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  • 13th Apr 2021 10:15. "Legend" has it, we're getting ready to return to the Age of Mythology franchise in a big way.
It seems like an eternity since we worshipped Ra with pyramids, toured the River Styx with Zeus, and swung our hammers at Odin, however, the Age of Empires spinoff could be coming back in a big way.
By the time Age of Mythology came out in 2002, the AoE series was already going strong (having first hit PCs in 1997).
Following the original game's release, there was the Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion in 2003, the release of Age of Mythology: Extended Edition on Steam in 2014, and a final expansion with Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon in 2016.

Age of Mythology

Relic Entertainment is preparing to slash its way into the long-running Age of Empires franchise with Age of Empires IV in 2021, but it turns out, this isn't the only Age of title in its sights. Related: Neopets Reportedly Wants To Bring The Game To Nintendo Switch.

Age of Empires IV is looking so good, the textures are crystal clear, solid animations, literally can't wait for it!But deep in my heart, I miss the Age of Mythology series, a reboot or even new gods, mythical creatures would be great!

Speaking to PC Gamer, Franchise Creative Director Adam Isgreen explained, "I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I have not forgotten about Age of Mythology.

It comes up all the time". Although there was nothing to announce just yet, Isgreen continued, "Stay tuned. We have not forgotten about it.

I love Age of Mythology. I love mythology in general. We love the franchise. We're not pretending it's not there or anything like that. The obvious question now is, what could be on the way? An easy sell would be a Definitive Edition version of the game that would overhaul the now-dated graphics and bring Mythology up to date for next-gen systems.

Elsewhere, what about an official sequel as Age of Mythology II?

As the God of War games has shown, there's plenty of mythology out there that players can explore over multiple games. We're leaning toward the idea of a sequel instead of just updating the OG Age of Mythology, but then again, that would take a lot more work. Age of Mythology is one of my favorite games ever!!! If they bring it back, I would love it!

To be fair, they should do something with AoM but in console too 👀. Looking at the Age of Empires franchise as a whole, all of the mainline games have already been released as Definitive Editions - which further amps up the idea Age of Mythology could get the same treatment.

This was doubled down by a comment from Senior Executive Producer Michael Mann, who added, "Absolutely we know.
We're listening.
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