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  • Release: 2014 Developer: FireFly Studios.
  • Stronghold crusader 2 - continuation of the original strategy in real time, which takes place in the deserts of the East.
  • Several times improved graphics, 3D engine, many new units, buildings, realistic physics and many other innovations.
  • The player is given a choice in the gameplay mode. Play the campaign, complete frequently updated DLC missions, or participate in multiplayer battles.
  • The developers have created over 30 standard maps, but users can make their own contributions to the locations.
  • In the terrain editor, players can create a new map.

How to Download Stronghold Crusader For Free ?

Place trees, additional bases, iron ores and stone deposits, add rivers, hills and lowlands. In the battles of the second part of Stronghold, the gamer can choose one of the kings or sultans. People who came to the desert from distant lands and sultans have different types of buildings, defenses and units. In matches, each participant starts with a small number of workers and a completed main building. Set up a barn and warehouse, build the first production houses, and raise the economy. It will take a lot of iron, stone and wood to create the initial defenses and weapons for the warriors.


Food is an integral part of the gameplay, if it is not enough, the inhabitants will leave the castle. Arrange epic and large-scale battles, during which more than 400 different types of troops can take part, including catapults, trebuchets and other mechanisms. Version: v 1.0.22714 + DLCs. (max speed + fast connection). Stronghold Crusader Download, printed on July 31, 2002, is the successor to the 2001 Firefly Studios powerful strategy PC game Stronghold.

The Crusaders had much the same method as the initial bastion. However, it changes from its predecessors in how the conversion is no longer located in pseudo-Europe, instead setting it from the Middle East amid the Crusades. The entertainment includes many new Arabic components, which can be obtained in different formations, the fighting material.


Although the Arab forces do not need any weapons to provide, they are rather expensive. The entertainment was similarly discharged as Stronghold Warchest. This match was an overview of Stronghold and a better version of the Stronghold Crusader Game, including additional characters and an additional crusade path.

Stronghold Warchest has only been printed in a predetermined number of countries (such as the USA or Poland), which means that players in all the rest of the planet have not undergone the next crusade or the next order of numbers.

This changed after a redesign of the Stronghold CrusaderPC Download , Stronghold: Crusader Extreme, which was released in mid-2008. Game includes a couple of continuous combat system sequences. These accounts of the First, Second, and Third Crusades and the clashes within the respective Crusader states. Each crusade consisted of two battles, for example, Nicaea, Heraklia, the offensive of Antioch, the Crack des Chevaliers, and the Siege of Jerusalem.


  • The diversion also highlights the Crusader Path, an evolution of 50 connected missions against distinct opponents. The Fortification Warchest includes another crusade, consisting of 30 related missions.
  • This Stronghold Crusader Free Download is the best example of real time strategy and war game in the gaming industry.
  • The game isn’t set in the Middle East as you might think, but Game was downloaded for free in pseudo-Europe during the Crusades.
  • However, players can choose to play with different unit classes such as Arabs and Europeans in this free Stronghold Crusader .
  • The basic idea and strategy of game is to build a stronger base of enemies and attack them when they are weak.
  • Players can play great real-time strategy campaigns with professional building units and premium features.
  • The three main and primary campaigns in game are the First, Second, and Third Crusade. And moving towards Stronghold Crusader PC Download characters that are free to download and that are even interesting.

System Requirements

Players can either choose to play as an Arab lord or as a European lord to fight against a lord class opponent in this amazing strategy game.

  • Moreover, players can also play Game multiplayer free download online game but only on dedicated servers.
  • Because Stronghold Crusader 3 free download does not feature official game servers.
  • Players will have to use sharp and clever strategies to beat an opponent in Stronghold Crusader 3 free download.
  • In short, I would like to say that this is the best real time strategy game known as Game.
  • The gameplay is similar to the original Stronghold Crusader Download , the main difference being that the game is set in the Middle East.
  • As a result, farms can only be built on oasis grasses, which leads to competition between players over farmland and limited resources.
  • The game adds new AI opponents (the number depends on the version of the game) and many new Arab units that can be purchased from the Mercenaries website.
  • The color of the player units has also been changed from blue to red in order to match the colors of the Knights Templar.

Other than farms there are other resources such as iron ore, quarries (for stone) and swamps (for oil).

  • These resources are deposited in the inventory and the player can choose to sell them or use them for defensive purposes.
  • There are two ways to build an army.
  • Either you craft weapons and then spend a little gold to turn peasants into soldiers, or directly convert them into soldiers using more gold via the mercenary location.
  • There are historical chapters (mostly fictional) that must be completed using the resources given to the player at the beginning of the missions.
  • Besides, there are 50 levels designed with increasing difficulty.
  • In each level, the player must defend the kingdom and defeat one or more kings.
  • There is an option of three chickens at the beginning of the game that the player can use to skip a certain level.
  • There are 30 additional levels added by the developers in the form of an additional Stronghold Crusader Highly Compressed path.

The design of these levels reflects the 50 levels of the original with increasing difficulty as the player progresses through the levels.