Dino Egg Game Dynamite

Dynomite Egg Shoot is a funny egg shoot game, suitable for everyone.
Your task is simple, shoot the dinosaur eggs to make three same eggs and break them.Why choosing Dynomite Egg Shoot:- Lovely graphics- Cute and nice sounds- Challenge gameplay with 3 modes- Crazy with many levels, update frequently.- Play smooth and well on most of devices.- Offline/Online Leaderboards.How to play Dynomite Egg Shoot:Dynomite Egg Shoot has 3 modes:1. Survival mode: Try to survive as long as you can (endless if possible). The eggs move down continuously from slow to fast speed. After a number of shoots, the bird will fly down and carry a new egg. Try to shoot this bird to get a bonus score, otherwise new egg is generated after the bird reaches the bottom.
5 best score will be saved.2.
Puzzle mode: There are a lot of difficult puzzle levels here.
Try to break all the eggs before the dinosaur foot stomps to the ground.The stones can't be break so be careful with them.
Think before shot.3.
Time Arcade: Try to shoot as fast as possible to clean 15 lines of eggs.
The time is measured as the score to compete with other players.
5 best score will be savedEnjoy the dinosaur's world with the Dynomite Egg Shoot free right now!
Add x64 architecture.
Co Dien, Tu Hiep, Thanh Tri.
Dynomite Deluxe.
Plays a classic bubble shooter game with dinosaur age themes.
License:Shareware $19.95.
Operating system:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
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Shoots eggs at the rows of eggs of various colors that descend from the top of the screen, the shooting back is done via a slingshot.
The idea is to hit three or more eggs of the same color match and they will explode.