Dasbodh English Translation

Let us first be particular in doing our daily chores of life. Having done so we can then develop the conscience required for attaining the eternal spirit. If you will go for the eternal spirit disregarding your daily chores then you will become sad and miserable. You can be said to have conscience, if you have developed the ability of attaining the eternal spirit while doing your daily chores.

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He who renounces daily chores for attaining the eternal spirit may not even get food to feed upon. Now this useless person can attain salvation in what manner?

He, who indulges in the daily chores disregarding the spirit, becomes restless. Ultimately he will be in deep trouble.

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He, who does not attend to the work allocated by his boss and sits at home comfortably, is humiliated by the boss. His humiliation is also seen by the people at large. He loses his prestige and makes out a laughing stock of himself. Thus he is put to great hardships for his deeds.

The very same fate awaits for the person who disregards the eternal spirit. Therefore one should have regard to the eternal spirit. One who has regard for the eternal spirit immediately experiences the peace of mind. The point is that a person who has a free mind while doing the daily chores is a reasonable person.

He is always alert and attentive. Therefore one should do the daily chores and also try to attain salvation.

Dasbodh, An English Version, An Elixir of Human Excellence

He who does not behave like this puts himself to many oddsAn ant takes a view of the position while moving through the creepers and the trees. This is how the living beings move with conscience. Those who are human-beings should not get confused.

If they are confused then what to say? One should plan with a large perspective in mind. One should be alert all around. One should be able to forecast the future. One who is alert becomes happy. One who is not attentive becomes sad.

Anyone can see this fact in his day to day life. Therefore one who is always alert is great. He is great who has a satisfied mind while being amid people. One who is lethargic in being attentive is poised for a downfall.

It may be too late sometimes to regain whatever has been lost. We should learn from the people who have the ability to implement their long term plans. If we observe minutely the behaviour of such people then that can cause a change in our life. We should be able to identify such people.


We should acquire virtue from men of virtue. We should shun the qualities and traits that we despise others for having. We should be in the company of the people whom we have already evaluated.

We should not hurt anyone's mind. We should evaluate people continuously. Good people look same as other people. What distinguishes them from others is their conscience. We should identify people who can work for us. A good person knows very well about everything. This is his mark of goodness. He knows how much regard he should have for anyone. People should listen carefully to what I say.

They should listen to their desire. They should see what their mind is thinking. They should also observe all kinds of ripples rising in their mind.

We want wholesome meals, good clothing and everything to be nice. Our mind wants all this but nothing is happening like that. We are expecting a good thing to happen and suddenly a bad thing happens.

We can always see that while some people are happy others are not. We can see people undergoing hardships and blaming their fortune for that. They cannot work with precision and therefore cannot achieve what they want.

Anyhow they do not understand their vice. They are not able to analyse their situation. What can they do for others? They do not maintain any equity in their action and therefore become miserable. They cannot understand others.

They cannot behave like others. These senseless people then spread sparks of malice among people. If people become malicious in their dealings then they become sad.