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I know that the name Cue Club does not exactly sound the most exciting video game ever made. However, as far as pool and snooker games go, I would say that Cue Club is one of my all-time favorites. While I originally played the PlayStation 2 version of the game, it is the PC version I am talking about here and in all honesty, is the best version of the game.

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Cue Club is the original and iconic pool and snooker game for PC, famous for its superb graphics, accurate ball physics and addictive gameplay. Hang out with hundreds of players in the unique and individually themed virtual chat rooms, before challenging them to your favourite game.


What Do You Want To Play?

One of the most impressive aspects of Cue Club is the fact that it offers you so many ways to play. For me, 9 Ball Pool is the best kind of “cue” game to play and what I spent most of my time with. However, you can also play straight up pool, 8 ball pool snooker, and games such as killer and speed pool. I did find that I would just play 9 Ball Pool all the time, but it is great that the game does have such a wide variety.As well as the different types of pool for you to play. Cue Club also has an impressive range of actual modes. You can take part in a tournament which is quite fun, just a stand-alone match, practice and of course, there is also multiplayer as well.

Lots Of Variations

If you think you just pick your mode and off you go, you are mistaken. Cue Club lets you tinker with different things. You can decide to have fast or slow cloth, different cues, balls, and even tables. I love the different table designs and I found that being able to change the table design did actually keep things more interesting. Sure, in the grand scheme of things what the table looks like does not matter, but it is a cool feature none the less.

The Physics Of Pool

Cue Club is a game that is very, very easy to get into. You play with just the mouse and you really do have full control over your shot. I like to be pretty methodical with the way I play, but you can also have a timer as well if you like to keep things moving at a brisk pace.

The different styles of pool (and snooker) each have their own ruleset and the game does kind of take for granted than you know these rules. Still, it is easy enough to figure out. While I love playing against the AI, which is more challenging than you would think. Having a friend to play against is really where this game shines. You can spend hours playing against people, that is how addictive it is.

I really like Cue Club and feel that it is one of the best pool games around. They really did nail the physics with this as well as making sure that above all else it is a fun game to play. It can be relaxing to mess around by yourself and also pretty tense when in a tournament or playing against a friend.


  • Plenty of styles of pool and snooker to play
  • The gameplay is fun
  • Impressive ball physics
  • The different tables are a nice touch
  • The game really shines in multiplayer


Cue Club 2 For Pc Download Torrent Windows 10

  • It is fun, but not the most exciting presentation
  • If you do not like pool, this will not win you over

Cue Club 2 For Pc Download Torrent Full

Cue Club 2 For Pc Download Torrent Download

Overall rating: 8