Castle Miner Z Xbox

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CastleMiner Z is a 2011 video game that was released on Xbox Live Indie Games & Microsoft Windows on November 9, 2011, and is the sequel & Similar to CastleMiner & Minecraft.

Developer(s)DigitalDNA Games
Publisher(s)DigitalDNA Games
SeriesCastleMiner (Franchise)
Release Date(s)July 27, 2011
Rating(s)E ESRB
Platform(s)Xbox 360

1Gameplay1.1In-Game Achievements. 1.1In-Game Achievements. In CastleMiner Z, players have to mine for their own resources instead of starting with them. Players can also craft weapons such as a shotgun or assault rifle. Another change from the original game is the addition of enemies including zombies, dragons, and demons. Online modes accommodate 2- to 8-player co-operative gameplay.

When Did Castleminer Z Come Out?

CastleMiner Z introduces "Awards", which are awarded for doing different things such as playing online for a certain number of hours, traveling a certain distance, crafting various items, and killing several zombies. Play Online For 1 Hour. This refers to the short amount of time that is required to acquire this award.

Play Online For 10 Hours. This refers to the player as a veteran of the game. Play Online For 100 Hours. This refers to the common insult of calling a lazy person a "couch potato" because of the extensive amount of time required to get this award. Travel At Least 50 (meters). This is a reference to terminology used when discussing interactions with extraterrestrial life in science fiction movies.