Dynomite Game Egg Shooter

Egg Shooter is jungle version of bubble egg shoot gameThere are four game modes: Endless, Puzzle, Collections , and Time Trial.Endless PuzzleRows of eggs of various colors descend from the top of the screen.
The player must use their slingshot to shoot their own supply of eggs up at them. When three or more eggs of the same color match, they will explode. If the mass of eggs descend to the bottom of the screen, an alarm will sound and the player will have three seconds to break any eggs that reached the bottom, or else the entire screen will be crushed by the foot of Mama Ostrich, and the game will end.PuzzleA puzzle arrangement appears on the screen. The goal is to clear the arrangement by shooting matching eggs of the corresponding colour next to it. However, every egg the player shoots will increase Mama Ostrich's anger meter. Every time the meter gets full, Mama Ostrich pushes the puzzle down one notch with her foot, making the board more difficult to accomplish.CollectionA piece of a dinosaur fossil is surrounded by eggs, and the player must shoot matching eggs to break the piece free and add it to a collection of completed fossils. There are 15 fossils, each having three fragments, for a total of 45 levels in this mode. Like Endless Puzzle, if the eggs and fossil piece reach the bottom of the screen, Mama Ostrich will crush the screen and the game is over.Time TrialA multi-layered arrangement of eggs (60 rows and five colors in Easy mode, 30 rows and seven colors in Normal mode, and 15 rows and nine colors in Hard mode) must be cleared by shooting the correctly colored eggs at the ones on screen.
If there are 90 rows, trying to add an egg to make the 91st row will break the egg instead.
*Added 60 stages *Minor bugs fixed*Improve game performance!*Thank you for you feedbacks.
Ho Chi Minh City.
Dynomite Deluxe.
Plays a classic bubble shooter game with dinosaur age themes.
License:Shareware $19.95.
Operating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
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Shoots eggs at the rows of eggs of various colors that descend from the top of the screen, the shooting back is done via a slingshot.
The idea is to hit three or more eggs of the same color match and they will explode.
If the wall of eggs will reach the bottom of the screen, you will lose and unleash the Mama Brontosaurus which of course will end your game.
Dynomite Deluxe 32.0 could be downloaded from the developer's website when we last checked.
We cannot confirm if there is a free download of this software available.
Commonly, this program's installer has the following filenames: Dynomite.exe, UnGins.exe, Launch.exe, ccpscfwd.exe and Launcher.exe etc.
The program lies within Games, more precisely Puzzle.