Binaural Vst Plugin Mac

Output: 2-channels of either stereo, super-stereo or 3D binaural sound for headphones. Plugin Formats: AAX (64 bit) for Windows and OSX – Requires Pro Tools Ultimate. Processing limited to third-order. VST3 (32 and 64 bit) for Windows. VST3 (Universal Binary) for OSX. AU (Universal Binary) for OSX.

A list of open-source VST (and other format) plugin/app projects. The intention of this list is to catalog open-source plugins or apps which are either fully featured or are useful examples which have non-trivial features.

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Table of Contents

Audio Plugins

ADLplugFM Chip Synthesizer — OPL & OPNInstrumentJUCE
andesSound synthesiser plugin based on Perlin noiseInstrumentJUCE
AirwindowsVarious small and experimental effect pluginsEffect
amsynthAnalog-modelling (virtual analog) synthesizerInstrumentGTK
ArgotlunarReal-time delay-line granulatorEffectJUCE
Audio EffectsPlugins implemented from the explanations in the book “Audio Effects: Theory, Implementation and Application”EffectJUCE
BespokeNode-based modular synth with live codingInstrumentJUCE
BinAural VSTMono-to-stereo plugin that positions sound in a 3D space using Head-Related Transfer FunctionsEffectJUCE
BlackBirdAnalog-inspired software synth with its own voiceInstrumentJUCE
C1BitcrusherExperimental and accurate bit reductionEffect
Calf Studio GearMany LV2 and Jack audio plug-insEffectsGTK
CHOWMaximally truculent distortion effectEffectJUCE
Cloud SeedAlgorithmic reverb for emulating huge, endless spaces and modulated echoesEffect
Cocoa DelayWarm and lively delayEffectWDL-OL
ConvolverImpulse-response reverbEffectVSTGUI, JUCE
DexedDX7 FM plugin synthInstrumentJUCE
DigitsPhase-distortion synth inspired by Casio CZ seriesInstrumentVSTGUI
Distrho glBarsOpenGL bars visualization plugin (as seen in XMMS and XBMC/Kodi) adapted from jack_glbarsEffectDPF
Distrho Juice PluginsMiscDPF
Distrho KarsSimple karplus-strong plucked string synth based on the karplong DSSI example synthInstrumentDPF
Distrho Mini-SeriesCollection of small plugins based on LOSER-Dev PluginsEffectDPF
Distrho MVerbDPF-based version of MVerbEffectDPF
Distrho ndc PlugsDPF-based versions of some of ndc PlugsEffectDPF
Distrho NekobiSimple single-oscillator synth based on Roland TB-303InstrumentDPF
Distrho ProMMusic-visualizer plugin based on projectMEffectDPF
Dragonfly ReverbHall-style reverb based on Freeverb3 algorithmsEffectDPF
DropsSingle file audio playerInstrumentDPF
ElementAdvanced Audio Plugin HostMiscJUCE
EurorackDiverse set of physical modeling sources, organic processors, wavetable oscillators, waveshapers, granular synths, and utility modulesMisc
FlutterbirdSimple pitch fluctuationEffectiPlug 2
HelmPolyphonic synth with lots of modulationInstrumentJUCE
hexterYamaha DX7 modeling FM synth for DSSIInstrumentDPF
HiLoFilterSimple hipass/lopass filter controlled with a single knobEffectJUCE
