Mitsubishi Fr Configurator 2 Software

Part No: FR-Configurator (244019), Brand: Mitsubishi, Model: FR-ConfiguratorCommissioning software for FR 700 series inverters.

For users who have problems with the quality and reliability of the inverter, DGT (S. Brasil) offers a solution that is a typical representative of reliable software for all FR series models.The FR 1000 and FR 500 software is intended for putting DVB-S receivers into operation and their subsequent professional tuning.

In addition, the F1000 software allows you to create a new program for this receiver under the required equipment, and configure the parameters for future reception of DVB channels.The new generation of FR 900 and F1000 remote controls are equipped with touch screens.

There have been a lot of people texting to asking to upload FR-Configurator2 software because there are almost no online searches.

So today I would like to share with all of Mitsubishi’s latest FR-Configurator2 Full CD. This package includes the following software:. + FR-Configurator SW3: Used for inverters A700, D700, E700, F700.

  • + FR-Configurator2 1.03D. + FR-Configurator2 1.13P. + FR-Configurator2 1.15R. >>> FR-Configurator2 software is used to configure all A-800 Series and A-8 Series inverters.
  • FR-Configurator2 V1.15R is the latest version to support Mitsubishi’s latest inverter models.
  • To configure the Offline drive, select the following path: Tool >> Developer.
  • >>> Link Download Software ( GoogleDrive – Easy for Download ).
  • Note: If you only need to work with older inverter models such as A700, D700, E700, F700, please download the FR-Configurator SW3 software because it is very lightweight.
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