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One Piece is a famous Japanese manga created and drawn by Eiichiro Oda in 1997, then following its success, this manga was adapted into an animated series. One Piece is today the best-selling manga in the world with more than 450 million copies sold. Indeed, this manga exceeds by far the sales of famous manga such as Dragon Ball (250 million) or Naruto (235 million).

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  1. Oda’s best-selling manga in full colour! Officially coloured by Shueisha, the publishers behind One Piece. One Piece – Digital Colored Comics Chapter 1010. Conqueror's haki. One Piece – Digital Colored Comics Chapter 942. One Piece – Digital Colored Comics Chapter 941.
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The story of this manga takes place in a fantastic world dominated by the oceans, where we follow the adventures of several pirate crews seeking freedom and wealth as the golden age of piracy. This movement of piracy was generated following the last words pronounced by Gol D. Roger, the king of pirates, before he was executed. He announced to the world that he had hidden a treasure of inestimable value, and so a young pirate named Monkey D. Luffy began piracy with the sole aim of finding the 'One Piece' and becoming the King of Pirates. This young pirate will travel the oceans with his crew called the 'Straw Hat' better known as 'Mugiwara'. Moreover, each member of the crew has his own role and singularity, such as Tony Chopper the doctor, looking like a cute little reindeer, or Vinsmoke Sanji the romantic cook of the crew.

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It is all these endearing personalities of the members creating a cohesive and warm atmosphere within the Mugiwaras that makes One piece a world-famous manga. Funko has chosen to reproduce all the members of the straw hat crew, also known as the 'Mugiwara', such as captain Monkey D. Luffy, his vice captain, swordsman Roronoa Zoro and his beautiful sailor Nami, but in addition to the Mugiwara, Funko has also chosen to represent charismatic characters from the One piece manga, such as characters from the '7 great privateers' like Boa Hancock and Don Quixote Doflamingo.