Arcsoft Photostudio 6 Portable Band

22-09-2008, 12:23

About ArcSoft ArcSoft, Inc. Is an industry leading software developer of multimedia technologies and applications across desktop and embedded platforms. Working closely with major OEM manufacturers, ArcSoft offers a full line of imaging and video solutions that enhance the features, performance, and user. ArcSoft PhotoStudio® The complete photo editing program for the home and office. Tons of ways to improve your photos, such as brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation. PhotoStudio 6 offers intelligent, yet easy-to-use tools such as Face Beautify, Magic-Cut, and Magic-Film along with the editing tools that you have come to love in PhotoStudio.ArcSoft PhotoStudio.

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Полнофункциональный пакет для обработки цифровых фотографий. В этом пакете собрана целая коллекция инструментов для редактирования и ретуширования фотографий в совокупности со средствами создания и наложения различных эффектов. Программа позволяет улучшать качество цифровых фотографий, убирать эффект 'красных глаз', создавать анимированный 3D текст, поддерживает работу со слоями, позволяет подготавливать и распечатывать цифровые фотографии, содержит более 40 специальных эффектов (Oil Painting, Watercolor, Charcoal, Wet brush, Pastel, Impressionistic, Neon Edges, Bulge, Pinch, Stretch, Magic Mirror, Mosaic, Splash, Texture, Cool и т.д.)
ArcSoft PhotoStudio® 5.5 is a powerful photo editing application featuring an array of advanced tools, filters and special effects inside a very friendly user interface. Beginners will appreciate the straight-forward design, while advanced users will love the performance and control. The program includes everything one needs to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with digital photos.
Scan & crop several photos in seconds
Remove red-eye automatically
Create animated 3D text
Layer photo elements for dramatic effect
Fast and easy photo browsing
One-click Fixes
Removing red-eye and improving a photo’s overall quality doesn’t require a steady hand or expert knowledge in graphic design. The Auto Enhance and Auto Red-eye Removal tools make it easy for you to touch-up and brighten photos with a single mouse click.
All-at-once Enhancing
Use the custom macro and batch processing features to process hundreds of photos in a single action. A single click and all your photos are brightened, rotated, or resized. You choose how they’re edited.
Layer Support
You may not be a professional artist, but your friends and family may think otherwise when they see what layering does for the quality and originality of your photo projects. Stack multiple images and text layers one atop another to create awesome photo blends and designs.Arcsoft photostudio 6 download
Photo Cloning
The fun Clone tool makes it easy to paint over smudges, tears, and other photo blemishes. You can even duplicate objects within a single photo, or clone them to a different one! Move a friend from one pic to another!
Photo Browser
PhotoStudio’s unique Photo Browser gives you quick access to the images on your computer and includes powerful tools for searching, index printing, file sorting, and batch processing.
PhotostudioSimple Selection
The Magnetic Lasso and Magic Cut tools make it easy for you to separate objects and people from their surroundings. Forget about manually drawing around an object with your mouse. We’ll take care of it!

Arcsoft Photostudio 6 Windows 10

99 Levels of Undo
Make a big mistake? No problem. Multiple Undo/Redo commands (up to 99 levels!) enable you to 'step back in time' to restore your image to its former (better) self.
3-D Text
Add amazing 3-dimensional titles to your photos, presentations, and slides, or export motion 3-D text for use on Web pages and in your digital home movies. You can even export each of your 3D text creations as animated graphics.
Over 40 Special Effects
Including: Oil Painting, Watercolor, Charcoal, Wet brush, Pastel, Impressionistic, Neon Edges, Bulge, Pinch, Stretch, Magic Mirror, Mosaic, Splash, Texture, Cool, Moonlight, Solarization, Exposure, Wind, Frost, and more.
Photo Printing
In addition to single image printing, PhotoStudio includes tools for making index prints of the contents of a photo album or folder.
Universal File Format Support
Save your photo projects as both layered files (PSF) for future editing and as flattened image files for printing and sharing with friends. You can also save in a variety of common image file formats.
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Arcsoft Photostudio 6 Windows 10


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