Dynomite Download

Dynomite Deluxe is a free dinosaur-themed bubble-matching puzzle game in the style of classics like Puzzle Bobble. You play a cartoon dinosaur character who has to launch coloured dinosaur eggs into a group of similar eggs. Match three eggs of the same colour and you'll make them disappear turning them into points. Clear all the eggs and you win the level. As the game goes on the combinations of different eggs and special effects become more and more challenging. The basic gameplay in Dynomite Deluxe is similar to most other bubble-shooter games if you've played any of the genre you won't find anything to confuse you here. However there are a number of different game modes to choose from including both timed and turn-based versions. Fossil mode introduces obstacles you need to excavate by breaking the surrounding eggs again there's nothing terribly innovative but the irregular shapes do make these enjoyably tricky puzzles. The lively soundtrack keeps things moving along although in long games it can get a little repetitive and the cute cartoon dinosaur characters are fun especially for younger players.