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Setup & Installation

Free magicjack windows 10 driver update download software at UpdateStar - magicJack is a VoIP device that give users the ability to make unlimited free phone calls in the U.S. And Canada with no monthly bills.

  1. New firmware compatible with windows 10 should be available within the month, according to Cyril from magicJack chat support. For most of us, this is a non-issue because we’re using magicJack connected directly to our routers. If you have an old USB-only magicJack, or prefer to use your magicJack with the USB port on your computer, there may.
  2. Free magicjack download for windows 10 download software at UpdateStar - magicJack is a VoIP device that give users the ability to make unlimited free phone calls in the U.S. And Canada with no monthly bills.
  3. INCLUDED features: voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, and much more! Call us at: 1-800-MAGICJACK. Above price includes:. 12 months of service when both magicIN and magicOUT services are selected. 15 months of service when either magicIN and magicOUT one-way service subscription is selected. With magicIN (receive incoming.
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Indicates there was an error with the automatic installation of your magicJack. To manually install your magicJack, please download the corresponding file for your specific magicJack.

Don’t know which type of device you have? Click here for an identification guide.

Windows Downloads:

  • Original (silver/translucent) magicJack Device(Not compatible with Windows 10)

Mac Downloads:

Why can’t I start my magicJack and/or see the on screen display?

Try these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Please try a different USB port
  2. Click here and download this upgrade to your desktop. Once completed, double click the upgrade icon on your desktop
  3. Go to the control panel in Windows and click on “Add/Remove Programs”. Check for anything called musicmatch, musicmatch Jukebox or Yahoo Jukebox. If you have any, please uninstall them.
  4. Unplug your magicJack, wait 15 seconds, and plug it back in
  5. Go to My Computer and locate the magicJack drive, right click that drive then click format and click start. Unplug magicJack, wait 15 seconds, and plug magicJack back in. You will need to download the magicJack upgrade again.

Your work computer or network may block certain software applications installations. Contact your company administrator for further information.

What do the lights on my magicJack mean? Should they be flashing?

The indicator lights are located on the top of each magicJack device. Locate the name of your device below to determine what the lights mean.

magicJack HOME/GO/Express

  • Two blue lights (one solid, one blinking) means properly receiving power. If you do not see a blue light, this is an indication that it is not receiving power. Check the connection between your magicJack and the power source (power outlet or computer).
  • Blinking yellow/amber light next to the Ethernet port - magicJack is connected to your modem or router and has a proper internet connection. If the yellow light is solid or off, you may have a connection problem between the magicJack and your router.

magicJack Plus/Plus 2014

  • A solid blue light means properly receiving power. If you do not see a blue light, this is an indication that it is not receiving power. Check the connection between your magicJack and the power source (power outlet or computer).
  • A blinking red and a blinking yellow light next to the Ethernet port – confirms a proper internet connection. If these lights are solid or off you may have a connection problem between the magicJack and your router.

Original magicJack

  • A solid blue light means properly receiving power. If you do not see a blue light, your device it is not receiving power. Please check the connection between your magicJack and your computer.

Firmware is the software found within the magicJack device itself. Occasionally, this firmware may need to be updated.

  • Download the file below for your device and operating system
  • Plug your magicJack into your computer USB port
  • Open the downloaded file and Run

Don’t know which type of device you have? Click here for an identification guide.

Windows Downloads:

  • Original (silver/translucent) magicJack Device(Not compatible with Windows 10)

Mac Downloads:

Mac OS El Capitan/Sierra isn’t recognizing my magicJack.

In order for the magicJack device to work with Mac OS El Capitan/Sierra please follow the below steps:

Download the Softphone application

  1. Download the Softphone application here
  2. Double-click the Softphone application you just downloaded “magicJackSetup.dmg”

Download the new firmware update

  1. Download the new firmware updater here
  2. Plug the magicJack device into Mac computer (do not unplug until Step 5)
  3. Double-click the firmware file you just downloaded “mjisoupdate.dmg”
  4. Terminal will indicate the upgrade process has started, the upgrade process should take less than one minute. In Terminal you will see “[Process completed]”
  5. Unplug your magicJack device and then plug it back in
How can I upgrade my magicJack device to a newer model?

When registering a new magicJack device, you will be presented with an option to upgrade an existing device, if you have access time remaining that exceeds the free time that comes with your new device.

The remaining time on your current magicJack device can be transferred to a newer model during the registration process.

Upon completion of the transfer process, the device you selected to upgrade will be deactivated and no longer have the option to purchase additional service plans.

Please follow the instructions below for your operating system.