JuceOPLVSTiFM synth based on Yamaha OPL2/3 emulation from DOSBoxInstrumentJUCE
Juno 6Roland Juno 6/60 SynthesizerInstrument
keithhearne/VSTPluginsCollection of VST pluginsEffectJUCE
K-MeterImplementation of a K-System meter according to Bob Katz’ specificationsEffectJUCE
Key RepeatBeat repeat samplerInstrumentJUCE
KickMakerSynth specifically to create kick-drum soundsInstrumentVSTGUI
LameVSTLameMP3 as an effectEffect
Magical8bitPlug 2Old 8bit game console style synthInstrumentJUCE
mdaFX and virtual instruments for PC and MacMisc(no GUI)
Mika MicroSimple subtractive synthInstrumentWDL-OL
MVerbStudio-quality reverb using the Dattorro’s figure-of-eight reverb structureEffectVSTGUI
Ninjas 2Sample slicer, rewrite of NinjasInstrumentDPF
NotNotchFilterPerformance-oriented filter designed to replace the mid-EQ found in a standard 3-band DJ mixerEffectJUCE
ndc PlugsVST plugins for Windows and OSXMisc
Odin2Polyphonic SynthInstrumentJUCE
OwlBassAdditive bass synthInstrumentJUCE
OB-XdBased on the Oberheim OB-XInstrumentJUCE
Oxe FM SynthMultitimbral 8-operator FM synth (VST 2.4; Windows, Linux, macOS)InstrumentVSTGUI
PulseDelayTimed delay effectEffect(no GUI)
QtVSTVST plugins with a Qt interfaceEffectQt
RegraderDegenerative delayEffectVSTGUI
Roth-AIRMixing tool for easily adding airy, crispy presence to audioEffectJUCE
ScorchCrafter Guitar FXAudio DSP FX and plugins, mostly for guitar (amp sim) and other FXEffectVSTGUI
sfizzSFZ parser library and instrument pluginsInstrumentVSTGUI
ShoutVSTVST for streaming sound into Icecast/Shoutcast directly from VST hostsEffectVSTGUI, FLUID
SmartGuitarAmpGuitar amplifier-style plugin, that uses machine learning for emulating real world hardwareInstrumentJUCE
SmartGuitarPedalGuitar pedal-style plugin, that uses machine learning for emulating real world hardwareEffectJUCE
Sound AnalyserReal-time audio analysis to allow anyone to quickly set up and experiment with different algorithmsEffectJUCE
SPARTASpatial audio focused plug-in suite (Ambisonics encoders/decoders, 3-D panners/spatialisers, etc.)EffectSAF, JUCE
SurgeSubtractive wavetable synthInstrumentVSTGUI
SynisterSubtractive synthInstrumentJUCE
SyntageVST 2.4 .Net Study SynthInstrument
TemperDigital distortion targeting VST, VST3, and AU for OS X and WindowsEffectFaust, JUCE
TunefishVST virtual analog synthesizerInstrumentJUCE
traKmeterLoudness meter for correctly setting up tracking and mixing levelsEffectJUCE
VCV RackVirtual modular synthMiscRtAudio
VitalSpectral warping wavetable synthesizerInstrumentJUCE
VSTSIDSID synthesizer instrumentInstrument
VST2413FM synth based on emulator of YM2413 (OPLL) chip used in Sega Master System and FM-PAC MSX expansionInstrument(no GUI)
Wolf ShaperWaveshaper plugin with spline-based graph editorEffectDPF
YK ChorusChorus audio effect plugin based on DSP code by TALEffectDPF
zam-pluginsLADSPA/LV2/VST/JACK audio plugins for high-quality processingEffectDPF
zynaddsubfxAdditive/Subtractive AM/FM synthesizer with effectsInstrumentFLTK


