Mhxx Dlc English Full Patch


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Jun 25, 2018
MHXX DLC English Patch Fully Translated by Klark
>>>>Update Jan. 10, 2022<<<<
Added 2 Extra Event Quests
[MHXX DLC English Patcher (PC Method)]
*You can use the alternative method if you dont have a PC.
New Link:
Q: How to use?
A: Instructions:
1. Extract the zip file anywhere on your computer.
2. Put your save file (system) on the same folder of the patcher.
3. Open mhxx_qestare.exe
4. Press 適用 to apply
5. copy your save file back to mhxx save folder of Citra or restore save file using Checkpoint on your 3ds Console
[MHXX DLC English Savefile (Alternative method )(PC/Mobile)]
New Link:
*Will overwrite your existing savedata. sa make sure to backup your savefile
Q: How to install and preserve my character save data?
A: Launch MHXX Game then continue the character save slot you want to preserve: Then minimize put Citra on background (Note: Do not close Citra) then go to this folder "citra-emu/sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/00000000000000000000000000000000/00000000000000000000000000000000/extdata/00000000/00001971/user/" then replace the save file (System). then maximize/resume your citra application. Your character should still be there. Now go to the bed and save to overwrite the DLC save file with your save file.
*The DLC will still be there even if you overwrite the save file.
[For (3DS Consoles)]
backup your save file using Checkpoint. copy the save file to the save data location of citra on your phone or PC then follow the instructions above. then restore the save file using Checkpoint.
also need this code to bypass the incorrect quest data when playing multiplayer
[Custom Quest Multiplayer Bypass]
004518E8 E3A06001
00451BE8 E3A00001
DLC Screenshots:
Guild Event Quests:
Arena Challenge Quests:
Most of the Quest are from MHGU counterpart
also have 4 USJ Quest from MHGen
USJ: Flames of Savagery
USJ: Dance of Dreams,
USJ: Blazing Thunder,
USJ: Frost and Fire
I manually translated these Quests using google translate except the Gudetama DLC in which I had a professional help from a Japanese guy;
Hunting Quest:
Sanrio: Gudetama, Let's Do it
Capcom: Burning Spirits
Sanrio: Embraced by the Flames of Guren
USJ: Double Rondo of Illusion
USJ: Speed of the Shooting Star
Hunter X Hunter: The Last Exam
USJ: Storm on Sacred Mountain
Prowler Quest
Sanrio: Gudetama, Let's Do it-nyaa
USJ: Raging Horns