Nvidia Crosshair Overlay

The following contents show you how to disable NVIDIA overlay including in-game overlay, share overlay, share notification overlay, instant replay overlay and status indicator overlay. You can visit MiniTool Partition Wizard website to learn more details about NVIDIA overlay.

The overlay is the cover interface (icon to be exactly) that a program puts on top of another program. A great many of graphics apps and voice chat applications generate overlays to improve its users’ experience, especially their experience in gaming. NVIDIA GeForce Experience overlay is a mini toolbar that appears when you are gaming. Through the overlay, you can access the main features of GeForce Experience app.

However, sometimes, the overlays produce bad experience to people instead of the good one. They consume bandwidth as well as bring compatibility issues to certain programs. In such situation, you need to turn off the overlays. You will carry out the following operations in Nvidia GeForce Experience software, which is a platform including game optimization settings, video drivers as well as automatic updates.