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This SketchUp plugin will allow users to bring a bit of life into any object designed within the original application, thus bringing it even more close to its future real-life counterpart

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What's new in Keyframe Animation 2.3.1:

  • Fixed a bug that affected Layer Visibility when exporting a video. The layers toggled on and off at the END of the scene transition. Now, when you export a video, the layers toggle at the START of the scene transition, just like they do in the SketchUp scene animation.
  • Optimized the video export. It creates the images for the scene delay phase more quickly.
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If you're looking into Keyframe Animation, you've probably run into SketchUp, the application you'll need in order to make use of the above plugin. With it, you can animate your design and create a more vivid feel of whatever it is you've laid onto your empty canvas. Create animated instructions for building a house, or simply check what effect motion might have on your creation.

The toolbar is key

With this particular extension, if one may call it so, you'll very easily be able to make use of its features. A specific toolbar will pop up each time you activate it in the SketchUp add-on menu. The toolbar, which is not by any standard too big, will display a number of options that you can use in creating your animated design. Select an object and record its position data.

Continue with adjusting the time settings, meaning aspects such as the speed or delay of the transition effect applied to an object. At this point, you have to refine your creation as much as possible. Lastly, export your video with all the animations in place, making sure your final result is as fluid as can be.

How does it animate objects

The extension will take into consideration the beginning size or position and the final ones. Between these, it tries to adjust and calculate the best possible way to go from initial state to final state of any of the objects present in your design.

You'll have to make use of the translation, rotation, and scale tools provided by SketchUp. Reflection and inversion are also possible now, thus being able to adjust the object to move based on one of its axes or all three present at a specific point. This will give you more flexibility in applying whatever animation you desire.

Keyframe Animation is a plugin any individual working with SketchUp should consider checking out. The idea behind it is to bring more life and fluidity into your designs. It manages to do so through a suite of tools that will help put together a linear evolution of whatever it is you have designed in the original application.

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Keyframe Animation 2.3.1

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