Note: Uninstalling the desktop application will not impact your service subscription. If you would like to cancel your service, please contact our Customer Care team.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Change to Classic view
  4. Click Add/Remove Programs
  5. Highlight magicJack
  6. Click Uninstall

Windows Vista and 7

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Change view to Small Icons
  4. Click Program Features
  5. Highlight magicJack
  6. Click uninstall

Windows 8

  1. Right-click on the Start button (if you do not have a Start button, press the Windows key + X)
  2. Click Programs and Features
  3. Highlight magicJack
  4. Click Uninstall

Windows 10

  1. Click the Windows icon (lower left-hand corner)
  2. Scroll through the list of programs installed on your computer to locate magicJack
  3. Right-click on magicJack
  4. Click Uninstall


Click here to download After the download is complete, open a terminal window by navigating to /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.

In the Terminal Window, navigate to your download directory (usually Downloads) by typing cd Downloads and pressing enter. Next, type chmod+x and press enter. Now type ./ and press enter again.

To locate the magicJack Device serial no, please check on the back of the device and look for S/N it starts with letter A. If in case you are unable to locate the Serial number on the back of the device, please follow either of the method -

From Computer:

  1. Connect the device to the computer
  2. Open Control Panel and select Device Manager
  3. Expand the category DVD/CD-RomDrives and look for the heading that says YMaxCorpmagicJackPlusCD USB Device
  4. Right click on that heading then select Properties
  5. Select the Details tab, then use the dropdown menu to select Device Instance Path
  6. Serial number will be at the end of that string of code

From the Dialpad:

  1. Connect the device to the computer
  2. Open the dialpad and select About magicJack. This will display the serial number of the device

Review of the magicJack GO

Introducing magicJack GO, VocalTec's latest offering to their VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) customers, ideal for those on a budget. magicJack has established a loyal following with their previous products, such as the Desktop-only magicJack, magicJack+ (utilized RJ45 ports/connectors), and magicJack Plus 2014. With each release of a new magicJack product comes advanced features utilizing the latest technology needed for quality VoIP service.

magicJack offers customers a variety of features such using one single number for multiple landlines and mobile devices, using VoIP without a desktop, high quality sound and an affordable choice to consumers looking for a fair phone plan. Using the latest magicJack product matches or even beats some of today's leading network's offerings. Below we discuss the various features and benefits of using a magicJack GO.

magicJack GO Design

It's hard to ignore the sleek, modern design of the magicJack GO, showing off it's smooth, finished edges. A pleasant sight compared to the classic matchbox appearance. It's clear that magicJack is ready to join today's modern competitive VoIP market with the Go. Extra props to magicJack for the color-coded ports and port identification symbols.

MagicJack is one of the best offers on the market today for VoIP solutions, with an introductory price of $35 for 12 months of service included. You'll get the magicJack GO device as well, and installing the magicApp for your smartphone allows free calling to the U.S. or Canada. The standard price for this plan is $59.95, so act now. There's the option to convert your existing landline or cellphone number to your current magicJack account if desired. If you're not sure if magicJack GO is for you, try the 30-day trial with a refund with you aren't satisfied. It's a win-win situation.

Anyone can download the MagicApp program today and use magicJack or use the GO device for less than $3 a month. Compare that to Vonage's $24.99, Viber's free calling without landline replacement, and Skype's lower quality sound and no option for a landline replacement. The international calling rates offered by magicJack GO and magicApp are much lower compared to the other aforementioned providers and others we won't mention. Better yet, fellow magicJack users can call each other from anywhere around the world for free. Business customers can also benefit from this if they switch between several locations worldwide regularly.

Let's not forget the limited-time offer of $10 in magicDollars. You can use magicDollars Credit to top up services or use it for number transferring, worldwide calling, or other service upgrades.

Download magicApp for Android or iOS Devices

Another benefit of using magicJack is cross-platform compatibility between operating systems like Android and iOS. Many devices use these operating systems, from smartphones to tablets. Using today's technology has broadened magicJack's audience, ranging from small business owners, freelancers, business employees, work-at-home individuals, or just about anyone who needs to use VoIP on a regular basis.

Taking your current phone number with you to magicJack can be done thanks to magicApp. Additional features include, but are not limited to, Free Caller ID, Free Voicemail, Free Call Forwarding, Free Call Holding and Free 411.

Compared to other free VoIP competitors with mobile apps, magicApp stands proudly, with the ability to be implemented into any existing landline or mobile subscriber network without any limitation of needing one dedicated app for one specific platform. For example, magicApp (Talk Free) is available on Google Play and iTunes for free, giving users a shot at trying the service. It's recommended using magicApp with the GO device, allowing users to use the service without the device. For little to no cost, worldwide calling is also available to users. A second number can be used, and setup/activation can be done in minutes on a PC or MAC. If you can't follow the provided instructions, try the 'Detect Device' option using the magicJack website.

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Free magicApp Conference Calling & More

With the latest version of magicApp comes many new features, including the eagerly awaited conference calling feature. Ease of use is important to magicJack, making the transition from a current mobile device to another easy by important contact lists. You won't need a voice plan on your network and minutes won't be used; only a high-speed WiFi or 3G/4G network connection is required.

