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Welcome to the official Wiki for CastleMiner Z. Here you will find information about the Xbox Live Indie Game. The information here ranges from weapons to tools and enemies to tactics.

For some basic information, please visit the General Information page, which gives an overview of the game. For pages related to updates released by DigitalDNA (CastleMiner Z development team), please visit our Version History page.

The Game

CastleMiner Z is an infinite world filled with deep places to explore, and horrifying monsters to slay. Build structures out of blocks, craft weapons and tools from raw materials, and explore the vast and frightening world around you.

Play by yourself or online with friends in any of these exciting gamemodes:

  • Endurance Mode: There are tales of a place beyond the mountains where Hell itself has torn through. How far can you get before you succumb to the zombies, dragons, skeletons, or other enemies that thirst for your blood? Run, fight, and sneak your way across dry deserts, snowy mountains, and icy expanses on your quest to vanquish the ultimate guardians of the abyss. In Endurance Mode, the world is randomized each game and the death of your party is permanent.
  • Survival Mode: If you enjoy Endurance, but would rather build permanent structures and defenses, Survival Mode is where you’ll spend your time.
  • Creative Mode: With simplified crafting and the ability to adjust or eliminate the enemy threat, Creative Mode is a great place to build vast structures in peace.
  • Dragon Survival Mode: For those who like their trophies big and their hair singed and smoking, Dragon Survival Mode brings you up close and personal with wave after wave of the biggest, meanest, scaliest brutes in the game.

Worlds can be saved in any gamemode (except Endurance) so try building a castle with enemies turned off, then grabbing some friends and loading it up with enemies turned on!

CastleMiner Z is available on:

Xbox 360 - (No longer on sale)

PC (Windows) - (Steam)

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Griefing Policy

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