Melsoft Mr Configurator 2 Software

MR-Configurator.2 is software used to configure, install and fix Mitsubishi J3 / J4 / JE Servo types . Although GX-Works.3 software has integrated this software! But today I share so that you want to use only software MR-Configurator.2 . Installation video tutorial (Download link at the end of the article) :.

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Installation instructions for images :. + Step 1 : Firstly ! You download the software and extract it. +2 : We need to install the previous version of MR-Configurator2 V1.10L.

melsoft mr configurator 2

+3 : Click on “setup.exe’ then OK.

+4 : In this step, select Next. +5 : At this step we need to enter Key.

+6 : Go back to the unzipped folder, open the “Key Setup.txt” file and copy Key.

+7 : Proceed to enter Key and user information.

+8 : Choose Destination Location then NEXT.

+9 : Next Continue 😀. +10 : Select “Yes” to added shortcut to the desktop.

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+11 : Select “Finish” to finish the installation of the V1.10L version.

+12 : Go back to the unzipped folder and open the MRC2-1.41T folder. +13 : Click “setup.exe” then Next.

+14 : The Update will start running the version upgrade from V1.10L >>> V1.41T.

^^^^^^^Download Google Drive Link

+15 : The upgrade process finishes selecting “Finish”.

The installation process was successful.

>>> Link Download Software (Google Drive) :.