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Sharad Ponkshe is a popular Marathi actor, who is famous with the name Girish Pandurang Kulkarni. He was born on 14th August, 1970.

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Just after the completion of his higher secondary education, his passion towards acting pulled him join a drama school in Mumbai. He has appeared in TV serials and feature films.

He is well known for his performance in the serial called Damini. This serial has changed the career of Sharad into Marathi films. Sharad is also known for his performance in negative roles. In the movies like Mi Nathuraam Godse Boltoy and his role Devram Khadgale in the major Marathi serial, his acting skills were shown off. His recent performance in Tukaram won him many awards and fetched him critic acclaims.

As of now, the actor is acting in the serial Unch Majah Zoka, for the character Govind Ranade. The movie Mi Nathuraam Godse Boltoy played a major role in placing Sharad into the list of veteran actors of Marathi. There are many other serials and movies that fetched him fame. They include Agnihotra, Kunku, Vaaldalvaat etc.

Sharad always tried portraying roles from different genres. He covered humor, negative shaded roles, serious characters and many other variations in this film career. Coming to numbers, he acted in 12 Hindi films, 8 Hindi serials, 73 Marathi films, 54 Marathi serials and 25 Marathi Dramas. Download Euro 2004 Ps2 Emulator. Sharad also appeared as a brand ambassador of eleven products, which included Lifeboy plus, Colgate tooth powder etc. Rules The Whitest Boy Alive Raritan there. In 2014, the actor appeared in three movies with the titles Ungli, Dekh tamasha Dekh and Gang of Ghosts.

Presently, the movie Black home is under production. The actor is now active on the social media and has also started a personal website, to be in contact with his fans. With this website, Sharad updates all his recent schedules and news to his fans.

Marathi actor and danseuse Ashwini Ekbote breathed her last Saturday night at around 8:15 pm while performing on stage at Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune. A renowned name in theatre and Marathi cinema, Ashwini has acted in movies like Baavre Prem He, Dankyavar Danka, Aarambh, Debu, Mahaguru, Taptpadi and Kshan Ha Mohacha.

She was a regular on stage and has performed plays in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Bho Bho was her last movie co-starring actor Prashant Damle. Her current on-air serials are- Ganpati Bappa Morya, Duheri and Aaisaheb. (Source: Ashwini Ekbote Facebook).

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