Castleminer Z Xbox 360

So, Castleminer Z has been taken off the Xbox store, but there is still ways to get it, one of them is for someone to share the files, but no one has shared the files (except like over 5 year old links to the files but the links are dead by now) you can share the files by going into System > Storage > Games and Apps > Castleminer Z > Copy > then click on your usb drive (IMPORTANT, IT MUST BE FORMATTED AS FAT32!).

Now plug the usb drive to your pc and inside the usb click on the folder "Content" and then click on the folder what is named 0000000000000000 and then upload the folder 585509DC to somewhere like mediafire or mega, this is the only way the xbox version will get more popular, but only a modded xbox can unlock the full game this way though.

CastleMiner Z is a 2011 video game that was released on Xbox Live Indie Games & Microsoft Windows on November 9, 2011, and is the sequel & Similar to CastleMiner & Minecraft. 1Gameplay1.1In-Game Achievements. 1.1In-Game Achievements.

In CastleMiner Z, players have to mine for their own resources instead of starting with them. Players can also craft weapons such as a shotgun or assault rifle. Another change from the original game is the addition of enemies including zombies, dragons, and demons.

Online modes accommodate 2- to 8-player co-operative gameplay. CastleMiner Z introduces "Awards", which are awarded for doing different things such as playing online for a certain number of hours, traveling a certain distance, crafting various items, and killing several zombies.

Play Online For 1 Hour. This refers to the short amount of time that is required to acquire this award. Play Online For 10 Hours. This refers to the player as a veteran of the game. Play Online For 100 Hours. This refers to the common insult of calling a lazy person a "couch potato" because of the extensive amount of time required to get this award.

Travel At Least 50 (meters). This is a reference to terminology used when discussing interactions with extraterrestrial life in science fiction movies. Travel At Least 200 (meters). This is simply a reference to leaving one's household, often at the commencement of college around the age 20. Travel At Least 1000 (meters).

This is a reference to the desert biome that you reach at this distance.