Dasbodh Belsare

Go Mobile: iOS AppAndroid Apphttps://m.indiamart.com. We are here to help you! Terms of Use - Privacy Policy - Link to UsCopyright © 1996-2022 IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. All rights reserved. Keshav Vishnu Belsare, lovingly known as “ Baba ” was a great apostle of shree Brahmachaitanya Gondavalekar Maharaj in the recent times. Baba was born on 8th February 1909 in a middle class Maharashtrian Brahmin family. They lived in the city of Secunderabad close to Hyderabad. The Belsare family, especially Baba’s parents, were highly educated. Baba’s father, Vishnu Anant Belsare, was the Judge of Secunderabad District Court. They were deeply rooted in the Hindu culture, hence, although highly educated, they were a bit orthodox in their way of life. As a result, children in the family were raised in a very disciplined environment and were not allowed to do many things their friends could. However, there was no restriction on pursuing education, academics and arts. Baba’s family had a large collection of books on varied subjects in different languages, written by many authors. Children were encouraged to read those books of which, Baba had read many, a number of times at a very young age, as a result of which, pursuit of education and knowledge became one of the core values of his life! Baba’s father, paternal grandfather and paternal aunt used to chant the “ram-naam” japa which also influenced him greatly. Since childhood, Baba was physically lean but healthy. He was the bright child who had lots of questions in his mind on “life” in general and on the phenomena of “death” in particular, consequently on “human existence”. An adolescent Baba, had an urge to go to the battlefields to see the dead to find answers to some of his questions.