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SPSS is an acronym for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is a statistical package that performs highly complex data manipulation and analysis using simple instructions.
IBM® SPSS Statistics® and SPSS® Amos™ are available to UTRGV students, faculty, and educational/academic researchers. IBM® SPSS Statistics® is an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning, data collection, and analysis to reporting and deployment.
With more than a dozen fully integrated modules to choose from, you can find the specialized capabilities you need to conduct research and make better decisions from your data. IBM® SPSS Amos™ software enables you to specify, estimate, assess, and present models to show hypothesized relationships among variables.
The software allows you to build models more accurately than with standard multivariate statistics techniques.
Users can choose either the graphical user interface or non-graphical, programmatic interface.
  1. SPSS Amos allows you to build attitudinal and behavioral models that reflect complex relationships.
  2. Provides Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) that is easy to use and lets you easily compare, confirm, and refine models.
  3. Uses Bayesian analysis to improve estimates of model parameters.
  • Offers various data imputation methods to create different data sets.
  • Learn more about features and product support for IBM®SPSS Statistics or SPSS Amos.
  • AMOS is statistical software and it stands for analysis of a moment structures.
AMOS is an added SPSS module, and is specially used for Structural Equation Modeling, path analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis. It is also known as analysis of covariance or causal modeling software. AMOS is a visual program for structural equation modeling (SEM). In AMOS, we can draw models graphically using simple drawing tools.
AMOS quickly performs the computations for SEM and displays the results. In the calculation of SEM coefficients, AMOS uses the following methods:. Maximum likelihood. Unweighted least squares. Generalized least squares. Browne’s asymptotically distribution-free criterion. Scale-free least squares.
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Downloading and assembling the product
1. Download all of the parts that you need, both required and optional.
2. Unpack each of the parts into a single temporary directory on your system.
3. Follow the installation instructions provided in the download to install the product.
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BM SPSS Amos 26.0 Microsoft Windows Multilingual eAssemblyPart Number
IBM SPSS Amos 26.0 Microsoft Windows MultilingualCJ541ML
IBM SPSS Amos Client 26.0 Microsoft Windows MultilingualCC0SLML
IBM SPSS Amos Client 26.0 Microsoft Windows Multilingual (ISO Version)CC0SMML
IBM SPSS Amos Documentation 26.0 EnglishCC0SNEN
IBM SPSS Amos Documentation 26.0 JapaneseCC0SPJA
Ongoing support to address committee feedback, reducing revisions. Construction of model in AMOS:. First, we have to run AMOS. By clicking the “start” menu and selecting the “AMOS graphic” option, we can run the program.

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The moment AMOS starts running, a window appears called the “AMOS graphic.” In this window, we can manually draw our SEM model.