Microsoft Pdf Editor

****** PLEASE NOTE ****** • The app does not support windows 10S. • My PDF Editor is a really PDF editor.You can detect exactly which sections, words or phrases you want to edit.

  1. And you can change pages by clicking on the list on the left.

  2. • The save function only saves in the application specific format, however you can "export" the document to a file in PDF format.

  3. • It can edit and read many types of documents. such as Adobe PDF, Miicrosoft DOCX DOC XLSX XLS PPTX PPT VSD , WPS document and so on. • Because the program needs to load all the pages before displaying,So when loading multiple pages or big files, it will be slower and need to wait patiently for a while.Thank you for your patience.

  4. My PDF Editor is a powerful editor for Adobe PDF. It is Safety, steady and efficient. The biggest advantage is the ability to edit and export PDF files.

Such as edit PDF text, drawing a straight line, drawing ovals, drawing rectangles and so on. It can be used as a PDF reader and also includes functions of a PDF editor.