Conference calls can be started, allowing users to send and receive calls from two different numbers now. This can be used locally or internationally, being a great option for those always on the go. According to magicJack, this conference calling feature alone resulted in nearly a 30% surge in service renewals, revealed at a recent quarterly conference call.

magicJack GO is staying true to the legacy TigerJet drivers and chipset left over from previous devices, guaranteeing that raw high quality sound magicJack users are accustomed to. Let's not forget the ability to use magicJack GO on just about any Internet-supported device, such as desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Setup and activation can be done in minutes, as well as the transferring process of your current number.

magicJack has also improved upon the notification system, now doing a much better job at alerting users of incoming calls simultaneously on both landline and mobile devices, given they all share the same magicJack number.

magicJack is a truly innovative product and offers a clever business strategy in the electronics retail sector. Teaming up with some big names such as RadioShack, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Fry's, Target and Amazon gave some nice publicity and arousal to the magicJackGO. The result? A large order of pre-orders and and out-of-stock retail stores. The GO earned itself a strong presence within days of being released.

COO Tim McDonald claimed 'No other product in our category can match our breadth of retail distribution,' giving props to their distribution partners for their 'significant support in expanding the in-store presence of magicJack.'

It's not such a bad option for those looking away to step away from the cellular bills that can run anywhere from $50 to $120 for a single line. magicJack offers a solution to small businesses, home/power users, and cellular customers looking for a better plan.

magicJack has successfully matched the offerings of leading cellular networks by utilizing VoIP technology. The GO certainly doesn't disappoint, but the odds of a triple play service such as TV, Internet, and phone service doesn't seem to be magicJack's future.

No doubt some will choose to hold onto their current magicJack Plus 2014 devices, but the upgrade to the GO is a no-brainer for those looking for more advanced features and capabilities.

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magicJack Focuses on Mobility

magicJack, magicJack Plus, and magicJack Plus 2014 all come equipped with high quality, contract-free landline and phone service plans using VoIP. It's no surprise that magicJack has such a large following, with many loyalists raving about the GO.

Concerned users can be rest assured that magicJackGO and the service itself is extremely portable, with option to use the device itself or a smartphone app. magicJack has released plans for the upcoming year, with a variety of new features and options within magicJackGO. This platform is aimed at a diverse customer base by being available on a variety of platforms and offering a service nearly identical to leading cellular networks.

Magicjack Drivers Download

Some of the more notable features include:

  1. magicJack goes through rapid release software development cycles, meaning new additions to the toolkit and improved functions are available for the general population and sales personnel. This also means magicJack adapts to newer technologies and platforms much quicker than other services or providers can, ensuring a stable service for years to come.
  2. Promises to improve customer care have been set as a leap forward to providing top notch service, especially during the transitioning process to the GO. Availability for more call centers, focused first-time calls, and minimal hold times on top of advanced security policies are set in place to address large traffic spikes. These features could be used to offer instant value packages, deals and rebates based on technology that predicts and uses demographic data.
  3. Following the new GO bundle is a reformed campaign for advertising, branding and marketing. Complete overhauls of multimedia campaigns, e-commerce options, the addition of bilingual user manuals, and the new conference calling are just a few of the major upgrades for a better magicJack experience. The service has been designed to attract both small businesses and individuals.
  4. magicJack is about to become much more standardized with USB and SDIO interfaces to connect to mobile devices for purposes such as data transferring or charging. USB is especially popular in today's world.
  5. New international partnerships have been developed to give way to a larger customer base from all over the world, leading to newer technologies, local trade rules, packaging/shipping sectors, pricing, and more.
  6. Technology and further research improvements will be heavily invested and looked upon to keep up to date with the latest audio technology that can be provided via an affordable plan. These are mostly software features rather than being hardware-sided, meaning this is guaranteed to be available to any magicJack device holder.
  7. Plans and pricing have been better evaluated and made easier to start. GO services can be included at the checkout process at any traditional retail location, giving people the ability to pay with cash. It can also be sold as a credit-based pay-per-use service via mobile platforms.

Tigerjet Magicjack Driver Download

Customers who switch over from a cellular to magicJack plan will likely see huge savings. The investment pays itself within a month of use, making it a no-brainer for those who want inexpensive phone or VoIP plans. Remember, you can get the GO bundle today for $35 compared to the usual $59.95. This bundle comes with one year of magicJack service.

Budget friendly renewals are offered to all customers. One month is a measly $5, six months $20, and one year $35. Long-term subscribers can opt to pay $99.75 for a five year service plan. $99.75 is the cost for one month of service on many leading cellular networks for a single line with data. Compare $100/mo for 5 years to magicJack's five year $99.75 fee.

After all has been said about the magicJack, it's no surprise to see pre-orders hitting nearly 100,000 ordered and another 60,000 on queue for other magicJack devices. magicJack is focused on building new hardware and software solutions to offer innovative VoIP services to consumers and small businesses. The changes that are made on a regular basis are implemented to build upon this business strategy.

It's clear that magicJack has a consistent record and a recent spike in sales with the release of the competitive magicJack GO. Get one for $35 today and get a year of magicJack's service.