Multisim For Mac

Multisim was initially called Electronics Workbench and created by a company called Interactive image Technologies. It is a professional level SPICE simulation program and circuit design software for analogue, digital, and power electronics for education and research. Tag: multisim for mac Top 4 EDA Circuit Simulators Hi friends, Today we will talk about the most important tool for an electronics engineer “A Circuit Simulator”.

Is Multisim Available For Mac

Download Multisim Trial Instructions:

Filename: Download_Multisim_Trial_Instructions

Go to:

Click the [GET STUDENT DOWNLOAD] on the right side of the window about ¼ down from the top.

This will start the downloading of the file: file into your Downloads folder.
The file is about 770 Mbytes and will take about 20 minutes if you have high speed internet.

Once the file is downloaded, right click and Extract All Files.
You can use the download folder or extract them to a folder of your choise.


Once the files are extracted, change directories to the folder containing the extracted file and
Double click the Readme_eng.html file for information about the Multisim program and issues with installing Multisim 14.1

Run the autorun application program. This will install Multisim for you.

The splash screen will appear and select: Install NI Circuit Design Suite 14.1

Download multisim for mac

Select Install Product for Evaluation
Uncheck “Search for updates”
Accept License Agreement if you want to use the software.
Installation begins
When asked to install the ELVISmx Software click Cancel
If ready restart Computer
Go to the Start Menu and find “NI Multisim 14.1” and execute it.
It gives you a 7 days trial period and asks if you want to extend.
Login to your NI account or make an account using your .edu mail ID
It should be extended and start Multisim ready for use.
Begin the Procedure Procedure.


Multisim For Mac Free Download

It is true we have a site license for NI software. Faculty can create an account with NI and by using their email address can activate NI software for use off campus. The UNM license is for use on campus only as stated in the NI license agreement. The off campus agreement don’t include students.

Multisim is currently only available for installation on Windows operating systems. Multisim can not be installed on Mac OS X or Linux. This is from NI see

Check this for MAC and Linux users.