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Create the directory \F The new folder must be immediately under the root of your hard disk. You can do this by double-clicking MyComputer, then double-clicking your hard drive (usually C:), and then selecting New Folder from the File menu and calling the folder F. Download the file (5,820,239 bytes). You can do this by right-clicking the mouse on the above link, and choosing Save Target As.. In the Save As window that appears, locate the F folder, and save the file in it.

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  • Unzip the downloaded file into \F. Yon can do this by locating the file (starting from MyComputer) and simply double-clicking it to launch the zip/unzip program.
  • Make sure to specify that all files should be extracted immediately under the F folder.

Free Fortran Compilers and IDEs


Note: If the unzip program does not give you the option to specify the extraction location, let it extract the content to anywhere and then move the extracted folders (using cut and paste) to F. When done, you should see the four folders G77, SLATEC, MINE, and YORK appearing in F. Control Structures You can use either the old (goto-based) or the new (structured) control flow (or mix them in the same program). Support of the "ugly goto" is meant for existing code only, and any new development should avoid it.

AOCC Fortran

Style You can write your source using either the old style code (column 7) or the newer free-form. Compilation Command The above f2exe command is just a batch file that invokes g77, the "real" compilation command.

MinGW'S G77 (GNU Fortran)

The command: directs the compiler to compile the file prog.for and stores the output in the file prog.exe. The -ffree-form switch indicates free-form style (remove it if you are using the old style). Comments In free-form style, use ! for both full-line and in-line comments. In the old style, use a "C" in column-1. Statement Continuation In free-form style, you can continue a statement on the next line by ending it with an ampersand "&".

Gfortran - the GNU Fortran Compiler

In the old style, put a character in column-6. Path Separator When referring to files (e.g. in the file=' ' parameter of the OPEN statement) use a forward slash "/" or two consecutive backslashes "\\" rather than a backslash to delimit directories.

Silverfrost FTN95 Personal Edition

This is because the backslash "\" denotes an escape sequence in strings. I/O Unit Numbers Not all unit numbers are allowed in the OPEN statement. In particular, unit 5 is "pre-connected" to the keyboard. Units 10 through 99 seem to work well with disk files. Separate Compilation of Subprograms Your main program is recognized by the program statement, as in the Convert program above. The subprograms (functions and subroutines) can be included in the same file as the main program (in which case you can compile everything in one shot) or can be stored in separate file(s).

Open Source Watcom / OpenWatcom Fortran Compiler

It is recommended that you store general reusable subprograms in separate files so that you can reuse them (without recompiling them) in future projects. To compile a file that contains only subprograms (no program statement), use the f2lib command, which generates object files, one per sub, in the mine directory, e.g.


will compile (without linking) the subprogram in util.for and store the output (an object file) in the file util.o. f2lib is just a batch file that invokes the g77 command with the -c (compile-only) switch, viz.A program that uses pre-compiled object files can be compiled (and linked to them) by simply referring to them in the compilation command: The above command searches all object files in mine to resolve any missing reference in prog.for. Separate Compilation of Subprograms, automated The supplied f2exe and f2lib batch files take care of separate compilation and delayed linking with object files and with the SLATEC subprograms.

Oracle Developer Studio

You don't have to directly issue the g77 command unless you use the old columnar style or you want to change one of the switches or directories.

f2j - Fortran to Java Compiler

Assembly Listing The -S (capital S) switch allows you to see a listing of the generated assembly code.

F2C - Fortran to C Translator

This is a well-known Fortran to C converter that comes with source code. The site alsoincludes pre-compiled binaries (executables) for MSDOS and Microsoft Windows, althoughthese are by no means the only systems supported - the compiler works on Unix systems likeBSD, Linux, etc. You have to compile the compiler yourself on those systems.Libraries containing the runtime support needed (together with the C source code)are also included. You need a C compiler to generatebinaries from your Fortran sources.

DJGPP GNU G77 (Fortran 77) for MSDOS

This is a development system based on the well-known GNU compiler system that includes compilers for Fortran 77,C, C++, Objective C, etc.It generates 32 bit MSDOS executables that is Windows 95 long-filename-aware. It is a very complete system with IDEs,graphics libraries,lexical analyser generators (flex), parser generators (bison),text processing utilities (like grep, sed),a program maintainence utility (ie, make),a DOS extender, and so on. The compiler,utilities and libraries come with source code.

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