  • Linux Synths — list of linux based synths, some of which are open-source
  • OpenAV — collection of instruments, effects, and development tool kits for Linux.
  • SFZ Instruments — list of SFZ instruments, most of which are free
  • StudioRack — open-source audio plugin registry, app and command line tools
  • VCV library — library of plugins compatible with VCV Plugin Manager

Audio Apps

Binaural Vst Plugin Mac Os

ASIO2WASAPIlevmin/ASIO2WASAPIUniversal ASIO driver for Windows
Audacityaudacity/audacityAudio editor
CarlafalkTX/CarlaGNU/Linux Plugin Host
ElementKushview/ElementAdvanced Audio Plugin Host
FlexASIOdechamps/FlexASIOUniversal ASIO driver for Windows
Giadamonocasual/giadaLoop machine
GuitarixSourceForge → guitarixGNU/Linux Virtual Amplifier
Helio Workstationhelio-fm/helio-workstationSequencer
HISEchristophhart/HISECross-platform framework/application for building sample-based virtual instruments (VST, AU, AAX)
Hydrogenhydrogen-music/hydrogenDrum machine
NewMixerjatinchowdhury18/NewMixerMixing Software
OpenMPTOpenMPT/openmptPopular tracker (formerly ModPlug Tracker) for Windows with support for IT, XM, S3M, MOD modules, VST plugins and ASIO
OwlPlugDropSnorz/OwlPlugAudio plugin manager
orDrumboxSourceForge → ordrumboxDrum machine
PsycleSourceForge → psycleModular music tracker
SampleScannerpsobot/SampleScannerTool for auto-sampling hardware instruments
Sonic Pisonic-pi-net/sonic-piCode-based music creation and performance tool plugin manager
VCV RackVCVRack/RackModular synth

Software Development Libraries

Cabbagerorywalsh/cabbageFramework for developing audio plugins and standalone instruments with Csound
Csoundcsound/csoundProgramming language for sound and music synthesis
DawDreamerDBraun/DawDreamerAn audio-processing Python framework supporting core DAW features written with JUCE
DPFDISTRHO/DPFC++ framework for creating cross-platform audio plugins
DplugAuburnSounds/DplugDplug lets you create audio plug-ins with unmatched simplicity and speed, using the D language.
Elementarynick-thompson/elementaryA JavaScript runtime for writing native audio applications, as well as a library and framework for composing audio signal processes.
Faustgrame-cncm/faustFunctional programming language for real-time signal processing
FluidSynthFluidSynth/fluidsynthReal-time synth based on the SoundFont 2 specifications
iPlug 2iPlug2/iPlug2Simple-to-use C++ framework for developing cross-platform audio plugins/apps
JUCEWeAreROLI/JUCECross-platform C++ framework for developing desktop and mobile apps and audio plugins
jVSTwRapperSourceForge → jvstwrapperWrapper to write audio plugins in Java (VST 2.4, AU, LADSPA; Windows, Linux, macOS)
libopenmptOpenMPT/openmptCross-platform C/C++ module-playback library based on OpenMPT
PortAudioAssembla → portaudioCross-platform audio I/O library
RtAudiothestk/rtaudioC++ classes for cross-platform real-time audio I/O
rust-vstrust-dsp/rust-vstVST 2.4 API implementation in the Rust language
SAFleomccormack/Spatial_Audio_FrameworkCross-platform framework for developing spatial audio related algorithms and software in C/C++
SOULsoul-lang/SOULSOUL (SOUnd Language) is an attempt to modernise and optimise the way high-performance, low-latency audio code is written and executed.
SoundpipePaulBatchelor/SoundpipeLightweight music DSP library written in C; over 100 modules, many ported from Csound
tracktion_engineTracktion/tracktion_engineTracktion Engine module. You can build anything from a simple file-player or sequencer to a full blown DAW. Tracktion Engine is supplied as a JUCE module so it can easily fit in to an existing JUCE application.
VSTGUIsteinbergmedia/vstguiUser-interface toolkit mainly for audio plugins
WDL-OLolilarkin/wdl-olSimple-to-use C++ framework for developing cross-platform audio plugins (superseded by iPlug 2)

Code Samples

  • KlangFalter — convolution audio plugin (e.g. for usage as convolution reverb)
  • FFTConvolver — audio convolution algorithm in C++ for real-time audio processing
  • py-modular — modular and experimental programming environment with basic DSP routines in Python

Open Data Resources

  • OpenAIR — the Open Acoustic Impulse Response Library (Convolution Reverb Impulse Responses to recreate reverb character of space and equipment/recordings)

Binaural Vst


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Vst 4 Free Plugins

Binauralizer has a new companion plugin called Binauralizer Studio. The Studio version is not designed for panning, it handles binauralization of multichannel formats with height (7.1.2, 7.1.4, … 22.2).


Binaural Vst

  • Full 360° panning with LEFT/RIGHT and FRONT/BACK effects
  • Pad for simultaneous control of source WIDTH and POSITION
  • SOFA importer for custom HRTF filters
  • Sampling frequency up to 192 kHz
  • Inputs : MONO, STEREO, SURROUND (5.1 or 7.1)