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From the developer:. EngraveLab is the complete design and engraving software solution aimed at maximizing the potential of laser and rotary engraving systems. Drag & Drop, Cut, Copy, Paste, File Preview, Scaling, Sizing, Fitting, Alignment,Unlimited Undo/Redo,Import Stroke Width (CMX, CMF, AI, EPS),Online Help,Grids & Guides,Create & Edit Shapes & Graphics,Color & B/W Printing,Arrays,Dimensioning/Measuring Tool.

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I downloaded this file (update) but I am still stuck. The LED Screen says Load mode Send Data. I send it and nothing happens.

What do I do now?

From: varn (VARNCO) [#11]
31 Jul 2006
To: MR C (MOSHE) [#10] 31 Jul 2006


Well, on my PNC 2100, I go through these steps, to get the engraver ready for the Dr. Engrave print file, and I don't get the message that you indicate:

1) Turn on the controller (it'll make some noises, and position the spindle in the top right corner command mode 1, connectino parallel

2) Press the menu, it moves spindle to view point, and the display reads "Camm 2 ready, set the work"

3) Press the menu again, and it moves the spindle to the bottom left corner, display reads "Change origin x=0, y=0"

At this point, it's ready to engrave using Dr. Engrave. You need to give whatever it is that you are engraving the right properties/color, so the engraver knows what to engrave.

Do you have the manual for Dr. Engrave? The manual for your engraver?

From: MR C (MOSHE) [#12]
31 Jul 2006
To: varn (VARNCO) [#11] 31 Jul 2006

I dont have the manual

From: varn (VARNCO) [#13]
31 Jul 2006
To: MR C (MOSHE) [#12] 31 Jul 2006

You can download/view the Dr. Engrave manual here:

I might have a manual to the pnc2100 as well in pdf, but I'll have to look a bit for it.

I'll let you know if I can find it.

From: MR C (MOSHE) [#14]
31 Jul 2006
To: varn (VARNCO) [#13] 31 Jul 2006

Thank you for the manual, I will print out a hard copy

what I probobly need is the Pnc manual.
I probobly am not doing somthing right.
Maybe I need a bi-directional cable
maybe it is not connected to the correct port

From: varn (VARNCO) [#15]
31 Jul 2006
To: MR C (MOSHE) [#14] 1 Aug 2006

You may want to call roland and see if they have a old manual, perhaps converted over to pdf that you can download/buy.
My PNC is connected via parallel cable (normal printer port) on a PC.
To self check the engraver, do this:
With everything connected, and the power off on the engraver:
1) Make sure there's nothing in the way on the engraver/table, and that there is not cutter loaded.
2) Turn on the motor switch to ON
3) Turn on the power switch while at the same time pressing the ^ up arrow. Once it starts moving, release everything, it'll go through a pattern
4) The spindle will turn, go up/down, move go diagonal across the engraving area, go along ther permiter, and should end up in the bottom left corner of the engraving table and it should stop turning.
To set up the engraver for parallel (using the lcd screen):
Command should be mode 1
connection parallel
Press menu once and the spindle should be in the top right corner.
Press menu again and it should move to the bottom left corner, and the display should ready x and y coordinates. the engraver is ready to get the engraving instructions from Dr. Engrave - Refer to the Dr. Engrave manual.
Good luck.

From: MR C (MOSHE) [#16]
7 Aug 2006
To: varn (VARNCO) [#15] 7 Aug 2006

I installed this on 2 computers with the same result

I use the serial port, on com port1.

When I send the job, nothing happens
Is it it possible that my com port settings are wrong?
They are:






I have an old green manual. It has instructions on how to program in dos.

Is it possible that my cable is not bi- directional?

From: varn (VARNCO) [#17]
7 Aug 2006
To: MR C (MOSHE) [#16] 8 Aug 2006

Does the engraver move at all without dr. engrave?

Did you do the engraver test (instructions I posted earlier?)

Does it move at all when you turn it on?

Try a different cable, or try a parallel. Serial ports can be tricky with the com ports, and all.

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#18]
7 Aug 2006
To: MR C (MOSHE) [#16] 8 Aug 2006

On some computers they use COM1 for something internal, and the connector is really COM2.

Give that setting a shot and see if it responds.

Check the manual for the com settings that you listed. Most systems DO default to those settings, but you never know.

From: MR C (MOSHE) [#19]
8 Aug 2006
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#18] 8 Aug 2006

I finally got it!
Thank you very much!
when all fails reread and follow directions

From: MR C (MOSHE) [#20]
8 Aug 2006
To: MR C (MOSHE) [#19] 8 Aug 2006

I have 3 more questions
1. is this machine fast enough for engraving dog tags for a fair?
2. what fonts do you use? do you have any single line or Dr. engrave fonts?
3. when the machine finished the job, the spindle did not return home. My question is, when you send many jobs, should you send one right after the other without letting the machine go to the home position?
Thanks again, you guys are really great!

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