Adobe Reader DC works seamlessly with other Adobe apps such as Adobe Scan, where users can scan important documents, and work on them within Adobe Reader DC.

Within the Reader app, users can view their PDFs in three different modes: fit to screen, continuous scroll, and reflow.

  • Perhaps one of the biggest efficiencies gained by using the Adobe Reader DC app is that Android users (and other Reader app users) can work on PDFs together within the app itself, avoiding incessant email attachments.
  • It’s important to note that the Adobe Reader DC app for Android, while convenient and free, has limited PDF capabilities.
  • The ability to edit fields, format documents, etc. is only available with an upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

The basic Reader DC app is free, with in-app purchases available, including Acrobat Pro DC.The app is fast, easy to navigate, and makes viewing and annotating PDFs on-the-go much easier.

  • The interface itself is well organized and clean in appearance.

Decided for a Kindle? This guide will help you upload PDFs.

The download is very fast, getting Android users up to speed in no time. Adobe’s Privacy Policy is similar to that of other large tech companies. Adobe uses personal information to provide users with specialized, targeted websites, apps, and other products or services. They use cookies to track the use of their website and apps. Adobe shares personal information within the Adobe family, outside advertising and sales companies, and third-party companies.

Overall, Adobe is a reputable and trustworthy company, with policies in line with industry standards.

  • Users can feel confident downloading and using Adobe products.
  • Adobe Reader DC is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.
  • Reader is a 71.24 MB download. It is available in over 25 languages.

There are many app alternatives for Android users with PDF needs.

  • While Acrobat Reader DC is the most common software for this need, other options include Xodo PDF Reader & Editor, Foxit PDF Reader & Converter, and Google PDF Viewer.

Best Tablets for Reading PDF

Google PDF Viewer, Acrobat Reader DC’s biggest competitor, is the official Android PDF viewer so Android users may naturally opt for this app. Google fans will prefer the ability to integrate with Google Drive by using their PDF Viewer app. The app does not display ads. Google PDF Viewer app will prompt users with the choice to open a PDF within that app after you click the document to open.

However, you cannot simply go into the PDF Viewer app itself which is a drawback.

  • The program also will not save your spot. The process of transferring PDFs into Google Books is painstaking and long, making this integration feature not worth it.
  • It’s no surprise that the native Adobe app is the clear winner in this comparison.
  • If you ever find yourself needing to open, view, sign, or share a PDF, the Acrobat Reader DC app for Android is the way to go.

Being of the publisher Adobe itself, it is optimized to open and navigate your important PDFs with ease.

  • Download this app if you are an Android user with the need to access, edit, share, and comment PDF documents from your mobile device.

Features to check for when purchasing tablets for PDF Reading

Integrates with other Adobe products. Quickly view, search, sign, and share PDFs. Collaborate within the app, avoiding excessive email attachments. Free version does a great job with the basics. Limited functionality for extensive PDF operations. Cannot edit PDFs with Reader version.

The best PDF readers for Android make it simple and easy to manage PDF files on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to edit, annotate, merge, and more.

  • While it's possible to read PDF files already using Android devices, for most people that's about all they can do with them.
  • If you want to do anything more with PDFs then you'll almost certainly need to install additional software to your Android device.
  • Luckily, there are a lot of different PDF apps available, which allow all sorts of additional functions and features to be opened up.

This includes the ability to edit PDF files, which can be invaluable for users.

  • Other features might include the ability to annotate PDF files as well as print them out, or even insert forms and similar for really user-interactive PDF files.


While Adobe Acrobat might be the first app people might think of, not least because it was Adobe who originally developed the PDF format, there are also other PDF apps well worth looking at. So to help you make a decision, here's a round up of the best in Android PDF apps that we could find. We've also highlighted the best free PDF editors.

  • The best PDF editor right now is: Adobe Acrobat Pro DCNeed to edit a PDF, not just view it?It's not free, but for professional results, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the tool for you.
  • It gives you total freedom to create PDFs from scratch and edit existing documents without fuss, on desktop or mobile. The best overall PDF reader for Android. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most powerful PDF apps. Even the basic free version offers more than enough functionality for most situations, and excellent document compatibility means you should be able to view even the most complex of PDFs as it was meant to be seen.
  • Open a PDF from the web or share a document from another app and Acrobat Reader quickly displays it in a simple viewer. You're able to scroll around the document, zoom in and out or use simple searches, and everything works more or less exactly as you would expect.
  • Advanced features in the paid-for version include form filling and signing, and you're able to annotate files, highlight text, plus you can add and manage PDF comments.
  • The app is designed to work with many other Adobe services and products.
  • Some of these are free, including cloud storage when you sign up for an Adobe account, and the OCR-powered Adobe Scan app which enables using your device as a PDF scanner, turning receipts, business cards, whiteboards and anything else into searchable, editable PDFs.

Our take

The commercial extensions aren't always such good value. Converting files to and from PDF, reordering and rotating pages, are functions that other tools often do for free. Still, you don't have to sign up, and the free app delivers all the viewing functionality that many users will need. A powerful PDF app for Android. Xodo PDF Reader stands out from the underpowered masses for the range and depth of its feature set.

  • Despite its name, the app isn't just about PDF reading: you can also create new PDFs via your camera, from images or Office documents.
  • You can fill in, save and send PDF forms, or highlight text and add annotations of your own.
  • It's even possible to collaborate on your document with others via Xodo's connect service (no registration required).
  • Supporting features include smart integration with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.
  • That's not just about providing an easy way to import documents from the cloud: Xodo can also automatically sync your edits with the source file, ensuring it always has the very latest version.

There's another neat extra in Xodo's File Manager.

Thumbnail previews and a Recent Files list give you speedy access to the documents you need, and you're able to freely rename, copy, move or delete any documents.

The core PDF viewing engine is what really matters, though, and Xodo's creation works very well.

High zoom factors, page cropping and a full-screen mode help you focus on the content, Night Mode makes for comfortable reading in darker environments and versatile search tools and table of contents support enables drilling down to key areas of the file.